Personal Challenge

Christian rejoice!! You are a child CHOSEN by God! You know that thought makes you smile because it is true!! He has chosen you for a special purpose, to bring forth fruit.

As I have been looking toward the new year in front of me, I want to give you a challenge that I have given myself. What am I doing this year to further glorify my Savior and the Kingdom of God?

Jesus died for me. He died in such a violent and degrading way, It hurts when I think of all the pain He went through because He loves me that much. How could I not want to serve Him now? What can I do to minister to those that He puts in my path? I want to use my life to magnify our magnificent God!!

All to say, if a person does not have a sincere need to know and grow closer to God, there is a very good chance he has never met Him. He has never become a child of Yahweh. The hunger has been placed within us. So, how do we then magnify the Lord?

You need to spend time alone with God. In your quiet time, allow your mind and spirit to discover things about God that are in depth, penetrating and personal. Don’t be satisfied with what the world shows you. Worship Him in the Holy of Holies. It is there that you will see God. It is there that you will encounter that nearness your soul has been longing for.

God wants to know you as well. He is the Great Pursuer. Seek Him, as He is seeking you. Don’t be satisfied with a Sunday morning messages. Dig into His Word. Go deep! Spend time alone in His presence. Connect with Him through intimate vulnerable prayer time.

You will discover things that you never knew—new things, profound things and life-changing things. God will give you opportunities to share His great love and blessings with those who you might not have seen but have seen Him in you.

So again I ask you the same question I am asking myself on this eve of a new year…What can I do this year to glorify my Savior and further the Kingdom of God?

One little word.

Who has chosen their “One Little Word” for the new year? For those of you who have never heard of this concept, it’s the idea that you choose just one word to sort of shape and define your whole year. It’s better than resolutions in my opinion because it’s more of a theme or specific intention that all other goals can then fall in line with.

I’ve never chosen one before, but I’ve been giving it some thought.  And I’ve had this pesky little word keep popping up in my mind and pressing on my heart. I really feel this is a good word to be my goal for the year.

My word for 2012 is….

Hoping to hear the word in all that I do.

I just need to give myself time to ask for guidance and to listen to the Holy Spirit everyday.

I mean I do…but to ask to feel the words the Spirit has for me all throughout the day in all I do. I want to listen as I am teaching my children, as I shop for groceries at the store, as I live everyday life.

I want to follow  His will for me.

I want my spirit to grow.

That is my goal for this year.