Most marvelous Heavenly Father,

Thank You for giving us another day to serve You! Lord You are so good to us!!  Your gift of the Holy Spirit is such a blessing!  Baptize us in His power.  Focus us on keeping Him in every aspect of our lives.  As believers may He come alive in us giving us revelation, inspiration, illumination, spiritual discernment and courage to get out there and share The Holy Word of God.

May The Holy Spirit be the overflowing Goodness and encouragement for our souls, giving us the strength to persevere in this fallen world.  Precious Lord, we are so thankful that The Holy Spirit gives us direction to live a life as You would have us live.  We do not want to be in control.  We need You.  Use us however You see fit.  May we never be the same.  May we be by faith, filled with Your joy, Your love and Your peace.  You are essential to our lives.  May every breath we take be used to glorify You!

Holy Spirit, You are welcome here with us, for we have been redeemed by the blood of The Lamb and are here to serve You.  We love You Father.




Sweet Lord God,

As we continue our 31 days of prayer, we will give all honor and praise to You.  We call on You with genuine faith that You hear our prayers.  We know that You are the only one who can lead this world and guide us in a way that is pleasing to You.  We ask for Your blessings for this country.  May we learn to stand together and pray together to heal our land.

We pray for all those who can make positive changes in our society, those in positions of authority, that they will use their influence to help others not themselves.  That they will make their decisions with wisdom and discernment.

Lord God, we pray for our churches.  May our spiritual leaders hear Your voice as they share the holy Word.  We pray that they will lead from their knees and not from Facebook or Instagram likes.  That they may know Your heart and share truth in a way that the power of the Lord will be seen as never before.

Please protect and bless all our service men and women.  We are so incredibly grateful for their service and dedication.  Lord, many of them have sacrificed their blood to keep not only this country safe but innocent people around the world.  God bless our troops.

Lord hear our humble prayer, in Your holy name together we pray,





Precious Heavenly Father,

We thank You for this glorious morning!! We praise You and give thanks for Your mercy on us.  This day is fabulous because it is another chance for us to share with others the incredible joy of having You as our Father.  We are so crazy blessed!!

Lord God, we want to grow in our faith and in our love for You.  We know that growing deeper can be hard.  We have to truly look into ourselves and change from who we WERE BEFORE You, into who we can be WITH You. We pray Lord God that You will reveal to us where we have been straying and open our hearts and eyes to the changes that need to happen, with TRUE REPENTANCE as our response to our sins.  Eternal Father God, Your way is all we desire.  Keep us on the road to righteousness!!

Your children pray humbly,




Oh Lord God,

Such a gorgeous morning you have painted for us!! Your love for us makes everything brighter! We want to do the same.  Help us to make our world brighter.  Help us to do what is right in Your eyes.  May we see all our actions and reactions to our daily life through Your eyes, that we become more like You in our lifestyles. Search our hearts Lord, convict us of our sins.  Help us see what breaks Your heart in our lives so that we can change to a better path.  Yes Lord God, the path to You!!  That is where we want to be!!  We know this path may be narrow and difficult sometimes, but there is such joy walking with You.  Keep our eyes focused on You Lord, for there is none other. You are our greatest gift.

We love You Lord.



1st prayer of 31

Oh Mighty Father,

This is the season we celebrate the miracle of the resurrection of Your Son.  Such an incredible series of events that changed the world forever.  The gift was more than we deserve and often we forget just how blessed we are to have a redeemer who shed His blood so that we might live eternally.  May we not be distracted by the world and remember Your mercy and amazing love.  Cause us, Your people to fall on our faces.  Lord so many need prayer RIGHT NOW.  May we as we pray to You daily, remember to be lifting our brothers and sisters prayers to You as well.  Alone our burdens are heavy, but when lifted together they are lighter and then they can be brought to Your feet.  Thy will be done.

Help us sweet Jesus, to always humble ourselves in all that we do, to seek the face of God. That our actions will reveal our love for You in every aspect of our lives.  Awaken our desire to serve You Lord!!  May we be seen as you hands and feet in our church families, our communities, our nation and our world!!  May we serve You with JOY in our hearts!! Having the knowledge of serving our ONE TRUE KING!!It is such an honor!!  Lord Jesus we adore You!! We are so thankful You have given us this day to wake up and fulfill the plans You have for us!! Thank You Lord!! Thank You!

