We Went “Egging” …just before Resurrection day

I am that momma.

I am giving out the truth of what I taught my kiddos to do.

I have taught them that at Easter time, our family  goes out and eggs friends houses.

You read that right.

I am a firm believer in egging your friends houses,

especially those with little kiddos.

So while my friends were supposed to be out and about, we egged them.

We prepped the night before…

088cute right?

Ever so quietly, we hid eggs in their yards.

103 104 105 107We left a basket for them at their front door to start the hunt,

gave them a call to let them know “we thought we saw a bunny in their yard?”

Then let the joy begin!!

Here is what the paper says:

You’ve been egged!

We hid 12 eggs in your yard. Enjoy the hunt, but don’t be discouraged when you find the empty egg. Just remember that Christ died for us and that He lived again. Just like the Egg.

We started this tradition a few years back.

It keeps Christ in the fun and it is good to bless others with joy.

Feel free to copy us and “egg” your favorite families too!!


Fun with Friends

We had our first “swim” play date of the season.

Since my girls don’t swim, purely by choice, it was more of a wade in the water day.

Look how decked out my baby is for the water though!

011 Dude, life vest and goggles just to get a little wet!!

She cracks me up!!

She actually with Mommy trying not to be overly protective, took herself all the way around the pool holding on to the sides.

I was impressed!010

We did picnic by the pool too.

Strawberries, grapes and pb&j, you can’t beat that!!

Oh and orange juice with frozen strawberries!! Yummy!!

Our Easter Crafts on a Budget

I had some crafties for the kiddos yesterday!!

Took a bunch of stuff from around the house…

036paper towel tubes

tp tubes



fake flowers

hot glue

and got creative!

First we punched holes in the tube so that we could tie them together.

038They were a bit wobbly so…

I hot glued the edges together too.


I burned my finger good doing that! So if you are gonna try this, please be careful!

I am not a good photographer but you can see the glue is just a little at the edges.

Then I let the kiddos at it with glue and flowers.

Belle, I did the glue for her though.


Here is what they came up with…

040 041Then I hung them in the front window.

045I love them!!

Then some of the left over flowers we glued all over a homemade bird feeder.

It is a little crazy.

043Hope the birds will even use it!!

Ha ha ha!!


We also, the night before started a different project.

This one was so perfect! I only used stuff that was already in my house too. I took left over jars that were cleaned out, I took about 1/2 cup of borax poured that in the bottoms and then added really warm water up to the tops.




Then I had the kids make little Easter shapes with pipe cleaners.

I took yarn and tied it through the design. I had the kids drop their design into the mixture. We then suspended it in the jar and the poison water by wrapping the yarn around a pencil and placing it on top of the jar.

030Then we just let them hang out over night.

028The next morning there were already crystals forming on the jar and on the pipe cleaners.

029We took them out of the jars that afternoon and got…

031…sparkly Easter decorations!

033 032 034Pretty neat huh?

Then we just took them outside to our poor tree that has no new leaves yet and made it sparkle!!!


Now the good thing here too is that I poured the left over borax water into our toilets to clean them.

They are sparkly clean too!!


Here is the one craft I actually bought stuff for.

Rite Aid has the marshmallow bunnies on sale for $.99 this week.

I grabbed 2 boxes and some bamboo skewers from the dollar bin…so $3 all together for this craft.

023Here are the bunnies…

024…added the stick and found a vase for the munchkins to put them in…

025…yes, I got two different colors of the bunnies just to be fun!!

Here is the finished project.

027I think it is sweet!

Put it next to some of my carnations and it looks even more Easter-ish.

026Hope this gave you some fun ideas to share!!


Have a blessed and bloom filled day friend!!