One Thing I Truly Love


phone2 005 I love seeing my children pray.

That is such a precious gift.

I was waiting for my daughter to finish helping in Children’s Ministry and they had a tough night.

I love that they all just got together and prayed.

So beautiful!

It made my heart sing,

and still does!

Precious giving women and girls, gathered together, serving others so that they can hear the Word of the Lord from our incredible Pastor, and as tired as they were, found time to honor our Savior together. Thankful that they could serve so that others could worship.

Yes, I love this.

phone2 006Love the team that serves the 2 year olds at our church!

Blessings to you all!!

Just Had To Share

Have you ever had that day,  when you just KNOW the Lord is at work and you are blessed enough to be a part of it??


I am so having that day today!! It is amazing to see how great God is and how intricate yet wonderful His plans are.  Without giving too much information out, yesterday I was praying for a specific friendship. I did not know if this person was really busy or if they kind of were looking for a way to kindly avoid friendship with me. Which is fine. I just wanted to know if I should pursue this persons time. The Lord knows if this is a friendship for me and my family to advance on.

So today, as I am arriving at a planned event, I somehow had this person pull into the driveway of the parking lot, behind me and actually park next to me. Wow Lord!! Okay, lets do this! So I climb down from my van and this sister in Christ is there waiting for me asking if I would pray for her. She was having a bad day. She was a bit flustered and just under attack. I asked the Holy Spirit for guidance quietly in my mind. I spoke calming words to her. I dropped off my kids and then we dealt with her attack from the enemy. It was really easy for me, but I know this was a place she was not accustomed to and she just felt out of control.  God is so good though!! Here, this sister was at this place to do volunteer work, but she had some things that needed to be done ASAP. God placed another one of my friends, Dawn,  there randomly. Dawn had just served in the same capacity in the same place the day before and she just happened to be right there with nothing to do for a few hours. Asking for her assistance, she so kindly covered the volunteer position so that I could help my friend with her situation. Is that not cool?? I could just see God all over this attack from the enemy, with a positive solution. He had the solution planned so far in advance of the attack, I could see all the little pegs falling into place correcting the stressfulness as the attack was escalating for my sister in Christ. The enemy was getting shot down before it could even blow things apart. God is so good!!  The enemy did not win at all!!!


Positive results: My friend got her situation taken care of, so no stress for her. Dawn was not bored waiting for her kiddos for a few hours. Me, God showed me this is a sister in Christ that is important for me and my family. I got asked to pray for someone in need and that always makes my heart happy and I feel trusted.


I am so thankful that the Lord used me in this moment. I feel so blessed.

Being Served

So sweet!

My daughter’s friend Ashley and her mother were so thoughtful last night.

Ashley knew that Aimee was under the weather. She and her momma popped over with this amazing pot of soup for her (and us!).

012Oh my goodness!!

The smell was just divine!!

They were so precious. They came in and served us soup.

What amazing servants of God!!

Look at this delicious bowl of soup!!

020It was spinach potato soup.

They had made tortilla strips for the top.

Oh my taste buds are still happy from my steaming bowl of lovingly made broth!

They stayed for a while and we had some wonderful conversation too.

I have always been the one who shares the soup.

Being on the receiving end this time, and for my daughter to be the true recipient, was even more special.

The Bible says, in Ephesians 2:10 b. ” God has created us for a life of good deeds, which he has already prepared for us to do” Then in Ephesians 6:7 it says ” Whenever you serve others in any way, you are actually serving God “

I know Aimee and I both felt such joy through their kindness.

Amazing how one pot of soup can share so much more than soup.

018Lord my heart is so full today!!

Joy, love and happiness warms my soul.

Thank You for friends who care.

Thank You for moments that allow me to see Your greatness!

Thank You for allowing me to be there as my daughter got to experience a moment of true friendship.

You are so good Lord!

That was such a precious gift!

Thank You!!

It is so wonderful to serve, and be served by others!!

Pack a Shoebox

Do you have a family tradition like this too?

operation Christmas Child


Our family every year packs boxes for Samaritan’s Purse.

I have the kids each pick what age they want to buy for, usually ends up being their age, and we fill the box.

This year I am taking each kiddo separately to buy for their boxes. Spending time just with that one kid-doodler and I, buying for an unknown child, has been wonderful. They know that they are getting nothing on this shopping trip for themselves. They are doing God’s work, helping someone that they will never see the fruits of their efforts, yet doing this with a giving heart.

Belle got to go first.

056She found that pink was her theme.

She put all this in her box and then went shopping for some cute Old Navy shorts.

She still has not found the pink horse shirt she wants to put in there too.

We are working on it though!

I took Michael out shopping yesterday.

Here is what we started with.

040It is hard to see, but he found a shirt, baseball  hat, lip balm, pencils, pencil sharpener, composition book, toothbrush and toothpaste.

He wants to find a bracelet to put in there. You know the ones made of rope that are all the rage?

He also wants to find shoes.

I am impressed that his heart is that this boy have a new Christmas outfit.

Rebecca and I will be going this weekend for her box.

I will post what she finds then.

I love teaching my kids that it is better to give than to receive. I love that they get so thoughtful as to what this unknown person might need. We will never get to witness the gifts that we find  for the child that receives them. We pray  that God will direct our efforts to the right child and that they will be blessed.

Now do not think that Aimee is out of the box thing this year just because she is the oldest.

Oh no!

Our church just started a new program sending gifts to children in Mali. They are called Love Pax.

People at our church sponsor children there. They will be sending gifts to the children they sponsor. Our church would like to go out to the surrounding communities and bless the children there with the word of God and small bags of gifts.

Aimee will be filling one of these instead.

Cool huh?

Oh and just for fun, down here is a link to Samaritan Purse where you can see Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty pack his first shoebox.

It is cute!!