Tea and Scones for Teens

Rebecca and her friends learned how to have a proper tea at church the other day.

It was so lovely!

044The girls had to learn everything from setting the tables to making the food.

Here up above they are learning how to make scones :)



They had to learn how to make proper tea sandwiches too.

040How to set a serving plate full of cookies…

042…then place them on the serving holders…

037…how to set the table…

048…finally how to properly serve and drink the tea.

047Such a lovely group of girls! They did an amazing job too!!

I know in today’s society this might not sound very important.Kids are more interested in what stars are wearing and dating than proper manners.  Thank goodness a few of us still feel this is a right of passage and a gift to know how to be a proper hostess! Thank you Ms Linda for taking the time to teach the girls  etiquette! These are going to be some amazing Proverbs women taught by some lovely Titus wives!!

036Terrific Teens Loving the Lord together at tea!


Big Girl Tea Party

It was tea time with my youngest ladies.

059We put on Sunday dresses, curled our hair, put on our heels and headed out to our local Tea House.

We arrived at 2:00 for a late tea with some of our friends.

062We found our table easily.

Our first tea was a lovely peach tea.


It was served with a potato soup that I thought was delicious.

It was followed by a melon salad in strawberry sauce.

The girls really loved the tea once I told them they could add a dollop of sugar and milk!

Second tea was a Lady Earl Grey. I had never tasted that one before and it was lovely.

They served it with cranberry scones and sandwiches.


Egg salad, turkey and cucumber sandwiches.

I love the cucumber!!

Great choices for little girls I think!

So we had some lovely conversations with our friends as we sipped our tea and snacked on our sandwiches.

066Silly Becca!!

Your spoon!

Oh, my that girl!!

The final tea was a Green Chai Tea.

065It was served with lemon bars, chocolate covered brownie bites and chocolate covered strawberries.

067The girls enjoyed them all!

We completed the afternoon with some light shopping in the store.



I thought this was the perfect way to practice our etiquette.

From how to sip tea politely all the way to the final dessert morsel entering our mouths, it was a great way to finish our study.

I was so proud of the girls and their manners.

It is a lost art in our society and I am going to bring it back, at least in our family!