Getting Ready for the Parade (on Veteran’s Day)





phonephun 055 phonephun 056 phonephun 057 phonephun 058These kiddos got up so early!!

They were at the VFW by 7 am on their day off of school, decked out in their dress blues, ready to march.

Then they were off to the parade site.

I am so glad we changed Michael’s division. This group does so much more to serve the community. Service to/for others is monumental in raising good adults. Here all the cadets WANT to serve too.

founders da parade 4 founders day parade 3 founder day parade 2 founders day  paradeLove watching this kids.

They are amazing.

The conduct they have, the pride they have in our country is admirable.

These young men and women are focused and determined and are going to make a difference in this world.

So proud that my son is part of the United States Naval Sea Cadet program.


Service Project

So we have been fighting a nasty little bug here.

It starts as a sore throat the first day, a high fever the second and a lingering cough for who knows how long.

Lots of homemade soup going on over here!!

The other day though, we were not quite sure if everyone was going to be well for our service trip to the local retirement home.

The  girls had made all sorts of valentines and cookies to take and share with the residents.

They had practiced Shirley Temple songs to sing.

We had to be there!

Prayed for healing and praise God, we got to attend!!

I was a bit worried that when the girls sang they might start coughing again though.

So I packed us up in the truck with warm apple cider and had them sip it all the way there just to keep their throats supple.

Left with plenty of time to get there, when the rain started.

Then the hail.

Then the 5 car pile up on the freeway.


Then there was no parking.

We had to park and walk quite a distance, only to end up getting there late, but just late enough to have missed (like within 45 seconds missed) being placed on the stage and start singing. Yay! The girls did not have to sing loud. They just kind of hummed off to the side with the residents. It looked like it was planned so that the residents would feel comfortable to join in with the singing!! It was great!!

Then the girls put out the cookies they had made and walked around with the other AHG girls handing out the valentines to the sweet seniors who came to see them.

053 049 051 052

This was so special.

The seniors were so gracious and thankful for all the goodies and valentines all the girls had made.

There was one sweet lady that Belle and I spoke with, she had cried when she saw the card that Belle had made for her.

She told Belle she was just so happy that Belle had made that for her and that she was such a giving little soul.

She and I began talking and she was just so precious.

She told me all about her husband who had passed on to Jesus a few years ago, her children and her grandchildren. She lived such an amazing life! Her husband when they first got married had joined the Air Force and taught her right along with him how to navigate and how to do simple air craft electronics. She told me about him becoming a plumber and how he was such a good provider for her family. He kept her happy and she wanted to make sure my husband kept me happy too. She said “You know honey as tired as you get raising all your little ones, there is no greater joy you will find the rest of  your life and when they are gone from your home, if you raised them with love, they will bring you a blessing. That will be your reward. Your grandchildren. ”  I hugged her then.  I told her she was a wonderful Titus woman and thanked her for her wisdom. She started to cry again. She was just so precious.

I think we were the ones who were really blessed doing this project!

What amazing men and women we met!

I can’t wait to do this again!!