Little Love Note Challenge~ Day 11

This is going so fast!!

Just a few days left to smother my husband in little love notes!!

The cutest thing happened last night. My littlest daughter saw me prepping a little love note for my husband and she said “Mommy, you really love daddy don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. I am glad you noticed that. That is a very good observation.” I replied.

She smiled.

Then she went to the table with her markers and her papers. She proceeded to sit there and make him about 10 love notes from her to him. She folded each one up and put them in his lunch box with the few I had put in there. She turned around and smiled at me again. “I love daddy too” she simply said. Then she headed off to bed.

How precious is that?

Here my goal was to shower my husband with love, and in addition I unexpectedly am showing my munchkins how much I love him too. It has been really cute to see the older ones find things and say “Mom, you should try this” or “Mom, this would be perfect!” I love that they want to help. I so hope this will travel over into their marriages when they get older.

On to what I did do for my husband for day 11. Here are a few of his notes.

035 036Then here is my favorite one that I left out for his dinner.

043Had to get Duck Dynasty in there some where!!

Ha ha ha!!

Here is my prayer for my husband today.


I pray that my most wonderful husband will always be a reflection of Your love to our children. Help him to raise our children with God inspired discipline. May he teach them to grow to be great women and a man of God, with  great affection for You, Lord.  May our children see in him the light, of Your great love, in all he does.

In Jesus’ Name,


I was inspired by this bible verse.

Ephesians 6:4

The Message (MSG)

Fathers, don’t exasperate your children by coming down hard on them. Take them by the hand and lead them in the way of the Master.

Have you inspired others with your love note challenge too?

I bet you have!!

Only 3 days left!! Lets make them great!!!

Have a blessed day friend!!

Little Love Notes Challenge~ Day 10

Oh my goodness today  was early!!

My husband had to leave really early this morning, so we were up at 3 am.

I admit I sat down to pray (use some of the quiet time with God) and I fell asleep praying!!

So now I am behind in my day!!!


I did, as tired as I was get some cute little notes up to start the day!

Here are his little lunch hints.

011It was a good sandwich!

012Strawberry lemonade!!

010There is the corn!!!

Sweet guy is going to have cavities by the time I am done with this challenge!!

Ha ha ha!!!

Here is the prayer I have for him today.

It is inspired by these bible verses.

James 5:16

The Message (MSG)

 “The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.” (The Message)

1 Peter 3:5

The Message (MSG)

4-6 Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in. The holy women of old were beautiful before God that way, and were good, loyal wives to their husbands. Sarah, for instance, taking care of Abraham, would address him as “my dear husband.” You’ll be true daughters of Sarah if you do the same, unanxious and unintimidated.


1 Thessalonians 5:17

The Message (MSG)

16-18 Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live.


may my dear husband be in constant communion with You in all he does. I pray that he will consult with You in all that he does, all that he chooses and all that he plans. May he be admired by others around him for his actions and the choices he makes. May he shine bright with Your amazing glory in all he does so that he is recognized by others as a man of God. May his faith continue to grow stronger and stronger. May he be abundantly blessed in the works that he does.  He is such a good man. I am so blessed to have him for my husband.

In your holy name I pray,


How is your challenge going?

Has it strengthened your bond together?

I love seeing that the little thoughts of love I have for my husband through the day

can make such a difference in general.

Keep up the good efforts!! They are appreciated!! I know it!!

Have a blessed day friend!!

Little Love Notes~ Day 7

My husband is so adorable!!

He is saving all the little notes from his lunch in one spot and all the others on the bedroom mirror!!


I love him!!

I did give him more notes to  add to his now growing collection!!

Here are some of them.

His morning coffee…

035It was kinda hard to read the Bible together without smiling after that one!

We got through it though!!

Then in his lunch I put…

033little gummy hearts.

I thought that he would bring some home to share with the kiddos.


My cup over flowed for him only!!

Ha ha ha!!

I also did just a simple one.

036 He had a really hectic day.

Sadly he got home before I did.

The traffic was crazy bad.

I hate when he has a hard day and I am not home with dinner ready, or at least on it’s way to be ready, for him when he gets there.

I did come home with pizza.  Little Caesars to the rescue again!!

I am glad I had stopped earlier and got him a silly gift.

010Yes he is!!

Walgreen’s also gets my thanks for having that bag with matching boxers available when I just stop in to quickly grab some paper towels and napkins!

It was perfect!

Just the right amount of snickering when he walked in and saw the bag sitting on the bed.

At least I was able to make the day end with less stress.


