Fellowship Night

So much fun the other night!!

I went to my friend Maria’s house.

She had invited a few of us over to just fellowship and try something new!

It was just a girls night :)

How sweet right?

When we got there she had these amazing treats for us!!

004Home made Chia Pudding with raspberries and

005home made scones!!

Oh they were just sinfully delicious!!

She is so cute, she had the whole evening planned for us!

We had our snacks then moved over to her “work area” for us.

We were making cards!

007She had this neat stuff called Miskit.

It is like a clear gummy glue?

So we had to paint the blank cards with the clear Miskit freehand. It was kinda hard because we had no idea what we were doing.

We had never used or heard of this stuff before, so it was kinda fun!!

Then when it had dried we got to watercolor over the Miskit and just have fun painting :)

Then we waited for that to dry too.

008Then we rubbed the Miskit off.

It left the paper under the Miskit clean and clear!!

Uber cool right?!?

Oh my gosh!! We had so much fun!!

I can’t wait to try this with my girls!!

006Personalized cards from our family!!

Wonder if we should do these for CHRISTmas??

Thank you Maria for such a fun night!!!

Love you girl!!


Have a blessed day my friends, and try this craft! You will LOVE IT!!!

Bloom had great Christmas ideas

Our Bloom group leaders shared some really wonderful Christmas gift ideas that I thought I would share here too.

If  you are a crafty person these are great ideas!

I try to be crafty so I will be trying some of them too.

Check out these cute ideas!!

001I love the 3 trees table top idea here at the bottom.  That is such a great story to read to the kids too.

The “Come let us adore Him” in the frame, is made on old hymn paper and just put in a cool frame from Goodwill!!

The manger was made out of shims from Home Depot. Then they put the “baby Jesus” in Christmas eve. In their family it was a Cabbage Patch doll.

On the left there is a basket that is filled with short Christmas stories that you can read to your kids or grandbabies when they come to visit!

003Love all of these ideas too!!

Okay the Merry Christmas signs are paper from a scrapbook paper pad. She cut it out and modge podged it to a painted canvas from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon!! The other she put into a frame!

The “For unto us is born” is another framed paper, this time from an old bible that was missing pages.

The M was made for me!! She got a cardboard M from Michael’ s and modge podged the stripped paper on it then embellished it!!

The NOEL sign in the back, some recycled jars with fake snow then put letter stickers on the outside.

The bottom right had some thank you cards wrapped in a bow and a flower pen slid through. The envelopes have the return address for the person already printed on them.

004The best idea here is the towel wrapped up.

Sound silly?

No way! Here is the note you send with it:

005Awesome right?

This is the gift I am sending out this year!!

Okay now forgive this picture, I was trying to hold my coffee and take a picture of this cool wreath!

010I know the picture is small but she got a cardboard box, cut it in a circle and wrapped it with yarn! Then she just embellished it with silk flowers she had from last Christmas!!

These next ideas, from my friend Maria, all were made from toilet paper rolls!!

015Obviously for the more talented, in other words, too hard for me.

Look at this one…

016Wow, right?

017I actually have tried this one…

We will just call it my “pintrest fail”.

These are some great ideas that I brought home that I thought you might like too!!

Have fun my fellow crafty friends!!

Graduation weekend :)

My eldest had her graduation party this weekend.

It turned out pretty good.

 Here is how we set up all our decorations…

Belle made  the birdhouse. Aimee loves the babys breath (keeps to the theme too), and the candies in the dishes I made for $2  remember??

Graduation Party 106 

The gate all pained with the 2013 banner Becca made.

I have 20 peach roses, the vintage punchbowl and glasses, old fashion pink and white striped straws…

There is a beautiful cross down on the bottom of the gate, that one goes on my cross wall after all this :)

Graduation Party 108 

Here are the little flags Becca and I made.004 007Then we set up the tables.

Graduation Party 131After our taco man came, we set up the rest of the food.

Graduation Party 1273 kinds of cookies, nachos, a veggie plate…

Graduation Party 128…fresh fruit, salad…

Graduation Party 089 Graduation Party 093 Graduation Party 095…and tons of cupcakes!!

I made the cupcakes and Becca decorated them.

She did an INCREDIBLE job in my opinion!!

My niece is a professional cake decorator and she was impressed too :)

We made chocolate cupcakes with raspberry icing, spice cupcakes with vanilla icing and gluten free vanilla cupcakes with strawberry icing.

We had family and  friend family show up and shower Aimee with love and blessings.

Graduation Party 147 Graduation Party 156 Graduation Party 163 Graduation Party 168 Graduation Party 179 Graduation Party 209 Graduation Party 213Then Aimee got a blessing from Daddy in front of everyone.

It made her cry happy tears, so I did not post those pictures.

It was a beautiful blessing though.

Then we toasted her future with Martinelli’s before all her cousins and her besties covered her in silly string!!

No picture of that either. Tears, puffy eyes and covered in silly string, Aimee would be mortified!

She received many wonderful gifts that night.

She was even surprised by her favorite uncle and aunt driving 12 hours to be there!!

What a gift!!

050They drove back home the next day because they both had to be at work on Monday.

That is love :)

So my girl is all graduated.


I am comforted though knowing that the Lord has amazing plans for this girl.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

IMG_7953CBlessings to your future my daughter.

I love you.

Getting Ready for Graduation Celebration

Rebecca and I have been really busy getting ready for

Aimee’s High School graduation.

We have been planning for months how to do this on a budget

but classy.

Here are some of the things we have been working on.

We went shopping at the local vintage store and bought 2 punch bowl with cups.

Forgive the big red box behind them. This is just what I brought them home in.

057 058

They were $12 each set but for some reason one set was on sale for 50% off!


I have some white linen for the tables we rented.

To rent linen it is $8 a table.

I found this one for just under $7 and I can keep it or toss it and it is still cheaper than renting.


We found this beautiful glass plate for $2.


Dollar tree had this candle stick for $1.


Glued them together and I have a beautiful cake stand for $3.

Much better than the $30 ones I have been looking at!!

063We looked at party bunting at Etsy.

Oh they have such pretty stuff there!

I found some that were pretty but the wrong colors,

and way to expensive.

They wanted $31.75 a banner.

 Rebecca and I made our own.

075$5 for the paper pack,$2.49 for 8x 11 sheets of paper, $6 for stickers (four rhinestone number stickers), $2 for the ribbon, $2 for the lace, $2 for the flowers (with my 40% off coupon) comes to at total of $19.49 for 3 custom banners!!!

We started out cutting all the paper pieces and lining them up.

073 074

Then sewed them on to the ribbon.076 077

Before you knew it we had a garland of triangles!078 079Now to add the embellishments.

086 088 I am liking this!

Okay here is the big banner for our centerpiece.

080Rebecca made this one all by herself.

She is amazing!

Now that our banner is done we had to work on the centerpiece.

Found this one at one of our favorite shops.

Treasures and Junk!

It does not look like much now but it will.

090 094 095The girls are painting this a beautiful cream.

Okay pictures are done. Put your masks back on!!

Can’t wait to see the finished product!!