Til Next School Year Ladies

We have been finishing up so many of our group adventures these last two weeks. You would think that means that we have tons of free time ahead of us but it seems like all the empty spots just keep filling right back up with other joyous things for us to do!!

I was blessed to be able to have a goodbye breakfast potluck for one of my bible studies.

This is my homeschool momma’s bible study group.


This is just the beginning of all the food that was brought and shared!! It was so yummy and every dish was created (or bought) with love :)  I must have gained 5 pounds just sampling a little of everything!! My teens and my friend brought her teens, and there was food left over!! That is how abundantly blessed the morning breakfast was!! Thank You Jesus!!

Here is a picture of all but 3 of the ladies in our group.


Love these sisters in Christ so much!!

We all love to encourage each other so much in the Lord that we never even got past prayer and munchies!!

So much for planning next year’s bible study!! Ha ha ha!!

Just a quick peek at what my daughter and her friend made while we chit chatted.


They went outside and collected daisies…


Remember making these??

These two girls are so wonderful!!

I hope you have the most blessed day my friend!!

May the Lord shine on your day and give you joy!!

Devotion to share with Pre teen parents

I was chosen to welcome the 8th grade parents this year to our homeschool group. I am supposed to have a mini devotion for them to get them excited for the new school year.

Here is what I have so far.


8th grade devotion
Impart Grace

Proverbs 18:21
Death and Life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits
Proverbs 13:3
Whoever guards his mouth preserves his life, he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.
Ephesians 4:29
Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give GRACE to those who hear.


I think 8th grade is a special and difficult time in our children’s lives. They are becoming young women and men but are still immature and overly hormonal. This is the time when you can hopefully still cuddle with them before they are to “cool” for that. Pre-teens are awesome!! Maybe sullen, introverted and all knowing, but wonderful!! Love on them as much as possible while you have the opportunity. They will be off on their own before you can blink.

My experience has been that this is a season of change and trials. This is the last year before high school stresses begin. They will be looking at colleges and making choices on how to achieve life dreams. This is the year when the friends start becoming so important and we start getting left out. That is ok. We are giving them a good biblical base for these choices they are starting to make, and we need to remember to give them lots of GRACE.. Some of us will be blessed with only having to impart small amounts on our children, but the rest of us…we will be showering buckets of grace on our precious blessings from the Lord. Either way, we need to remember that this is our season of granting that grace. Let our words to our children be that grace this year. We need to build our children up in the Lord and be there to LISTEN to them. We need to remember to thank God for these tough moments and bad days with our little loves, for we will have those days as well as the good ones. Let our children hear these prayers of thanks too, for Jesus will use those days!! Remember how some of your greatest lessons came form some of our own worst days, right?


So again here is the verse Ephesians 4:29
Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give GRACE to those who hear.

A little encouragement will go a long way! We need to be sure that we are sharing this with our kids. I know the stresses of our daily lives can be so time consuming that we forget those little moments to say things like “ Sally, you did such an amazing job on your science today!! I really love that you could do it all on your own now!!” or “Hey Jeff, thank you for taking the stinky trash out so I could finish reading with your little brother.”

Also don’t assume your kiddos know how you feel about them. They are coming to the age of “oh poor me” and depression are easy to fall into. When you love someone tell them!!! Tell them Often!! Tell them why you love them. Why they mean something to you. Your 8th grader needs to hear it!! If they made a mistake, let it go. I am not saying don’t punish. I mean, just let them be reminded that you think your munchkin is still the most fabulous kiddo who just happened to make a poor choice and you know they will choose better next time!! Grace. Jesus, Praise God< gives us grace every day, after every crazy mistake we make, big or small. We need to impart this on our children as well.. I am so glad Jesus gives me grace every day!!


Let me leave you with this scripture, that I pray for you and your family.

Romans 15:5-6
May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Share these with your children:


Russian or Arabic

Okay, MJR has thrown me a curve ball for school this year.

I have everything for Spanish for him to continue… now he is considering Russian or Arabic to make his future Naval career more needed.

So the question is which one?


russian alphabet

or Arabic?

arabic alphabet


I have a friend that speaks fluent Russian (she is from Russia) and can help me out there. I don’t have weekly contact with anyone that I know for sure speaks Arabic.

The question is: which language will advance him more in the Navy?

Any suggestions would be appreciated friend!!


