Love is an Action

Love, it is an action, a way of living. When we love in our daily lives, we act for whom we love to make their lives better and run smoother. The cool thing is that serving them in that way causes our lives to run better too!

If we all lived with that mentality, to love others the way God commanded, the world would be heavenly!! It is the way Paul the apostle aimed to live. I want to strive to live that way, putting others first. Oh there are days that test me!! I do not want to serve anyone!! Not even the people I love the most!!

When I am obedient to God, and serve them anyway, not out of obligation but out of love…it does come back to me. It is amazing how it can then change my whole day!!

When we allow God in our hearts, He can then do a good work through us!! Then we can grow in our love for one another and we can experience joy!