Til Next School Year Ladies

We have been finishing up so many of our group adventures these last two weeks. You would think that means that we have tons of free time ahead of us but it seems like all the empty spots just keep filling right back up with other joyous things for us to do!!

I was blessed to be able to have a goodbye breakfast potluck for one of my bible studies.

This is my homeschool momma’s bible study group.


This is just the beginning of all the food that was brought and shared!! It was so yummy and every dish was created (or bought) with love :)  I must have gained 5 pounds just sampling a little of everything!! My teens and my friend brought her teens, and there was food left over!! That is how abundantly blessed the morning breakfast was!! Thank You Jesus!!

Here is a picture of all but 3 of the ladies in our group.


Love these sisters in Christ so much!!

We all love to encourage each other so much in the Lord that we never even got past prayer and munchies!!

So much for planning next year’s bible study!! Ha ha ha!!

Just a quick peek at what my daughter and her friend made while we chit chatted.


They went outside and collected daisies…


Remember making these??

These two girls are so wonderful!!

I hope you have the most blessed day my friend!!

May the Lord shine on your day and give you joy!!

Yummy Cookies by Angelica

This YouTube vlog is from a dear friend. Her food is incredible!

These videos are a family effort too. I just love that part!!

I will post the recipe at the bottom :)


Here is what she posted at the end of the video.

If you liked it she would love if you would subscribe to her channel :)


~This recipe was created during a time when God was redirecting us (course correction)… During a time when my family did not have a home of our own… We all lived in one room, but during that time we prospered and grew strong as a family… greater than three strands~
“Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat their fruit.” Jeremiah 29:5


2 7oz. Packets of Sun Maid Tropical Trio
1 1/2 cups of Pecans
2 1/2 cups of Flour
1 1/2 teaspoons of Baking Soda
3/4 cup of White Granulated Sugar
1 heaping cup of Golden Brown Sugar
1 cup (2 sticks) of Cold Salted Butter
2 Egg Whites
3 Egg Yolks
1 1/2 Tablespoons of Real Vanilla Extract

Sweet Glaze Topping:

1 14oz. can of Condensed Milk
1/2 a stick of Salted Butter
1/2 Tablespoon of Real Vanilla Extract


Have a blessed day friend!

Prayer Works

Watching the Lord work in my oldest daughter’s life is such a blessing to my heart.

Things have just been falling into place for her this year.

The last 2 years were really hard for her on many levels, but this year, through prayer, her life is changing for the better.

Last year for her education, every time she attempted to get a class she wanted/needed, something always prevented it.


So that did wonders for her self esteem.

Even made her question if this is the path she should be going down.

This semester…


Whoo hoo!!

Yes!! So excited for her!!

Last year friends were few and far between, pretty much because of her stand on her faith she lost some.  Really I think that was good. It was a painful prune, but one that has proven to have really ripened the fruit of her own vine.

This year, the few friends that stuck by her have really strengthened their relationships with her. So sweet to see them all grow.

The Lord has also brought her some amazing Christian friends!

She without noticing, has an even bigger circle of friends now than she did just 2 years ago. These friends are strong in their faith as well! They are always lifting each other up not tearing each other down. She is happier with these friends and I am so thankful the Lord brought these people into her life!!

Graduation Party 163Job wise, Aimee was relying on her photography to bring in her money. She had really thought this would be her career. Then when she could not get the classes she needed, her faith in the photography was faltering. She did volunteer work that seemed productive but limiting. She just was in a slump. None of her friends, even adults we know, were getting jobs either. That put her into a downward thought pattern. Thinking she would always be at home, as an old lady, being taken care of by her daddy was not making her happy.

Praise the Lord again!!

This year she has 3, yes 3 part time jobs not including her photography!! Some of her friends STILL can’t find jobs and she has 3!!

She loves it!! She was even offered a 4th job yesterday!!

These are small jobs that fit perfectly into her school schedule and allow her to still keep up with her photography!!

Whoo hooo again!!

045I love watching her work!!

Thank you so much Jesus for blessing my daughter and hearing our prayers!!

I know you have perfect timing and I know that this is exactly what she needed right now!!

Her life is just beginning and I am so blessed to get to be a part of it right now.

IMG_765 I love you Aimee :)

Fun Weekend!!

