Mini Service Project

I believe that sometimes the simplest gifts can mean the most.

One of my friends, with the most beautiful soul is going on a mission trip to Zimbabwe this week.  I am so filled with joy for her! She has been wanting to do something for quite a while now. The Lord finally spoke to her and let her know where He needed her most…Africa.

I am embarrassed to admit, I do not know much about Africa. I do know that since we homeschool, we are about to know quite a bit!! Ha ha ha!!! It is a country that my friend’s church has been actively helping. I know they sent a mission team to Uganda last year. The stories I have heard about that trip were fabulous!

From what we have read about Zimbabwe, Christianity is there. A good percentage of the people claim to be Christians or follow islam. Ancestor worship is the most common form of worship. Because the people of Zimbabwe are a mix of European and African culture they tend to mix religious beliefs of the old with the new. That being said, there is need of missionary work even among the Christians there. My friend and her team will be traveling out in search of those in the less affluent areas, more toward the isolated villages that have not heard the name of our Lord and Savior. What an exciting journey!!

We did discover she can wear her regular clothes there without disrespecting the people there. Yay!! We also know that the people there love jewelry. Awesome!! So a few of us got together for a service project…099 We made salvation bracelets for passing out to the people my friend and her team will be talking too!

The beads all have meanings. I am sure you have seen these before, but here is a quick reference as to what each color symbolizes.

Black- represents our sin

Red- represents the blood of Jesus

White- represents the forgiveness and cleansing of our sins

Clear Blue- represents the water of the baptism

Purple- represents the royalty we are now a part of

Yellow- represents knowing that we will receive heaven because of Jesus

Green- represents the new life we have been given

Gold-represents heaven

It was a blessing for my girls and I to get to be a part of making these little remembrances for the people our friend will meet. It was such an honor to be able to pray over them and for the souls who will be receiving them! Little trinkets, that could mean so much to someone who is just getting to know Jesus!! May her trip be blessed and filled with opportunities to share the Word of the Lord!!

I am so excited for my sweet missionary friend to be making her trip to Zimbabwe!! I know that she is going to make such a difference to someone!!


Service Project 2013

AHG Project 2013 026

Rebecca is doing a service project with a few of her AHG friends.

They hosted a baby shower for Choices Women’s Resource Center last week.

What that means is, they have set up places to collect gifts of new or gently used baby items for mother’s who choose to keep their babies and not give in to abortion. These women may not have been able to afford to have a child on their own and the girls are trying to provide that service of the items that they might need. (The center will find them everything else. )

I am so inspired by these girls!!

It was Rebecca’s job to get the baby shower put together.

She is so cute! We went to Hobby Lobby and got the “Little Miracle” baby set. Even found some matching fabric for the table cloth.

We are going to make little blankets out of it after to donate too!

She made little “shower gifts” for those who donated, cookies wrapped up in cellophane and ribbon.

AHG Project 2013 022 AHG Project 2013 023

She has all sorts of information on the table there.

The one that most people saw was the little baby in the box.

It is a life size model of a 12 week baby in the womb.

She also had 2 pictures in frames of ultrasound babies.

There were brochures from Choices there also to show how others could get involved and what was needed there.

AHG Project 2013 025

I am proud to say that they filled my truck bed with donations for the center!!

They have one more donation day approaching too before their Easter gift is delivered to the Center!!