Morning Friend

Today is: Wednesday

Outside is: it is cold and clear outside. It is going to be beautiful.

I can smell: my coffee and the pretty flowers my husband brought me yesterday.

What I am reading: Obviously my Bible but also a book called Captivating. It is really good. It is a book all women should read. It is about beauty, true beauty and so much more.

For dinner tonight: homemade burritos. I have the beans on the stove right now. I will add some cheese and BAM! Easy dinner for a busy day, done!! Oh yeah, and rice for a side.

What I am feeling: Loved by my family and friends. My daughter wrote me the sweetest note on facebook…on my page, not just a message. It is so sweet. I cried at the love she shared that she has for me. She is so incredibly wonderful. My middle daughter made so many plans to make my day amazing yesterday. She made me a chocolate cherry upside down cake!  She has such a giving heart. She is a blessing. My youngest daughter drew me pictures and bought me brownies. She is so cute!! My son was well behaved and bought me my favorite candy. My husband took us all out for dinner and bought me flowers. My friends showered me with such amazing compliments and blessings. It was a birthday that was special. I feel loved.

What I am making: I just bought some material to make a new skirt. We will see how that turns out. It is really pretty but that means I will have to make some kind of top to go with it too!! If I have enough left over fabric I think I will make some pretty dish towels…hmmm? I am getting the crafty bug!!

School stuff: We are studying Margret Sanger and her reasons for doing what she did to promote birth control and abortion. Had nothing to do with women’s rights pretty much just to get rid of  the part of the population that she felt was unacceptable. Hitler in a skirt and sneaky.  I had the kids watch Birth Control: Where do we go from here? the dvd. I think it was good for them to hear this information from many sources. Do I hear reports? Oh yes I do!!

Our Bible verse this week: Give thanks to the Lord for He is good…His love endures forever! Psalm 136:1

Picture to share:


Have a blessed day friend!

UCR MESA Engineering Night 2013

I am so lucky to have friends that work at our local university.

They told us about this event last year but we could not make it.

This year we did.

It was their 4th annual MESA Engineering Night. It was to bring elementary, middle school students and their families to the Bourns College of Engineering to showcase the field of engineering. Through interactive displays, hands on exhibits and competitions the kids got a true appreciation for engineering and how fun it  can be!

It was outside and freezing but so worth it!!

026I know this looks like a ball, but actually the college kids had dry ice that was pumping out the cold air through a tube that they had dipped in dish detergent. The air would form these little “balls” that would then fall and the kids would try to touch.

027Neat huh?

Yup the kids loved it!!

029This was a cute table too.

Here the boys put together oobleck.

You know the corn starch and water mixture that is a solid and a liquid.

030031The boys here put some of the mixture on a speaker so it would dance to the music.

They showed the kids how it would dance to the music. It would bounce in the air as a solid but then as soon as it hit the speaker again it would become a liquid.

Then at the next table, the girls made a type of quick sand.

032I love that the girls gave out gloves to wear for their experiment, because it was messy!!

035You know that is why Belle loved it!!

Here was her favorite station to visit though…

042The kids were given 3 marshmallows and a ton of dry spaghetti noodles to see how big of a creation they could make.

The biggest creation would win a paper airplane.

So this was for fun not the prize.

We have done this at home, but never with heavy big marshmallows and spaghetti!

All the kids loved this!

045 041Here she is with some of her friends trying different creations.

047Rebecca helped our other friend with hers :)

046Belle was such the smarty that she broke one marshmallow apart to hide some of it in her mouth!!

Silly girl!!

It was a great night! It was even better because we got to share it with friends. The only sad thing was the friend who told us about the night got snowed in at her home and could not share it with the rest of us!! We missed  you Marie!!

Oh and at the end there was a raffle  and Rebecca won the last gift!!

053Our forever memory of the night!


My husband and I are talking about putting our son into an NJROTC program.

Okay, honestly it is more that I think he should be in one.

I know we have at our local high school a program…. hmmmm.

I know my son is really into the military, so it is not like I am choosing this to punish him. He would be around other kids who have the same interests as him. It really is great for discipline, respect, responsibility, patriotism, leadership, physical fitness and preps you for actual duty. Actually I used to go to a school that was NJROTC so maybe I am a bit prejudiced as to the benefits of attending.

Really this program sounds perfect for our  son. The problem is that you usually have to attend the school that is providing the NJROTC program. This means public school. There is one private school that is offering NJROTC program (the school that I went to) and we are looking at $700 a month. Ouch.