Today this is my prayer for him.

Lord, You have blessed me with such a good man. He works so hard for this family. He always does his job 110%, actually every thing he does he does with excellence.  Lord I know because of this often he gets used by others at work. They feel that they can slack off and then expect that my husband will be there to clean up what ever they did not want to do or what they have done incorrectly and sloppy. Then those same people reap the benefit of my husbands hands.  Please Lord, may he be recognized for the work that he does. May he be the one who is known for his ability to complete a task and to do it with skill and precision. I know that no matter what, You have seen his accomplishments. You have seen how hard and true he works. May he feel blessed by the knowledge that he is doing his best and in doing so he is glorifying You.

Philippians 1:9-10

New King James Version (NKJV)

And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment, 10 that you may approve the things that are excellent, that you may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ,


Spoil someone you love this weekend with joy!!

Keep them covered in prayer for happiness!!

Have a blessed weekend friend!!

What is Love?

Aimee and I were just having a conversation about how the world views love and what true love actually is.

Dr. Baucham has a great message about this.

I have it right here to share with you too.

I really think more teens need to hear this.

Love is so much more than what is on television or in the books we read.

Love is a choice.

It is not just an emotion.

I am so glad that my daughter was questioning this. She has seen the love we her parents share, but it is so different from the love her friends say they have with their boy/girlfriends. These young ones are “totally in love” with someone one week, break up with that person and be “totally in love” with a different one the next. She knew in her heart that many of her friends were wrong.  That there is so much more to a relationship than a spark that can fizzle.

Her future husband, where ever he may be, is truly blessed. When she says “I love you” it will mean that she actually loves him, not his wallet, his outfits, his car or his status. It will be the fact that she loves his faith, his morals, his values, the way he treats her, if he makes her laugh, his affinity for music, his intelligence, his creativity, his strength, his loyalty, his passions… I am sure he will be adorable too!! Mostly he will be adorable because he will be honestly “loved” by my daughter for who he internally is.

This kind of love will cause emotions that last forever.

I wish more kids had this talk with their parents.

Just because, I am wondering if anyone else has had this talk with their kids?

Or are you planning to?


Father’s Day Foods

Oh my gosh.

I am so full.

We had so much food for Father’s Day.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and boy did we not only found the way but we paved it!!

My husband was spoiled by our kiddos.

He got to sleep in and was brought breakfast in bed by his littlest cutie.

030She was so proud of the breakfast she made!

Then I put a huge roast in the crockpot with potatoes and carrots before we left for church.

While we were there Belle made her Daddy a bbq rub.Father's Day Food 001Then when we got home we made Daddy chorizo and beans for more breakfast.

He loves chorizo!

Rebecca then gave him her awesome gift of homemade bbq sauce…

Father's Day Food 002…and some of mom’s famous (in house only) salsa.

Father's Day Food 003Isn’t that the cutest labels she put on there?

I will have to find out where she down loaded those from.

On the top of this one she modge podged some pretty paper to give it just that much more love.

She also pre packaged some in little tuppers for his lunch this week.

Such a sweet girl.

So, gave Daddy some chips to eat a bunch of his salsa.

Watched a movie with him and had some great Dad’s root beer Popsicles.

The roast is still in the crockpot making the house smell very homey.

Michael Jr really wanted to make Dad some of his favorite Daddy Dogs though.

So into the kitchen he went.

040This was monumental.

I had to get proof that HE DID THIS HIMSELF.

He made the whole dog meal for not only Dad, but for everyone.

Shocking for sure.

He hates the kitchen.

052He did good!

They all got gobbled up by surprised sisters and Dad before I could get a picture of them done!!

Rebecca made Cherry Bombs.

034I know.

I put weight on just looking at them.

I still ate two though.

They are maraschino cherries wrapped in a cake ball and dipped in chocolate.


Amazing treat.

They may not be pretty but they are delicious.

Belle served the pie she made her Daddy too.

050Did Daddy love that one too?

Lets see…..

Father's Day Food 004Oh my yes.

Oh we missed dinner time.

The roast is ready honey.


Your not hungry?


I wonder why?

Positive point…I do not have to make dinner tonight!

Hope you all had a blessed day that you shared with your Daddy too!!

Thank You for my Angry Child

Yes, thank You Jesus for my teenage, angry rebellious child.

 I truly am thankful.

What a blessing it is to have such a child!!

He can be such a challenge, yet the Lord has entrusted me with the task of bringing him up. Training him, with my husband, to be a good and rightious man who has the Word of the Lord written in his heart to raise his family and cherish his wife in a way pleasing to God.

