Our Easter Crafts on a Budget

I had some crafties for the kiddos yesterday!!

Took a bunch of stuff from around the house…

036paper towel tubes

tp tubes



fake flowers

hot glue

and got creative!

First we punched holes in the tube so that we could tie them together.

038They were a bit wobbly so…

I hot glued the edges together too.


I burned my finger good doing that! So if you are gonna try this, please be careful!

I am not a good photographer but you can see the glue is just a little at the edges.

Then I let the kiddos at it with glue and flowers.

Belle, I did the glue for her though.


Here is what they came up with…

040 041Then I hung them in the front window.

045I love them!!

Then some of the left over flowers we glued all over a homemade bird feeder.

It is a little crazy.

043Hope the birds will even use it!!

Ha ha ha!!


We also, the night before started a different project.

This one was so perfect! I only used stuff that was already in my house too. I took left over jars that were cleaned out, I took about 1/2 cup of borax poured that in the bottoms and then added really warm water up to the tops.




Then I had the kids make little Easter shapes with pipe cleaners.

I took yarn and tied it through the design. I had the kids drop their design into the mixture. We then suspended it in the jar and the poison water by wrapping the yarn around a pencil and placing it on top of the jar.

030Then we just let them hang out over night.

028The next morning there were already crystals forming on the jar and on the pipe cleaners.

029We took them out of the jars that afternoon and got…

031…sparkly Easter decorations!

033 032 034Pretty neat huh?

Then we just took them outside to our poor tree that has no new leaves yet and made it sparkle!!!


Now the good thing here too is that I poured the left over borax water into our toilets to clean them.

They are sparkly clean too!!


Here is the one craft I actually bought stuff for.

Rite Aid has the marshmallow bunnies on sale for $.99 this week.

I grabbed 2 boxes and some bamboo skewers from the dollar bin…so $3 all together for this craft.

023Here are the bunnies…

024…added the stick and found a vase for the munchkins to put them in…

025…yes, I got two different colors of the bunnies just to be fun!!

Here is the finished project.

027I think it is sweet!

Put it next to some of my carnations and it looks even more Easter-ish.

026Hope this gave you some fun ideas to share!!


Have a blessed and bloom filled day friend!!

What We are Up to This Week!


I found this picture on facebook and have no idea who first posted it but it is great!!



I so did not promote this as much as I should have with my older 2 and I am trying to redeem myself doing this more with my younger2!!!

Started with Palm Sunday church service that was amazing!!

We came home and had a relaxing but great day together.

Ended it by watching “The Bible” together…then off to bed.



Now I am ready to get this week of Praising the Lord going!!!

This week we are making our resurrection gardens,

resurrection cake,

resurrection planting (great idea from my oldest)

and our “He is Risen” banner.


He is not here; for He is risen, as He said.

Matthew 28:6


Got our dinners all planned out:

Turkey and mashed potatoes

Sloppy Joe’s and homemade fries

Tuna and salad

Lasagna and salad

Homemade Mac and Cheese with fruit salad

Spaghetti and salad

Easter Surprise night



I am so ready for this week!!!

Whoo hooo!!

Let’s go!!


Walking is a Blessing

I remember when I was a teen saying this; “If my legs ever don’t work, just let me die.”

Tragic. I know. I am so embarrassed to even admit that.

I know it is very self centered. I also know where I was coming from. I really despised being at home. I was not loved there. I was cared for. I did have food on the table, went to private school, had extra curricular activities. I was not loved though. There is more sadness there, but that is another post. Basically, if my legs could not move I would be trapped in a terrible, cold and unloving place dependent on the mercy of others just to survive. That situation would eventually suffocate my soul and I would die. Still  sounds incredibly selfish to me but as a teen, this is where I was at.

I was 24 when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. The year before I had been in a pretty bad accident. My back was pretty damaged and I was having severe pain in my back during the early pregnancy. The doctors told me that due to my previous accident I needed to abort my baby or I had a really high chance of never walking again. Wow. There are your words coming back to bite you! Funny how your whole perspective changes when you add love into your mix. I kept her to the dismay of the medical personnel. They then informed me that I could never have an epidural due to the way my back was damaged. So serious pain meds were out so was a C-section that I would not be completely knocked out for. Okay. Well, millions of women before the 1950’s gave birth that way so I felt that I could do it too. Remember , the medical community did not even think I could make it through “A” pregnancy with out injuring my back to the extent of not ever walking again. The fact that I made it through the whole labor and delivery was not even to be expected. The Grace of the Lord got me through 4 pregnancies, labors and deliveries and I was still walking. Now I was ready to sacrifice that gift of walking as hard as that is to say, to have those four precious little ones in my life. They were worth the risk.

