Moon and God

This morning as I looked up at the moon and was starting my conversations with God, I was drinking in the beauty of the moment.

The sky was such a deep, dark blue.

The stars were very bright, just twinkling away like diamonds on velvet when the light catches them just right.

The moon had wisps of a light cloud veil cutting through its illumination of the sky.

Superbly perfect beauty.

It had me thinking of the past morning. When I had awakened that morning and begun my prayer time, the sky was covered in billowy clouds. There were just a handful of stars peeking through the overcast early morning. The moon, hidden behind the mask of clouds, still pushed its light through to shine down on the planet below. A halo effect around the moon.


at least to my heart.

How many people had missed that beautiful gift from God?

How many missed it every day?

How many people care? They take for granted that the stars and the moon are in the sky. Our world has streetlights now, so who cares about the Glory above?

Sad when you think about it that way.

Isn’t it?

It is kind of how people look at God sometimes, in my opinion.

We are so used to Him being with us every day, that the miraculous daily reminders are overlooked.  We miss the beauty He surrounds us with to show us His goodness and love. Sometimes it is the small things that can bring us the most joy or peace.

The song of a bird breaking through the morning quiet as the sun begins to peek over the horizon.

The shade of a tall tree to pause under in the heat of the day.

The bright flowers that bloom every spring, like a smile from the earth to  my heart.

The brawny sounds and muscle of the waves as they pound into the pebbles of sand in the evening.

The glitter that fills the peaceful night sky, like little pinpricks of light from heaven that are peering through.


I  love to look at the moon and the  stars.

I always have.

They are incredible.



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