Glorious Heavenly Father,

We lift Your name high as we offer up prayers to You today.  We are so thankful for our conversions from a life ruled by the world to the path of salvation. You so generously offer us.  You reached out to open our eyes.  You renewed our hearts.  You graciously raised us from spiritual death into new and eternal life..May our hearts be motivated to pray sincerely for the salvation of those who need Christ.  Lord God we know You hear our prayers.  Guide our hearts to whom we should pray for.  Bless them Lord as only You can,  it is our privilege to be used on their path to salvation.


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Today is a precious gift.

Thank You Father God for the opportunity to share our joy for Jesus with others by inviting them to Easter service watch parties.  We pray that we will become aware of who we need to invite and the courage to follow through with the invitation.  Lord may those we ask feel compelled to accept our request and actually listen to the words spoken during the upcoming Easter celebrations. May they see the church as a place of welcoming to them, a place they would like to become a place familiar.  May the sermons preached touch souls in a way that it could only be the power of the Holy Spirit touching them.  May it bring them one step closer to accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.  May they understand more deeply than ever before that Jesus came and took on all the pain and punishment we deserve for the sins we committed.  He was broken, beaten, whipped and humiliated before being viciously nailed to a cross because He has such incredibly huge love for us.  He  became the ultimate sacrifice dying for our transgressions.  Only to conquer death and come walk among the people three days later!! Miraculous!! Incredible!! Wonderful Lord, we thank You for such a priceless gift!!  Please give us the courage to invite our unsaved friend, family member or neighbor to be changed forever!!

In Your Holy name we humbly pray,




Fresh Life, Hope City, Life Church, Transformation Church, Elevation Church, Calvary Chapel Mountain View, and The Brooklyn Tabernacle are some of my favorites.


We come to You Heavenly Father this Palm Sunday filled with Joy!! As we pause to remember and honor the day Jesus came to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem.  He came as Zechariah predicted “Rejoice greatly, O daughter or Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem; behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.” (Zechariah 9:9).

Lord we pray You will hear us REJOICE from near and far, our Savior has come and conquered death!!  We humbly pray for our incredible Pastors and teachers as they deliver their amazing messages today.  Lord we pray as they speak, that Your word will be delivered with clarity, power and authority.  May the messages open hearts just enough, that the Holy Spirit can grab hold, take that seed of truth they just received and help it grow!!  May new believers blossom abundantly this week!! May we as the church today be available to these new believers with words of truth and love.  We pray that all across the world, Jesus will be glorified in every life and in every heart.


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Lord Jesus,

Your love for us brings an inner peace.  It fills our hearts in such a way that we bloom as we draw closer to You.

Easter is such a wonderful time to reflect on the eternal gift You so gracefully gave to us.  Help us to bring about a reawakening of the joy of Christianity!! Help us to be as bold as a lion as we share the truth with the family, friends and coworkers this week!  The gift You gave us when you laid Your life down, in a brutal and horrific way, taking on our sin, You became the ultimate sacrifice, the holy lamb of God. You died on the cross, in the tomb three days, but death could not hold the Son of God!  You rose to life!!  You came and walked among believers RESURRECTED!!

Lord Jesus, our Risen King conquered death!!

May sharing this AMAZING KNOWLEDGE with others became popular, and important again!!  We pray for an infectious revival for our lives, our churches, our communities, our nation, our world!!  God be glorified in our lives.

Lord make us someone worthy of Your dying for.


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Dear Sweet Heavenly Father,

We are so thankful for these incredible pastors and teachers You have given us! They work so hard, studying Your eternal word, preparing new lessons to teach and remind us just how much You love us.  You created then to serve us.  We pray for them today, that this Easter season, they are being lead with joy, fresh life and passion as they study and prepare their Easter messages for us.

May they feel encouraged to be who they are.  This is their destiny!! They were created to do something GREAT!!  Through our pastors and teachers Lord, we pray that lives will be changed and eternity will have more heavenly residents!!

May they remember that our God does brilliant things with ordinary people who are willing to be used.  We pray that they know just how much we value them and support them.  We are abundantly blessed to be served by our pastoral staffs.  Thank You Lord for these amazing servants helping to draw us closer to You.

Forever humble in Your presence,


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Lord God,

it is such an incredible honor to serve You,  Thank You for the opportunity to be salt and light in the lives of others.  Help us to create a thirst for Christ!  May we help stop the moral decay in our sin infected world.  We know that salvation and truth are needed so desperately in this world.  As believers, we humbly ask that You fill us with the spiritual strength we need to counteract sin’s power to destroy lives.  May we reflect You brightly Lord, with pure hearts, so much so that Your goodness will be known by our actions.  We pray that when the world sees our lives changed by accepting Christ as our Savior, a stirring will begin deep within them.  They will want to know more about Jesus and why He loves us so.  We pray they will crave that love, that grace, that inner joy that you can only receive from the knowledge that The Lamb of God came and took the sins of the world upon Himself.  He was the ultimate sacrifice because His love for us is so big.  He  took the nails from our hands and replaced them with mercy, grace and love.  

Lord may we live lives that profess this truth to others, letting them know this love is waiting for them as well.  All they need to do is freely accept His gift of Salvation.  What a beautiful gift it is too Lord.  The most precious gift.  Your humble servants will forever thank You.


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Heavenly Father,

Your Word is perfect and precious.  We are so thankful for the truth to guide us and help us to live according to Your Word. You are the most important part of our lives.  Our prayer today Lord, please keep us focused on You and eternity.  We live waiting for Christ’s return!! Help us to keep ourselves from anything that could hinder our relationship with You.  Remove any obstacles, be it a person or a situation that could damage our unity with Christ.  Help us to not cloud our focus with man made dramas of this world, keep our eyes on the prize!! Your Son and His glorious return!!


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