Yet I was still granted the gift of my mobility.

A few years ago, on thanksgiving, very early in the morning one of my daughters was crying for me due to a bad dream. I went to get out of bed and crumpled into a pile of sheets on the floor on the side of my bed. I could not move my legs. They did not hurt or tingle. They just would not move…at all. My husband is up now concerned as to why I am on the floor! My daughter is still crying too. I had to send him off to take care of my littlest one as I sat there dumbfounded as to my predicament. Honestly, I just was more concerned as to who was going to make the turkey now and that I had just ruined thanksgiving for the family. What a perfect time to have this happen. I was not concerned with the fact that I might never walk again just that I had picked a holiday to have it happen. Ugh. Well I guess the Lord was just giving me a glimpse of how my life may eventually turn out. A few minutes later, when the littlest one was comforted and my husband was back to check on me, my legs refound their purpose. They just started to work again! Yay! I then went  on later that day to make the turkey dinner and be thankful to have that day.

The Lord has granted me a few more years of being able to walk. Just this past year I found I have shrunk. I know that means my disks are even more squished then before. I forgot to mention that I have a double curvature of my spine as well, so a squish is a bit more of a problem for my back. I am now 2 1/2 inches shorter than I was last year. Yup. That is a quite a bit of height loss. I have more back pain than before and it is getting really strong. I still took the girls out for a hike yesterday. I could feel my back telling me that this was probably not a good idea. It could be my last hike. I was feeling the numb and I have been feeling it more often. Its really weird.Now I do not say this for pity. I am so blessed. I really feel that I have been given almost 20 years of walking, even in pain, to share with my husband and kids. If this is all I have, then this was a blessing that many others will never have. I have walked holding the hands of all the most important people in my life. I have gotten to run with all my children when they were small and chased them around the yard. I have gotten to lift them all high in the air and hear them giggle. I have been more than privileged. This was a gift from God.

Now my words as a teen come back to haunt me.

“If my legs don’t ever work…” then I have lived more than was expected and I have a new adventure to embark on.

My legs and mobility do not define me.

My God, my faith, my love and my family are my everything.

I am who He has made me.

I will do as He commands.

He defines me.

He has brought me this far, stood by my side, brought me my husband to change my world for the better, blessed me with children and friends that help me to grow.

I am blessed on many levels.

I will take as many walks as the Lord will allow with my family.

I will hike the mountains drinking in His beauty.

I will cherish every step in the store as I walk with my children shopping for even the most mundane items.

I will smile as I feel the sharp pains of movement, glad that I can feel.

It is amazing when you think about it. How some thing so simple as walking can be such a great gift on many levels. It gets you from a to b, then for some of us,


it is a constant prayer of thanksgiving.

Thank you for this step Lord.

Thank you for this step Lord.

Thank you for this step Lord.

When my steps are finished, be they here or in heaven, I will give thanks.

Thank you for all my steps Lord.

They were amazing!

Thank you!

What a blessing!!

Daddy Daughter Time

The younger girls wanted some Daddy daughter time together.

I love the idea they came up with!!

Since it is spring, they made birdhouses together.

Daddy cut the wood and showed them how to put the houses together.


They look really good!

Then they went shopping together to get the paint.

Becca went with Brown and black, very sophisicated.


She did not need help painting.

036 038

Belle had Daddy help her a bit.


Then she took off on her own and did great!!

045 050 057

Belle’s is perky just like she is!!

The bird houses turned out just perfect!!

Bring on the birds!!

We are ready!!


Thank you Lord for blessing my girls with such a loving and involved Daddy.

These will be precious memories when they are older, of the time they shared together.

“A good father is one of the most




and yet one of the

most valuable

assets in our society.”

~Billy Graham

Morning Friend



Today~ is Thursday, March 21, 2013


Outside~ is still a bit chilly but it is going to be a beautiful day!! The sun is just kissing the horizon and the glow is warming to the soul. God is an incredible artist!!


I can smell~ my awesome Peppermint Mocha organic coffee sitting right here next to me!! Yummmmmy!!!


