Aimee is Fabulous!!

I am such the proud Momma right now!!

Aimee did so amazing at this wedding over the weekend!!

Thank you everyone for your prayers for her!!!

I have been dying to show you pictures of what she can do!!

I have made myself stay away from social media so I would not completely engulf people with my joy! (so sorry if you were a person I ran into…Yes I did go on and on gushing with pride…)

Okay, so I have waited long enough and I got permission to post just literally a picture she shot.

She is right. These are actually for the bride but this one the bride has already received and has posted herself on social media!!

001This was the first kiss.

Perfect right?

I can show you just one other picture of this beautiful couple that Aimee’s second shooter Natasha took. Natasha is an incredible photographer too. Here is her picture. (only because this one the bride has seen and posted too)

weddingThey look so happy to be married don’t they?

They are so in love, it is precious. God blessed this union!!

It was such a God inspired day that Aimee got to be a part of.

The weather was CRAZY that day. The wind was blowing so hard! Trees had been blowing down all over the place!!

God is so good. The wind died down to a breeze, mostly a slight breeze for the ceremony. Then picked back up again when the festivities were finished.

Aimee had only charged them a very tiny amount for this. Pretty much just to cover her costs (new battery, memory card and a few printed pictures). She knew they could not afford her prices, or any other photographer, and was so scared to do this but felt led by the Lord to do this wedding. She was calm when she was there, knew that God was with her, and did a fabulous job! When God is with you, only good things are produced and this is proof!!


I love that Aimee is thinking about maybe doing weddings now.

She is talented.

She and Natasha actually make a great team together.

Praying God will guide these two young women into this field if this is the path He has chosen for them.


Have a picture perfect, blessed day my friends!