U.S.Soldiers fought to prevent this: How is this happening???

If you have not been paying attention to what has been going on in the Middle East right now please EDUCATE YOURSELF QUICKLY!!!

The evil that is being poured out on the people of Iraq is sickening.

Every time I check the news links I am heartbroken and can’t believe that this is for real!

Its chilling…

Prayers of comfort for the families left behind (if there even are any) just are not enough.

These atrocities are evil and demonic.

This article that I am attaching a link to has some pretty graphic  images so use discretion. This is also why I am not posting a picture to go with this post.




Jesus come soon.

By J. Barrie Shepherd

This is a beautiful prayer that I had to share.

It is written by a student of the late John Baillie.

The book this is taken from is titled; Diary of Daily Prayer, second edition




In an age of miracles, O God,
when the horizons of the planets
are displayed in our morning newspapers,
and folk take routine walks in the vacuum of space,
in an age of miracles,
I come to you in search of a miracle.
I come because,
despite its spectacular achievements,
this is also the age of anxiety.
And I am deeply anxious.
I come because,
despite the mind-expanding times in which I live,
these are also times of confusion, loneliness,
and the loss of meaning.
And I am profoundly confused.
In these quiet morning moments,
speak to me of your own miracle,
the miracle of love.
here and now,
within me
the miracle of forgiveness,
of renewal,
of life out of death.
Set before my eyes
the entire miraculous spectrum of your creation,
the infinite majesty of your universe,
the fathomless mystery of your atom,
the boundless possibility of the human spirit.
Then send me forth this day,
to bear these miracles to the heart
of an otherwise spectacularly empty world

How do you look at it?

A friend shared this video of Francis Chan with me the other day.

I really love how he can break down things and make them simple to understand.

Its only 6 minutes of his sermon. Check it out!



I love it. He is right too!

We are only here for such a blink of an eye in the eternal scheme of things. How are we going to use our moment? Our trial? Our blessings?

How do we want to react knowing that this is not a permanent problem/situation?

Does that make you look at it differently?

Knowing we could die in the middle of a conflict or blessing does that put the moment into perspective for you?

Would you love people more?

Would you let more stuff go?

Would you laugh more?

Would you tell others just how much they mean to you more?

Would you pray more?

Makes you think right?

I see this all as kind of an entrance exam, a “heavenly” entrance exam.  One that I am blessed enough to have as an open book test. The Lord left me the bible, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, to guide me through my test. He will even listen to my prayers for guidance and for strength, healing, comfort, wisdom and discernment and help guide me to the answer that is right for my testing. I only need to ask Him!!  He offers this “survival guide” to all who will accept Him. Not to make the test easier, but to find your way through it and pass on to the ultimate joy at the end!!

We are only here on this earth for such a short time. Trust me I have had days, weeks, months, even years that I thought would NEVER END, but they do.

I have always learned something from those moments too. Usually something that once I am through it has made me stronger, maybe embarrassed that I had to  go through the trial, but I have become a better person because of it.

I know it sounds cliche, but it is true.

So I hope that means I am passing my exam. That I am on my way to a”passing grade” to entering into the Kingdom of Heaven!

Anyway, that is just how I look at it.

Have a blessed day my friend!

Tomato Sauce


It was 95 degrees today and I decide to make homemade tomato sauce.

What was I thinking??


I was thinking this is way healthier and tastier.

I mean look at all those organic veggies bubbling up in there!!

016Here is my go to in a jar brand next to my homemade sauce.

They both look good to me,

but I still think I am going for homemade sauce for tonight!

Do you ever make sauce from scratch?

Hopefully not on a super hot day like I did!!

Do you have a great recipe I could try?

I would love to try it out!!

Let me know friend  and have a blessed weekend with those you love the most!!