I admit it. I think kids in the military uniform look sharp. They make me smile when they march in formation. I enjoy watching the drill teams. I love the pride of the color guard. I really think ROTC programs are good.

$700 a month though?? We are a single income family that homeschools. We are on a budget as it is. $700 is more than huge to us. No Boy Scouts is not the same thing. I am not putting him in that organization. It is fine for some boys but not mine.

I  will be praying about this.

Big Girl Tea Party

It was tea time with my youngest ladies.

059We put on Sunday dresses, curled our hair, put on our heels and headed out to our local Tea House.

We arrived at 2:00 for a late tea with some of our friends.

062We found our table easily.

Our first tea was a lovely peach tea.


It was served with a potato soup that I thought was delicious.

It was followed by a melon salad in strawberry sauce.

The girls really loved the tea once I told them they could add a dollop of sugar and milk!

Second tea was a Lady Earl Grey. I had never tasted that one before and it was lovely.

They served it with cranberry scones and sandwiches.


Egg salad, turkey and cucumber sandwiches.

I love the cucumber!!

Great choices for little girls I think!

So we had some lovely conversations with our friends as we sipped our tea and snacked on our sandwiches.

066Silly Becca!!

Your spoon!

Oh, my that girl!!

The final tea was a Green Chai Tea.

065It was served with lemon bars, chocolate covered brownie bites and chocolate covered strawberries.

067The girls enjoyed them all!

We completed the afternoon with some light shopping in the store.



I thought this was the perfect way to practice our etiquette.

From how to sip tea politely all the way to the final dessert morsel entering our mouths, it was a great way to finish our study.

I was so proud of the girls and their manners.

It is a lost art in our society and I am going to bring it back, at least in our family!

Thank You for my Angry Child

Yes, thank You Jesus for my teenage, angry rebellious child.

 I truly am thankful.

What a blessing it is to have such a child!!

He can be such a challenge, yet the Lord has entrusted me with the task of bringing him up. Training him, with my husband, to be a good and rightious man who has the Word of the Lord written in his heart to raise his family and cherish his wife in a way pleasing to God.

I am not being flippant.

I truly am thankful.

It has taken me a while to get here…but here I will stay.

I used to look at other families  and see how perfect their families seemed. Their families would all come to church looking amazing, everyone smiling and clean. Their children seemed excited at the opportunity to get up early and go to church to hear the Word. Then to hear that everything at home was just as bubbly, fresh and lovely was even more, shall I say depressing. Their homes were clean, the children loved to do school, learning was easy for their children, chores were not a problem, fighting amongst siblings rarely happened, finances were always in the green and had enough for fancy vacations (sometimes even with friends!), romance was abounding, date night was never canceled due to colds, and the list went on and on. I felt like I was the person living with all the robot women in Stepford.

I was sure I was the only family that things went wonky. My kitchen was clean, never. My children loved school only on days off. There have been a collection of times I was not sure that the bills would not be covered. My kiddos definitely did not always get along. Vacations? We have had a handful and they were never on a cruise, in a resort, or just me and my husband. My girls have all gotten, at some point and time,  gum stuck in their hair. We have had the days where you bring in the groceries, the bag breaks and their are raw eggs and flour all over the floor. That is just my family.

So having a son who could be cantankerous should not flabbergast me…


How did this happen?

I blamed myself in every way possible. It had to be my fault. I did not want anyone to know that I had a child that was not “perfect”. How embarrassing!

I would pray to God asking Him “what is wrong with this boy? Why will he not do what I want him to do?”


Again the prayers up to the Lord, “God, this boy you gave me…um he is making me angry and I do not want to be. Fix him please!!”

For years this was how I prayed, I figured that my “gift” from God here was my battle and He wanted my son to learn something and until he did, I was stuck with this behavior. During this time we did find out that my son has a bit of a hearing problem and that he is an audio learner not a book learner. Yeah, that would be a problem for school. Needs one on one time in abundance to understand things.  That would make me angry too. Thought that would solve the anger issue. Ummm…nope. He has testosterone too. So still a bit of anger to work through. So I continued to pray  “God, fix him! He is breaking my heart! Fix him, I hate seeing him so sad and angry.”

My problem was that I kept praying for God to fix my son.

I would pray for guidance with raising him. I would pray for patience when he would misbehave. I would pray for knowledge as to how to speak to him.

What I forgot to ask God for was for the Lord to fix ME.

