Morning Friend


Today: Saturday January 11, 2014


Outside is: still dark and quiet.


I can smell: The coffee starting and the cinnamon oatmeal I have on the stove.


In the oven for dinner: I am making chicken chili and cornbread!! Yummm!! I am making the chili in the crockpot in a little while. The house is going to smell crazy good!! Then about 30 minutes before we eat, I will make the cornbread. Have not decided if I should make honey cornbread or cream corn style cornbread…guess we will see how the day progresses…

What I have been thinking about: Lately, I am really getting back into the healthy way of living.  I am finding more organic meals to make, herbs to try,  oils to use, that kind of stuff. I know God planned that for us originally,  not to eat genetically modified foods. I got a bit lazy there for a little and was buying prepared foods like bread (gasp) instead of making my own. I know. Its true. That is terrible. I have no good excuse. I am getting myself back into the world of healthy eating and living.  I will still always have a sweet tooth though and baking, even with better ingredients, will always be going on here in our family. So we need to make sure all the other stuff is better!! Ha ha ha!!


The project I am working on: Training our puppy to walk on a leash. I am not sure this will ever happen. She just does not get it that she has to walk by me. I think she was paying attention to the tv when we were watching the movie UP, because I swear she thinks she is Doug sometimes. Remember him? The dog who would be talking to you then randomly a “squirrel” would just distract him entirely. That is Lola. Except with her its like the wind blows  and her attention is gone.  I will be working on this project for a very long time.


Mood today: Hmmm… I think I am content at the moment.


What I am reading: The Book Thief. It is actually better than I thought it would be. No I have not seen the movie yet. Actually, I have had the book for a few months just finally had a few moments to read it!!


School Stuff: Well, we were off. So no great info there. You can see my post from the other day but nothing exciting yet to share…but next week maybe!!


Picture to share:


Becca's 7th Birthday 070Since Rebecca just had her birthday, here is one from her Pirate birthday party 6 years ago…these little treasures just get more precious as the years go by!


Have a blessed day friend!!