Smart Girl

Yesterday we all discussed what happened 12 years ago in America.

My oldest was 6 years old when the attack happened.

Now my youngest is 6.

I tried to explain the event to her in simple forms.

We remember those who needlessly perished in the events.

We honor the people who went above and beyond to save others  that day…

those that are still with us and those that were buried in the rubble doing courageous acts.

We pray for the families that lost loved ones.

We never forget.

At the end of the day she drew a picture to show her Daddy what she learned.


She went to church last night and prayed for the children left behind.

Children understand more than we give them credit for sometimes.


My Mother’s Day

I was so blessed this Mother’s Day!

It was more than I expected!!

Got these beautiful flowers from my love!!

272 273 274 275

We started the day off with church.

Came home and was showered with gifts!!

207 212Rebecca made me the earrings!

Belle gave me a Kiss in a bow :)

Then they gave me gifts in bags!!

Look at all this from Belle!!

230There is so much!!

Potpourri, candy rose, coupon book…

Here are some closer up.

224 A pretty magnet for my fridge.

219She made me a cross.

220Fancy writing!!

222 228So sweet!!

Look at what Rebecca had for me!!

232236233How beautiful!!


 The box is carved wood and came with coffee inside!

Chocolate and coffee momma’s favorites!!

Oh my goodness!

Someone is at the door.

The FedEx guy?

Rebecca is smiling.

She says ” I paid to have it delivered today.”

238 240What?

How incredibly wonderful!!!!

249 244 25212 beautiful HUGE  chocolate covered strawberries!!

They were gorgeous!!

They were delicious!!

They were stunning!!!

My 12 year old daughter got these for me!!

I am so touched.

I am so blessed.

I have to share more pictures of them!!

242 254 266Love!

Another gift believe it or not was still to be opened.

This was from all the kiddos.

239 258Again chocolate and coffee, perfect for me!!

Rebecca saw me looking at this mug at the store.

Leave it to my little best bud to remember that I liked it!!

Oh my another package!!

283This came from my son.

2852 sent for gifts for momma??

Oh my goodness my munchkins are getting bigger!!

This is so cute too!!

299 300Oh yes.

They are truly good.

He does love me :)

My oldest is bummed that her gift for me did not show up in time for me to receive it on Mother’s Day.

That makes 3 packages via actual shipping for me!!

That is a ton of pre-planning!!


I am so touched!!

It was a really special, slow kind of day.

I love those days.

My family all around just loving being together.


Thank You Lord for making me a mother.

Not just today, for the remembrances from my children.

Thank You for the gift of the children.

Thank You for trusting me to raise them up to glorify You.

Thank You Lord for the blessings to my heart to see how wonderful innocent love can be.

Thank You for making our quiver full.

Thank You for allowing me to honor You this way.

I am so privileged to be a mother.


Our Cake Class

Becca, Samantha and I just finished our 2nd cake decorating class.

Here is Becca’s cake and it  is so cute!!

She  did such a good job with her flowers too.

Mine…well the roses looked more like gladiolas!

So I stuck with the daisy.

I know, kinda plain but it looks like a cake I would make.

Here is Samantha’s cake.

So cute right?

She has only had one class.

She bypassed the first class because it did not fit with her scheduled day.

I think she did really well.

Look at this little angel’s cake!

Whoo hoo Belle!

Great job!

The class isn’t supposed to be for kiddos but they let Becca take the class anyway because she is more mature than most kids her age.

Homeschool kids are great, let me tell you :)

Belle…they just would not budge, so we did the class at home with her instead.

She made all the daisies on her cake all by herself!

I think she did an amazing job for a 4 year old!!

Way to go girls!!

Aimee, Michael Jr and Daddy did a great job of eating all of our mistaken flowers and cakes too.

What a fun class…for all of us!!

I think I am going to try and start a co-op with this!!