In Your glorious name we humbly pray,



take a little time

Our lives are so crazy rushed these days. I can’t tell you how many people I truly want to have a meal with and sit and fellowship growing closer together as spiritual sisters in Christ. It just seems like I have NO TIME. Speed is the enemy of true and trusted intimacy between all of us. Back in the days when Jesus walked the earth, meal time with your friends would take hours!! You popped by your friend Esther’s house with your family on a Sunday and girlfriend would go kill her best goat to make you a delicious meal. You would chit chat for hours while the fire was stoked and the goat was prepared, all the while figs, cheese and probably garlic hummus with flat bread would be put out for snacking. You and your family would be taken care of. You felt welcome and loved. That is a friendship!

When people back then brought a stranger to dinner they were still treated with the same kindness and generosity. I believe that is also known as HOSPITALITY. I think it is time we brought that back. I really feel that it is a lost art that is needed desperately today.

Yes, I connect with my Bible Study friends, and my ministry groups. That is usually for a purpose that we are getting together and I do love it!! I just want more!! I need more time for the important people. I want coffee time with my strong Sisters in Christ, women who fill my spirit. I want Sunday potlucks with a family or two, or more!! Families that will grow closer to Christ along with mine!! I want to go grab some spicy tacos with other married Christian friends. Double dates where we pray in public and talk about how blessed we are to have Jesus as part of our marriages!!

I am blessed. I do have these things. I just want more of them. More than one event, once a month. My light seems brighter and bolder when I slow down and get close to my Christian Sisters and Brothers. It is nice to even just sit around the joy that other believers can bring when they get together. Not even participating in a conversation, just sitting, breathing in the atmosphere, drinking in the love of Christ that fills the room. This is what my soul craves. More Jesus.

I want to work on my hospitality. I want my home to be a place of refuge for the tired soul. I want to have meals for my friends like Christ did, that take hours but recharge their spirits as they go back into the chaotic world we live in. I want and pray that nonbelievers can see the joy that comes from this Christian hospitality and have them know they are welcome to come and experience the incredible love of Christ with us.

Lord, make my home a place of true hospitality. May it be a place where people come and know that you are present. May meals served here, even if just coffee and muffins, be spiritually filling and strengthening of eternal friendships. Then when we go out on our own separate journeys I pray Your precious name always be given the glory as we serve You in our daily living. We love You Lord. Amen

He Said No

When He answers me “no” do I still put my trust in Him? When I pray and pray for an answer but still the response is not what I want does my faith falter?

If I am honest, I do get mad sometimes. The way that I THINK my answer SHOULD BE handled is not actually going that way. That is just my flesh talking though. God ALWAYS has a better plan than anything my limited and self centered mind would ever come up with. I am just a weary sinner focused on my own life and what I feel would make it wonderful in the now. God loves me so much that He does tell me no. He knows what my future holds and what is better for me. For example, He could not see that teenage me who was really in a dark place would have so much to live for in the here and now. Back then all I wanted was to meet Jesus and escape the ugliness of my reality. I saw Him as an escape, as a place of healing. I just wanted a place where I felt free from harm, emotionally and physically. I was tired of hurting. I was tired of existing. I wanted to be free of danger and I knew Jesus could take me to that place of peace. Simplistically, yes He is that, a way to safety, but He is not a place to hide.

He did save me. When I turned to Him he did not leave me to suffer alone. He took my hand and lead me through the darkness that was suffocating me. Jesus gave me breath, His breath to fill my soul and embolden my courage to continue to see light at the end of the terrifying cave of suffering that I seemed to be surrounded by. He showed me that there was a purpose for this path I was on. He took the evil, the pain and torment from my past and turned it into a starting point of growth that made me stronger to deal with what would try and destroy me in my future. It has not changed the fact that I still want to meet Jesus. It has changed the reason why I cannot wait to be kneeling at His precious feet. I am impatient to be in His presence so that I can worship Him, thank Him, and praise Him for all that He has done for me. I just want to be in His company!! Had God not told me “no”, I would not be in a place of total adoration of my Savior.

There were two paths in front of me. God guided me down the harder path. I did stumble and even fall on that path. Oh it did hurt too. I have got some nasty scrapes, breaks and bruises, but He was always by my side. He lifted me up when I was sure I couldn’t get up again. He helped me learn the right walk. He has shown me that there is JOY in the journey to Jesus!! Every stumble, every mountain I must climb and every time He lovingly tells me “no daughter, I have a better plan for you”. I will put my trust in Him. For He loves me more than I will ever love myself. My faith and my heart, will always follow and reside with the Eternal King.