Studing Long Houses

Okay, our history last week had a section on the Indian long houses.

So I thought lets build one!

We went to the store and bought some yogurt covered raisins (my attempt at healthy snacking during our craft) and toothpicks.

The idea was good.

I just forgot about the heat.

When it is over 100 degrees in your home yogurt kind of melts.

Rebecca persevered through anyway.

Right on!!

Almost there…

Oh no its toppling!!

Rebecca just turned part of the long house and it stayed up.

Ok so it was not the long house in my mind,

but I do love that she did not quit.

She just kept right on going and finding the answer that would complete the task even with the hindrances of the heat.

I used this as a lesson about our trials in our lives too.

That as long as we remain focused on our goal, we will achieve it.

God will help us.

He may show us a different way to get there to achieve our goal, one we may never have thought of before or wanted, but in this way our goal will be achieved.

So our long house was not a straight line house.

Rebecca understood that is how they are to be built.

She was given poor materials to accomplish her goal yet she did not give up.

She knew she could do it.

She did do it!

God does the same with us if we just surrender to Him.

I surrender Lord.