Flagship 2013

Michael got to spend a weekend at Camp Margarita in Camp Pendelton.

010We waited behind the barracks.

011Slowly the battalion emerged, one division at a time.

012Ahh, my son is approaching and looking sharp!

013These are just the parents on one side of the 2 sets of  bleachers!

014Almost ready to start.

Here comes the color guard.

015 016 017 018As we said the pledge of allegiance to the American Flag,

I got all choked up.

The honor I had, to see all these young men and women with such incredible respect for our country, just touches my heart.

Next presentation they had for us was the winners of the Drill Team competitions.

Here is Bryce Canyon.

They did Drill with rifles.

They were incredible.


Then awards and ribbons for all the divisions that won in their competitions.


we did not win any so I have no pictures of that part.

I do have pictures of the presentation of the battalion!!

024 025 026 029 028

As I am looking at these pictures I am realizing you can’t tell how many cadets are there.

542 cadets.

My pictures do not do the credit that  these kids deserve.

The gaps you see are in between, these are  the divisions that attended .

There really were a bunch of cadets.

031The battalion was finally dismissed.

They looked so tired.


Random pictures of the day…
147 122 156 148 110 138 141

This is my absolute favorite picture!!!

The boys met us back at their drill site looking exhausted.

302 303 304 305 306 307 308

Still a man of manners, shook his Lt’s hand before we left and thanked him for the opportunity to attend Flagship with his division.

309 310

My Seaman Apprentice.

Love The Soldiers

Since this is Memorial Day weekend, I felt I should let you know what the kids and I are doing to remember our fallen heroes.

We are going shopping for the one’s that are still out there protecting America.

We have this great group at our church that collects stuff all year round to send to the soldiers to keep their spirits up.  Kind of a mini thank you from the people at home, other than family and friends of theirs.  I always make special bags up at Christmas with the kids. We try and put things in our gifts for them that are small but of value to them. I try to not be cheap (which is just plain hard for me to do even for our family) but I want to get them stuff that lasts and will do them good.  Then we make some cards of thanks, draw pictures and stuff just to let them know that we appreciate their sacrifice and we pray for them daily. I was talking to the lady that runs the program and she was saying that they do not have as many volunteers to help them bag gifts for the soldiers during the year, Christmas yes, the rest of the year no. I told her she would have my hands and the kids there helping her this month and we would try to make it a regular monthly visit. If the soldiers are out there every day for me, I can give up one afternoon a month.


That said, we will be out buying socks, chapstick, water flavor packets, travel deodorant, travel Tylenol, sunblock, wet naps, little toys for them to give to the kids they meet, and some kind of travel friendly snack. We will be making more letters of encouragement and thanks for all their efforts.


If you have any ideas of other things that might be good for us to shop for please let me know.

I want to send them things that will really be of value to them.


If you have a service person in your home, you are blessed.

If you know a service person, you are blessed.

Give them a hug from our family and our thanks for all they do.

God bless them all!!


And I’m proud to be an American,

where at least I know I’m free,

and I won’t forget the men who died,

who gave that right to me

and I’ll proudly stand next to him to defend her still today

, ‘cuz there ain’t no doubt I love this land,

God bless the USA.

-Lee Greenwood