You came to earth with such a willingness to get things done.  You never stopped sharing the eternal truths.  May our hearts want to be a replica of Your life.  We want to LIVE FOR CHRIST! In every aspect of our lives make us vessels to be used for Your glory!

Give us divine boldness every morning to go out and stand up for what is right!  May we be a vivid and clear light in this dark world of chaos and confusion.  Holy Spirit baptize us everyday.  May Your words be our focus as we look for answer and direction.  Help us on our daily walk Lord.  Courageous and faithful in every choice we make.  May we lovingly point the way to Jesus.  May we be known as believers who go after life, as the gospel in action.


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Abba Father,

Almighty God,

We thank You for the gift of Your Holy Word, for it is complete and perfect in every way.  May it guide us and direct us as we walk along the paths You have chosen for us today.  Please use us to love and serve Your people.  We humbly ask for the Holy Spirit to be our guide, to take us to the person who needs us most.  Lord, may our worlds be not of us  but fully of You.  May they be received with the love and comfort that they were intended for each receiver.  Please enable us to share Your precious Holy Word to everyone at the level that they will understand and accept it.  We know Lord, for us to share The Word we must spend time alone with You in prayer.  May we always crave to pray in the Word, saturation our words with the will of The Holy Spirit, for the sake of our soul and for the sake of the souls of the others that have been placed in our paths.

Today Lord God, may Your Holy Word be a lantern to our feet, a light to our paths and a strength to those we meet.


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Lord Jesus,

There are so many hurting and lonely people in our world today. Souls are crying our to be filled Lord God.  We pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to permeate into the broken and hurting.  Lift them up and open their minds to receive the healing that only You can infuse into their lives.  May we all as believers, reach out in anyway we can, to offer fellowship, not only with those we know but guide us to those who need us.  Help us to fill each other up and pray strength for each other.

Lord, may we embrace the new believers today so that they feel welcomed and wanted.  The quiet gentleman who smiles at everyone but walks about unnoticed, Lord may he be seen and a friend be made. For the one who bubbles happiness in front of others but her heart is crushed and she feels like a failure in life.  We pray that a hug will come and true words of friendship that will change her darkness to light.  For the couple that have no joy in their marriage as the pretend that they have it all together.  Lord may they finally ask one of us for prayer, because they want to fall in love with You and each other again, deeper in love with You and each other again, deeper than ever before.

Help us to make a difference in their lives.  Lord Jesus bring us the lost and the looking .  May the message they receive convict them of their need for Christ as their Savior.  May we be the praying warriors, friends, confidants and encouragers that will keep us all growing in our faith.  May we be a reflection of You Lord God, in every life we touch,


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Spring has sprung all around us Lord.  New life breaking through the soil and the babies being born reminds us of the New Life You have promised us through Your glorious Son, Jesus.  2000 years ago Father, You sent Your only Son, to come and be savagely sacrificed for the sins that we committed. The sacrificial lamb of God was dead.  You, Almighty Father are greater than any wordly situation.  The Savior of the world was not held by the chains of death.  He conquered it.  He is the breath of life, true life, an everlasting life!! He is redemption!! He is truth!! He is our restoration!!

God minister to our pastors as they prepare to deliver THE MESSAGE!! May they not feel the pressure to be extravagant and over the top just to purely have hearts opened to The Word.  Let them rely on the Holy Spirit to be the teacher and to let the Word of Truth prevail! May these visiting hearts be prepared to receive it.  Holy Father we pray this today.


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Heavenly Father,

This is a beautiful season we are in.  The celebration of the gift of Your precious Son giving up His blood as the ultimate sacrifice for us and then His glorious resurrection is in the minds of both believers and unbelievers.  There is a covering over the minds of unbelievers that keeps them from clearly seeing the light and truth of the gospel.  We come before You in prayer for these unbelievers to have an unveiling, to remove the veil from their eyes, to have a revelation today!  May their hearts be opened to understand the gospel.  may nothing stand in their way to prevent them form comprehending it.

Lord God we pray for the salvation of our friends, neighbors and coworkers.  Give us courage to invite them to share Sunday online services with us on and to share the Good News with them.  Even though we might be quarantined, We must not quit!!  May or faith be lifted to a new level.  We know You hear our humble prayers to save those we love.  In Your name we bring these prayers to Your beautiful feet.


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Great and Amazing Shepherd of the sheep,

We are Your humble flock and we bring to You humble offerings of our hearts and lives.  Be our Shepherd always, strengthen our faith that we might bring others the message of Your love.  We pray Lord God that You will give each of us a passion for finding the lost.  Please grant us compassion that is pure so that Your love will shine through us to everyone we meet. For we know that You came to save that which was lost.  We know it is Your will that no one should go astray.  You rejoice over finding the one lost sheep.  We want to rejoice with You!!  May we have the courage to seek our all those who may have wandered, who feel alone and those who seek to know you.  You have called us each by name and gave to us Your only son to redeem us!! Thank You Father! You are so good!!

In Your precious holy name we pray,


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Lord Jesus,

This morning is a spectacular day to profess Your amazing goodness!!  Oh how we love You God!! You are our hope and strength!! You give us more than we deserve!!

Thank You for allowing us to come before You today lifting up those who have pledged to direct our country.  For the leaders God, You have placed over us, our mayors, our city officials, judges, state and federal representatives, the President and his cabinet, and so many more, we humbly pray Lord, that the decisions they make will reflect Your will. This is a trying time for all of us. May they look to You first Lord as they are faced with choices that are affecting our country. May their health be maintained and their outlook for our nation be clear. Give them biblical discernment as they look ahead to the future as they guide our people through these challenging days. May You be glorified in all that they do.

Bring us closer to You Lord, not farther away.


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