In the oven for dinner~ on the menu tonight I have Chili. I  have been making it about once a week right now because I love it and I know that warmer weather is on its way and then no one will want to eat it for a while. Well it will either be that or they will be so burnt out on it from me making it so often!!!


What I have been thinking about~ I actually have been thinking about how amazing my husband is. I know, I say that all the time, but truth be told I do think about him a ton. He has been just so…just so much more lately. He is growing in his faith and it is like I can see the fire in his soul just starting to really take over. I feel honored to get to be a part of his growth. It is more than that though and it is hard to put it into words how special it feels to be witness to and a part of. I know it is making us closer too…stronger bonded…better. It is a blessing.


The project I am working on~ I actually am making some baby blankets for Rebecca’s service project baby shower. I will post a picture when I finish. I am not that talented but I love giving from the heart. I hope the babies who get them will feel the love when they are wrapped up in the blankets!!


My mood today~ at the moment…I feel blessed.


What I am reading~ still trying to finish the book “Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul” by John Eldredge. Great book just not taking the time to sit down and read it. I am reading “Vietnam:I Pledge Allegiance” by Chris Lynch with Michael Jr and it is a great book for boys his age. Lots of going to war, bullets flying, people getting shot and such. Great boy book! Always I am reading my Bible too :)


School stuff~ trying to get the kiddos ready for their Terra Nova testing (fun) and make sure that we are truly studying what this season of Easter is all about. We are making our Resurrection Gardens again this year as daily reminders that JESUS IS NOT HERE!! HE IS RISEN!!!


Our Bible verse this week~  “Always try to be kind to each other. ” 1 Thessalonians 5:15


Picture to share~!!



My friend Jenny made these for our MOPS group!! She is amazing and these tasted incredibly delicious!!

Daily Prayer

walk by faith

got this from “God Bless You” on facebook


I pray something similar to this every day.


Fill me with the Holy Spirit Lord.

Let me hear Your words so that I may go out and do the things You want me to do, help those You want me to help and say what You need me to say.

Let me be a vessel for You.

I am Yours Lord.

I am Yours.

I just loved this and wanted to share.

Have a blessed day!!

We Decided


Our son is a Naval Sea Cadet!


Have no idea how I found this group.

Apparently they have been around since 1958!! There are over 22,000 in the Southern part of our state!!

It is just like NJROTC only not every day!!

You do the bookwork at home and practice as a group on weekends.

Best part for me is that the private school price is not attached to this group!!

EXACTLY THE SAME in all the other areas though!!


He will get just as much credit as the ROTC guys!! If he chooses to join the Navy at 18 then he will enter at a higher pay grade of E-3 and can be a Chief Petty Officer!! If he chooses the Marines he can be E-2 pay grade!!

So excited!!!

He is working his way to bootcamp this summer. He has to complete 15 assignments before  you can go and he is half way through 10 as of right now!!

He is also going to flag ship this summer!! That means competitions in knot tying, firefighting, line heaving, marksmanship, first aid, navigation, ect..

They work him hard and expect 110% effort in everything.


This is him when he comes home on Sundays now…


He really is my little MAN now!!

Service Project 2013

AHG Project 2013 026

Rebecca is doing a service project with a few of her AHG friends.

They hosted a baby shower for Choices Women’s Resource Center last week.

What that means is, they have set up places to collect gifts of new or gently used baby items for mother’s who choose to keep their babies and not give in to abortion. These women may not have been able to afford to have a child on their own and the girls are trying to provide that service of the items that they might need. (The center will find them everything else. )

I am so inspired by these girls!!

It was Rebecca’s job to get the baby shower put together.

She is so cute! We went to Hobby Lobby and got the “Little Miracle” baby set. Even found some matching fabric for the table cloth.

We are going to make little blankets out of it after to donate too!

She made little “shower gifts” for those who donated, cookies wrapped up in cellophane and ribbon.

AHG Project 2013 022 AHG Project 2013 023

She has all sorts of information on the table there.

The one that most people saw was the little baby in the box.

It is a life size model of a 12 week baby in the womb.

She also had 2 pictures in frames of ultrasound babies.

There were brochures from Choices there also to show how others could get involved and what was needed there.

AHG Project 2013 025

I am proud to say that they filled my truck bed with donations for the center!!

They have one more donation day approaching too before their Easter gift is delivered to the Center!!