Husband Took Me Away

Glad you came back to visit me!!

I got the best surprise ever last week!!


borrego springs 8-23-14 012My husband took me on a surprise adventure to celebrate our anniversary.

Long drive to and through the desert.

Out the window, I saw what I thought had to be a mirage but it was real. The Salton Sea was right there!! Crazy!!

About an hour later we drove up in front of this

borrego springs 8-23-14 096A beautiful resort!

An oasis in the middle of a small little town,

randomly out in the middle of the desert.

borrego springs 8-23-14 042 borrego springs 8-23-14 045 borrego springs 8-23-14 046 borrego springs 8-23-14 049 borrego springs 8-23-14 050 borrego springs 8-23-14 069 borrego springs 8-23-14 070 borrego springs 8-23-14 015 borrego springs 8-23-14 027Why in the middle of the desert right?

My husband knows how much I love looking at the stars at night.

He knows I love to spend that time under the twinkling lights just getting closer to The Lord.

He was so sweet to plan something where we could go spend time together and enjoy the splendor of creation.


The best place to see stars is in the middle of nowhere.

That way there is no light from the city blocking out the light from above.

This place was perfect and apparently world famous for the amazing things you could see in the sky out there.


My pictures of the night sky were…pretty much just black.

So sad considering the sky was filled with glittering lights…and falling stars!!!

Tons of falling stars!!


The best part was the telescopes and the binoculars that brought out even more stars for my eyes to witness.


How could anyone ever deny that God created such beauty?

All you have to do is just sit there, in the dark, in the quiet and be.

Your heart just knows the truth.

The memories are inscribed on my heart forever!!


Okay but what did we do during the day?

This resort has the best staff ever!!

They were so attentive and pleasant to be around.

It is really relaxing!

It is retro and I loved it!!

Kids said it is “old but cool” style.

borrego springs 8-23-14 056 borrego springs 8-23-14 057 borrego springs 8-23-14 058 borrego springs 8-23-14 059 borrego springs 8-23-14 060 borrego springs 8-23-14 061Loved all the hiking around we did!

Loved the 26 pools they had there!!

Loved the shuffleboard, ping pong, bocce ball, huge chess game, the Karaoke by the pool and so much more!!

This place was awesome and kid and pet friendly!!

Also it was a great way to celebrate our anniversary!!

We are so going to save and go back!! I will serve rice and beans 4 times a week just to save enough to get back there with the family!


Have you ever been on a surprise vacation?

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

I have not been to very many places so I am curious if there is another hidden wonder that we should save to visit.


Have a blessed day everyone!!

VBS this week!!

Oh it is time again!!

Vacation Bible School is here!!

Rebecca, Belle and I stood in line for 48 minutes in the PRE- registered line to enter VBS this year.

There was lots to look at at least.

Our church does an incredible job with all productions.

This one is just as wonderful.

Cute huh??

Then they spend weeks getting ready for VBS.

Here are some of the results…

Our friend Rachelle is waaaaayyyy over there in the trading post.

One of the water towers in the court yard.

I think I will still have the kids bathe at home.

Nice of them to offer…?

Used water is just wrong.

Loving the buggy…

Look at all the gold Belle found!!

She can’t wait till she can go to VBS too!!

I am so proud of Becca for going.

I know in a church as big as ours that getting to hang out with people you know is really hard at these events.

Especially our VBS, it is filled with people not from our church that just know it will be fun for their kids.

It is a chance to teach others who don’t attend church regularly, about Jesus and how to be saved.

It is more of a evangelical time then in depth study for the “every Sunday” kids.


Becca was still up and ready to go and learn more about Jesus with a smile this morning.

She is such a blessing!

Becca had a really good time and made some new friends too :)