I am not being flippant.

I truly am thankful.

It has taken me a while to get here…but here I will stay.

I used to look at other families  and see how perfect their families seemed. Their families would all come to church looking amazing, everyone smiling and clean. Their children seemed excited at the opportunity to get up early and go to church to hear the Word. Then to hear that everything at home was just as bubbly, fresh and lovely was even more, shall I say depressing. Their homes were clean, the children loved to do school, learning was easy for their children, chores were not a problem, fighting amongst siblings rarely happened, finances were always in the green and had enough for fancy vacations (sometimes even with friends!), romance was abounding, date night was never canceled due to colds, and the list went on and on. I felt like I was the person living with all the robot women in Stepford.

I was sure I was the only family that things went wonky. My kitchen was clean, never. My children loved school only on days off. There have been a collection of times I was not sure that the bills would not be covered. My kiddos definitely did not always get along. Vacations? We have had a handful and they were never on a cruise, in a resort, or just me and my husband. My girls have all gotten, at some point and time,  gum stuck in their hair. We have had the days where you bring in the groceries, the bag breaks and their are raw eggs and flour all over the floor. That is just my family.

So having a son who could be cantankerous should not flabbergast me…


How did this happen?

I blamed myself in every way possible. It had to be my fault. I did not want anyone to know that I had a child that was not “perfect”. How embarrassing!

I would pray to God asking Him “what is wrong with this boy? Why will he not do what I want him to do?”


Again the prayers up to the Lord, “God, this boy you gave me…um he is making me angry and I do not want to be. Fix him please!!”

For years this was how I prayed, I figured that my “gift” from God here was my battle and He wanted my son to learn something and until he did, I was stuck with this behavior. During this time we did find out that my son has a bit of a hearing problem and that he is an audio learner not a book learner. Yeah, that would be a problem for school. Needs one on one time in abundance to understand things.  That would make me angry too. Thought that would solve the anger issue. Ummm…nope. He has testosterone too. So still a bit of anger to work through. So I continued to pray  “God, fix him! He is breaking my heart! Fix him, I hate seeing him so sad and angry.”

My problem was that I kept praying for God to fix my son.

I would pray for guidance with raising him. I would pray for patience when he would misbehave. I would pray for knowledge as to how to speak to him.

What I forgot to ask God for was for the Lord to fix ME.

I made this all about my son conforming to what I wanted him to be.

I wanted a boy who was respectful, polite, clean and charming now.

I wanted a Pastor son.

Ummm…he does not want to be.

He loves guns, the military and aggression.

He is not an evil boy that runs around hurting little animals for fun. He just loves all that real boy stuff.  I had no personal reference to “real boy” before my son. Yes I babysat, but those little ones you see in spurts not lived with 24/7. So when my son loved to play and get all sweaty and dirty as a little one, I loved it! It was new and special. When I saw him play soccer and get aggressive out there on the field. I had to learn to love that…and I did.  I know I love seeing it in sports on tv or in the stadiums. Its just hard to watch that with your boy as he grows up to be a man. He was out there shoving and kicking the ball with the best of them…being a male.

  Now the Lord is revealing to me that this is another time of learning for myself. He is the teen boy now. He is into  teen boy stuff. He really loves the military. He loves weapons. He knows so much about them. I have no idea how he knows all this stuff. He is pretty good with strategy. He can call battle plans and win games. He is actually really good at this stuff. Knowing his Bible verse for the week? Not as good.

The Lord, through my wonderful new friend from Russia, has shown me that God needs soldiers too.  Michael the Archangel is a great warrior. There have been many times God has called for wars in the bible. Who carried these out? The pastors? No. The strong, aggressive soldiers who love the Lord go out and protect the women and children. I am learning that this may be my son. A warrior for the Lord.

This does make me happy. I am finding that I have a much easier time praying for the grace to respond calmly to the strong willed emotions I am encountering. (I also pray to help him find a positive outlet for his energy.) When I pray for myself to change I am noticing that I am finding the peace that I was requesting of my son. Interesting. It was me all along that needed the prayer! I needed to change to handle the changes in my son. He does still need prayer and understanding about all the crazy hormones raging through him that can just erupt at the strangest moments. He does still need to take responsibility for his choices and actions. I am not giving him a free pass at all. It is just that now, through the grace of God, being able to see my part of this teenage puzzle and what I can learn from it through Him.

So I will say again to the Lord, thank you for my angry child! He is such a blessing!!