Aimee is Fabulous!!

I am such the proud Momma right now!!

Aimee did so amazing at this wedding over the weekend!!

Thank you everyone for your prayers for her!!!

I have been dying to show you pictures of what she can do!!

I have made myself stay away from social media so I would not completely engulf people with my joy! (so sorry if you were a person I ran into…Yes I did go on and on gushing with pride…)

Okay, so I have waited long enough and I got permission to post just literally a picture she shot.

She is right. These are actually for the bride but this one the bride has already received and has posted herself on social media!!

001This was the first kiss.

Perfect right?

I can show you just one other picture of this beautiful couple that Aimee’s second shooter Natasha took. Natasha is an incredible photographer too. Here is her picture. (only because this one the bride has seen and posted too)

weddingThey look so happy to be married don’t they?

They are so in love, it is precious. God blessed this union!!

It was such a God inspired day that Aimee got to be a part of.

The weather was CRAZY that day. The wind was blowing so hard! Trees had been blowing down all over the place!!

God is so good. The wind died down to a breeze, mostly a slight breeze for the ceremony. Then picked back up again when the festivities were finished.

Aimee had only charged them a very tiny amount for this. Pretty much just to cover her costs (new battery, memory card and a few printed pictures). She knew they could not afford her prices, or any other photographer, and was so scared to do this but felt led by the Lord to do this wedding. She was calm when she was there, knew that God was with her, and did a fabulous job! When God is with you, only good things are produced and this is proof!!


I love that Aimee is thinking about maybe doing weddings now.

She is talented.

She and Natasha actually make a great team together.

Praying God will guide these two young women into this field if this is the path He has chosen for them.


Have a picture perfect, blessed day my friends!

Prayer On My Heart Today

Spending today in prayer.

My daughter is at her first really big photo shoot as the lead photographer.

My prayer request:

May The Lord guide her eyes to the most glorious of shots today. May the clients be blessed by what her camera shoots. Most of all, may God be blessed by whatever comes of today. May her works be all focused through You Lord. May she remain calm and focused while confident in her gift. May she share her love for You and shine for You in her actions today. Lord God, be with my baby. Keep your hand on her shoulder while I cannot. May she feel Your embrace as she takes these steps in her business and know that You are there with her. May she remain focused yet vibrant today while capturing moments of joy, wonder, amazement, laughter and probably nervousness. Thank you God!
You are so good!


Dream Journey Workshop

Here is Kristen

January phone 012

She was the leader of our Dream Journey Workshop.

I went into this workshop completely feeling I knew what I was getting into. I was going to focus on finishing my CARE classes.

Well, I did just that but not exactly in the way I had planned.

Here is what she had us do.

We started with scripture and prayer. This is my friend Priscilla getting us started on our journey :)

January phone 014Then she gave us a stack of magazines to just start ripping pages out of as we felt the Lord called us to.

January phone 015Messy!!

Then she stopped us after like 20 minutes.

We then had to go back through the papers and cut out what stood out to us the most.

Here are some of my cut outs.

January phone 016Time was up.

We then had just a certain amount of time to take these cut outs and glue them into a book, a Dream Journal.

Here is the cover of mine.

January phone 017They end up something like this.

January phone 018 January phone 019Mine was not as light hearted as I thought originally I would produce.

We all then had to share our journals and get others input.

Mine was good, unexpected way I finished my front half, but really right on target!

Here are all of ours.

dream journal

Mine as I read it, says that I want to help people heal themselves. Illness should not limit you. I want to be the ray of light that brings them out of the darkness of their emotional or physical illness. My last page has a cross and words of affirmation I want others to feel. “Be powerful.” ” Be Strong.” “Be Inspired.” The final cover of my book says that I want to be witty and wise. I want my marriage strong. I want to be infused with the Lord.

Crazy how that is exactly where I want to be!!!

Just tore out pictures from random magazines. I don’t even own the magazines I was looking at! They were AARP, Time. BonAppetite, and Vogue.

God is amazing when you include Him in all you do.

Now all I have to do is finish the back of the book with ideas of how to achieve this :)

The sweetest  part of all this, is my friend Priscilla, who actually set this whole event up, had lovely gifts for all of us at the end.

January phone 023A NEW DIFFUSER!!

Mine had just broken too!!

Thank you Priscilla!!

It was such an insightful day!! I really had a great time learning about myself surrounded by friends!!