It was a birthday party!!


Belle’s good friend Bella had her birthday party and we all were invited!!

It was so cute!!!

Look at the water slide!! It was CRAZY!!

Aug 4, 2014 019 Aug 4, 2014 020Fun, right?

Bella’s momma is just like me, invite the closest friends but not to many, so the kiddos can play a ton!!

The girls had so much fun!!

Aug 4, 2014 008Then they colored their own Bible Bags!!

Belle was so proud!!

Aug 4, 2014 006They had a cotton candy machine there too!!

Rebecca got to learn how to make it!!

Aug 4, 2014 010

She is a professional now :)

Aug 4, 2014 009Now the kids want me to buy a machine for the house.

Cavity central, I think not!

We did celebrate with a beautiful cake and delicious ice cream though!

Aug 4, 2014 012Happy birthday Bella!


Aug 4, 2014 018Then the older girls took advantage of the hammock in the backyard breeze.

Aug 4, 2014 022Just chit chatting and bonding.

Such a perfect sister moment I caught.

You know Belle had to try it to!

Move over everyone!!

Just Belle on the hammock!!

Aug 4, 2014 027Cutie!

Then presents were opened, that was fun!

Bella got ladder balls.

We had never played that and neither had some of the other kiddos so….

Aug 4, 2014 028The dads all sat together and assembled the set so we could all learn!!

Aug 4, 2014 030I don’t know who liked it more,

the dads

or the boys!

Great outdoor game though! Think I might need to go pick some up!

It was such a great afternoon spent with some truly wonderful friends!!!

Can’t wait to do it again!!

We love you Bella!!

Processed with Rookie

The Boy Went to Camp

Processed with RookieHe packed his bag, put in his BDU’s and was ready to go!

Marksmanship training camp is what the boy signed up for.

He loves his weapons.

So for a week we sent him off to learn all about as many as he could remember and have the chance to actually fire many of them.

phone3 152They stayed where they would be shooting.

phone3 163Jr looks so happy about the cots!

That is some thick foam there!!

Ha ha ha!!

They had a nice range just for them.

phone3 155Still hard leaving your kiddo for a whole week.

The parents and wives who send their loved one away for 7+ months at a time, they are so strong!!

God is the only way I would be able to make it through that.

Here is the day we picked him up.

phone3 241The boys were so proud they finished and got their hunting licenses too!!

Had to grab his orders and then we got to come back home.

After he said goodbye to all his new friends.

phone3 248These boys all were just like Jr.

I know he really loved finding so many young men that enjoy the same things he does.

They all plan on joining the service in a few years too.

Here is one of the targets Jr brought home that he shot at.

phone3 249From 50 ft away, shooting a rifle for the second time,  I would be lucky to just hit the page.

That is why I have a shotgun!!

Ha ha!

He already has the goal of going back next year and becoming an expert marksman.

I guess he found his calling :)

Have a safe and blessed day friend!

Being Served

So sweet!

My daughter’s friend Ashley and her mother were so thoughtful last night.

Ashley knew that Aimee was under the weather. She and her momma popped over with this amazing pot of soup for her (and us!).

012Oh my goodness!!

The smell was just divine!!

They were so precious. They came in and served us soup.

What amazing servants of God!!

Look at this delicious bowl of soup!!

020It was spinach potato soup.

They had made tortilla strips for the top.

Oh my taste buds are still happy from my steaming bowl of lovingly made broth!

They stayed for a while and we had some wonderful conversation too.

I have always been the one who shares the soup.

Being on the receiving end this time, and for my daughter to be the true recipient, was even more special.

The Bible says, in Ephesians 2:10 b. ” God has created us for a life of good deeds, which he has already prepared for us to do” Then in Ephesians 6:7 it says ” Whenever you serve others in any way, you are actually serving God “

I know Aimee and I both felt such joy through their kindness.

Amazing how one pot of soup can share so much more than soup.

018Lord my heart is so full today!!

Joy, love and happiness warms my soul.

Thank You for friends who care.

Thank You for moments that allow me to see Your greatness!

Thank You for allowing me to be there as my daughter got to experience a moment of true friendship.

You are so good Lord!

That was such a precious gift!

Thank You!!

It is so wonderful to serve, and be served by others!!