Have a blessed day friend!!



Start the School Year with a Field Trip!!

Have you ever had the chance to take a tour of a real Navy ship?

We did!

It was so impressive!!

It was Navy Days and we took advantage of all the Navy ships stationed in LA Harbor.

I know this picture is hard to see, but it was so beautiful to watch. Every Navy person, retired or active, stopped what they were doing to salute the flag as she was being raised. I admit it. I choked up. I loved seeing this elderly vet in front of me turn and raise his hand to honor our precious flag.

Aug 10, 2014 053 - Copy

As the sun broke through the clouds a little bit later I got a picture of the USS Iowa. She is quite a ship! We did not check her out though. That will have to be a field trip for a different day!

Aug 10, 2014 054 - Copy

Here was the tour we went on. The USS Anchorage.

She is HUGE!!!


Aug 10, 2014 055 - CopyHere are some of our moments when we were most impressed by the massiveness!

The view from the back.







Aug 10, 2014 068 - CopyHere is the view from the front looking down.

Aug 10, 2014 059 - CopyThen I turned around…impressive!

Aug 10, 2014 058 - CopyOk, so then we got to see a bit of the inside.

When/if Jr joins he will have a lovely sleeping area like this.

Aug 10, 2014 062 - CopyAug 10, 2014 061No room for an Xbox.

Hopefully he will never have to see this, the hospital area. They do have more room though…

Aug 10, 2014 065 - CopyJr and Dad both loved the weapons guys that were there.

Since you could check them out, they did!

Aug 10, 2014 077 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 078 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 079 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 072 - CopyI was impressed that Jr went ahead and talked with the guys on his own about what they do and how to get to that position. He is growing up!

They let the boys check out their rides too.

Aug 10, 2014 071 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 075 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 074 - CopyHere are a few more random shots from our day.

Aug 10, 2014 076 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 080 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 081 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 082 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 083 - CopyAug 10, 2014 084 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 085This was a great tour and day.

I don’t think we will ever forget this experience!

Here are a few more pictures of the USS Anchorage.

Aug 10, 2014 086 Aug 10, 2014 091Thank you to all the soldiers past and present for your service to this country.

Our family appreciates you and all your sacrifices you make  to keep us free.

May your lives be blessed!


Thank you for sharing our little adventure with us!

Have a blessed day my friend!

Today For Our Family…Hebrews 12:2



I know I have been missing here from my blog lately.

We have had so many important family things going on, that I have had no time to sit and write.

God is in control though and that is the most important part.

I have been blessed through these past few weeks, with getting to reestablish my Prayer Warrior status.

I do love that.

I love being able to pray for others. I enjoy getting to see the miraculous things God does in others lives, be they good or bad, but to then understand and see God ‘s plan unfold in front of me.

It is incredible how many people I know and love are under these heart wrenching, life changing or health related attacks. There is no other word for them other then “demonic”.

Yes, that bad.

I do feel honored that they have asked me to pray for  and with them to improve these issues.

I hope it means that they can see Christ in me!


We have had some happy moments too!

Michael Jr went to Camp Pendelton again…

066He was there for 3 days.

He looks like a man!

They had a competition with other divisions…

our division won nothing.

Oh well, I know they had a good time!

We picked him up on Mother’s day.

The whole battalion yelled out “Happy Mother’s Day!”

I cried.

Sappy, I know I am, but I loved it!

Then my son brought me this.

101Thank goodness I wear sunglasses!

I know my makeup was everywhere but on my eyes right then!!

We had state testing too.

Yes, we home school, but we are with a PSP.  Part of us being under the umbrella of a big private school is that we have to prove that our kiddos are actually learning!!

Ha ha ha!!

All of us moms in this group, we find lessons EVERYWHERE!! So much so that my son has been known to say ” Can’t we just do something for fun and NOT have to make it a lesson too!!”

So anyway, here is the first day of testing, sitting at a desk, in a classroom, with sharpened pencils and lunchbox on hand.

Processed with RookieThey hate it.

Its only 3 half days.

They even have their school pictures taken during testing days.

None of the kids really think its great. Not even seeing their friends every day is exciting. Actually all our kids have so much going on, they see each other all the time anyway!!

They did great on their testing though.

Just glad it is over!!

We did so much and I have no more time to blog!!

I will be back soon though.

I promise!!

Have a blessed weekend with  your family!!