Our Cake Class

Becca, Samantha and I just finished our 2nd cake decorating class.

Here is Becca’s cake and it  is so cute!!

She  did such a good job with her flowers too.

Mine…well the roses looked more like gladiolas!

So I stuck with the daisy.

I know, kinda plain but it looks like a cake I would make.

Here is Samantha’s cake.

So cute right?

She has only had one class.

She bypassed the first class because it did not fit with her scheduled day.

I think she did really well.

Look at this little angel’s cake!

Whoo hoo Belle!

Great job!

The class isn’t supposed to be for kiddos but they let Becca take the class anyway because she is more mature than most kids her age.

Homeschool kids are great, let me tell you :)

Belle…they just would not budge, so we did the class at home with her instead.

She made all the daisies on her cake all by herself!

I think she did an amazing job for a 4 year old!!

Way to go girls!!

Aimee, Michael Jr and Daddy did a great job of eating all of our mistaken flowers and cakes too.

What a fun class…for all of us!!

I think I am going to try and start a co-op with this!!