They are an interesting idea and I think I am going to try this with the kids.

Have a blessed day my friend!


She is Another Year Older

Processed with RookieMy little girl is growing up!

Just a few years ago,

Becca spring 2008 001Look how cute my little girl was!!

037So happy and cheerful to have around…

Becca's 7th Birthday 006Such a joy she has been to us!!

020Growing into a more Godly young woman every single day.

021You surround yourself with good Godly friends too.

019You are wise beyond your years.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetYour a princess of the most High God!

Processed with VSCOcam with m2 presetIt was a pleasure to get to surprise you with some happiness on the anniversary of the day you took your first breath and I got to hold you for the first time in my arms though you have always been in my heart sweet girl.

011 010 016 012Love you BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER!!

You are so special to me!!

Processed with Rookie

Working On My Certifications

I spent my Thursday through Saturday night studying MORE Chemistry, Raindrop Therapy, Vitaflex and Emotional Release classes. They were intense and wonderful. I would never have thought that I would be a person who was excited about Chemistry. It was actually interesting learning about hydrocarbons and ethols!! Who knew? I have no idea how anyone could be a scientist and not believe in God. This stuff is to perfect not to see it was CREATED not just randomly formed. Its incredible how even the most tiny of elements is still perfectly made and does its job.  I really enjoy learning how God has made natural plants, to turn into essential oils, that can correct deficiency in a cell that was created to be perfect.

Here is, or most of, the beautiful souls who took this course with me.

raindrop class 2015I think  my favorite part of the weekend was the emotional release. The first time I took the class, I really was not prepared for the amount of emotion that is involved in this type of healing. This time, I could really immerse myself in the learning. It is so intriguing to have the opportunity to study about how important it is to release negative thoughts or remembrances from your mind. They can and do hurt you. Emotions are NOT separate from the physical, spiritual or energetic. We all store our life experiences in our bodies. Because these techniques are both gentle and powerful we can efficiently access the deepest places of ourselves. We also carry the potential to unlock and resolve the trauma residue stored in the tissues. During a treatment people may laugh, sob, yell or remember something that previously was beyond their conscious reach. It is incredible when this happens. This is when the  deepest, internal work has the most profound change. This class was the strongest bond holding all of us together, I am sure, forever.

This was a very powerful weekend for me.

I know I am changed because of it.

Hopefully I have changed in a way that I will be able to help others heal in many ways :)

Is anyone among you sick? Then he must call for the elders of the church and they are to pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord;
– James 5:14

Morning Friend!

Good-Morning-Coffee-PinkToday is: Wednesday January 7


Outside is: Blue sky with wisps of clouds…its going to be 80 today…this is winter right?


I can smell:My coffee. Would not be a blogging day without it!!


In the oven for dinner: We are having beans and rice tonight. Trying to stay healthy, so lots of beans and soups right now!!


What I have been thinking about:  I was having my time with The Lord this morning, looking up at the stars in the dark sky. The moon was so incredibly bright, it blocked out so many of the stars from my sight. I still found my eyes searching for the stars in all the dark blue. The stars are still glowing and shining with all their glory. It reminded me again to be that bright light in the darkness of the world. Someone’s eyes may be searching for me, looking for their way and I need to be as bright in the light as I can be to lead them to the Master of all light, Jesus!


The project I am working on: I am prepping for my 25 hour classes this week!! So excited!! I have a few CARE classes to accomplish and I can’t wait!!


Mood today: EXCITED and a little sad. My conference classes are right in the middle of one of my daughter’s birthday. Ugh. So yes, I am really happy to be going farther with my education but a bit bummed that I will not have extra time with my girl.


What I am reading: Chemistry. Always Chemistry…Aside from that I still am working on a few bible studies. That keeps me grounded, so that is perfect. God first, then the rest of the stuff comes second. Oh and back to the beginning of my One Year Bible!!


School Stuff: Kiddos just started back on Monday. So we are back to the routine :) I have some new reading books for the kiddos to get into!! Becca is reading Through the Looking Glass now since she just finished Alice in Wonderland. Love the classics!! I am having her read them out loud for Belle to love too!! Oh and Michael just finished POLA for a whole week!! So he has a bit of an easy week from me. He is an official Petty Officer now!!


Picture to share: My new Official Petty Officer Son!!

December phone photos 109 Love it!!

Yes I am a proud Momma!!