Stay Alert Christian

Are you experiencing stealing, killing and destroying happening around you? Then you know there is a good chance that there is a nasty thief at work in your life. Sometimes it is simply because we still live in this messed up world. Other times it can be because of other peoples choices and sinful behavior…or sadly maybe even our own. The enemy will use these challenging moments in our lives to then whisper words that are meant to painfully tear us down and keep us fearfully immobilized. I believe his favorites are condemnation and confusion.

You need to know that condemnation from the enemy and conviction from the Hopy Spirit many seem similar as you are first going through your journey. In reality, they couldnt be more different. Condemnation will fill you with depressing, dark, hopeless and destructive thoughts that will hold you to your past. It feels like you are useless, life is pointless and there is nothing else to lookforward to except the end. Conviction from the Holy Spirit feels optimistic, light, hopeful and promising. It is uplifting, and leads you confidently into your future, It is a begining that shows a much clearer direction of the next step to take on your path.

The enemy can surround you with confusion, bringing you deeper into oppression, darkness, and fear. The harder you attempt to break free the more ensnared you become in his evil trap.

Thankfully the Holy Spirit brings discernment, clarity and illumination. No matter what happens throughout your day, your spirit is filled with His calmness and hope.

When it hits you, the condemnation or confusion, and trust me it will, I want you to literally STOP.

Stop any and everything immediately.

move away mentally and/or physically.

Calm your mind.

Turn to prayer and RUN into God’s presence.

Then breathe deep and slow as you then quietly listen for His voice.

He will meet you there.

He is actually already there waiting to hold you.

Your journey will probably be hard, but beautiful and oh so worth every step.