I made this all about my son conforming to what I wanted him to be.

I wanted a boy who was respectful, polite, clean and charming now.

I wanted a Pastor son.

Ummm…he does not want to be.

He loves guns, the military and aggression.

He is not an evil boy that runs around hurting little animals for fun. He just loves all that real boy stuff.  I had no personal reference to “real boy” before my son. Yes I babysat, but those little ones you see in spurts not lived with 24/7. So when my son loved to play and get all sweaty and dirty as a little one, I loved it! It was new and special. When I saw him play soccer and get aggressive out there on the field. I had to learn to love that…and I did.  I know I love seeing it in sports on tv or in the stadiums. Its just hard to watch that with your boy as he grows up to be a man. He was out there shoving and kicking the ball with the best of them…being a male.

  Now the Lord is revealing to me that this is another time of learning for myself. He is the teen boy now. He is into  teen boy stuff. He really loves the military. He loves weapons. He knows so much about them. I have no idea how he knows all this stuff. He is pretty good with strategy. He can call battle plans and win games. He is actually really good at this stuff. Knowing his Bible verse for the week? Not as good.

The Lord, through my wonderful new friend from Russia, has shown me that God needs soldiers too.  Michael the Archangel is a great warrior. There have been many times God has called for wars in the bible. Who carried these out? The pastors? No. The strong, aggressive soldiers who love the Lord go out and protect the women and children. I am learning that this may be my son. A warrior for the Lord.

This does make me happy. I am finding that I have a much easier time praying for the grace to respond calmly to the strong willed emotions I am encountering. (I also pray to help him find a positive outlet for his energy.) When I pray for myself to change I am noticing that I am finding the peace that I was requesting of my son. Interesting. It was me all along that needed the prayer! I needed to change to handle the changes in my son. He does still need prayer and understanding about all the crazy hormones raging through him that can just erupt at the strangest moments. He does still need to take responsibility for his choices and actions. I am not giving him a free pass at all. It is just that now, through the grace of God, being able to see my part of this teenage puzzle and what I can learn from it through Him.

So I will say again to the Lord, thank you for my angry child! He is such a blessing!!

~Jen Hatmaker

Love your children

Found this at the Skeptical Mother on my facebook…had to share.

“You will never have this day
with your child again.
Tomorrow they’ll be a little
older than they we’re today.
This day is a gift.
Breathe and notice.
Smell and touch them;
study their faces
and little feet and pay attention.

Enjoy today, mama.
It will be over before you know it.”

~Jen Hatmaker

Service Project

So we have been fighting a nasty little bug here.

It starts as a sore throat the first day, a high fever the second and a lingering cough for who knows how long.

Lots of homemade soup going on over here!!

The other day though, we were not quite sure if everyone was going to be well for our service trip to the local retirement home.

The  girls had made all sorts of valentines and cookies to take and share with the residents.

They had practiced Shirley Temple songs to sing.

We had to be there!

Prayed for healing and praise God, we got to attend!!

I was a bit worried that when the girls sang they might start coughing again though.

So I packed us up in the truck with warm apple cider and had them sip it all the way there just to keep their throats supple.

Left with plenty of time to get there, when the rain started.

Then the hail.

Then the 5 car pile up on the freeway.


Then there was no parking.

We had to park and walk quite a distance, only to end up getting there late, but just late enough to have missed (like within 45 seconds missed) being placed on the stage and start singing. Yay! The girls did not have to sing loud. They just kind of hummed off to the side with the residents. It looked like it was planned so that the residents would feel comfortable to join in with the singing!! It was great!!

Then the girls put out the cookies they had made and walked around with the other AHG girls handing out the valentines to the sweet seniors who came to see them.

053 049 051 052

This was so special.

The seniors were so gracious and thankful for all the goodies and valentines all the girls had made.

There was one sweet lady that Belle and I spoke with, she had cried when she saw the card that Belle had made for her.

She told Belle she was just so happy that Belle had made that for her and that she was such a giving little soul.

She and I began talking and she was just so precious.

She told me all about her husband who had passed on to Jesus a few years ago, her children and her grandchildren. She lived such an amazing life! Her husband when they first got married had joined the Air Force and taught her right along with him how to navigate and how to do simple air craft electronics. She told me about him becoming a plumber and how he was such a good provider for her family. He kept her happy and she wanted to make sure my husband kept me happy too. She said “You know honey as tired as you get raising all your little ones, there is no greater joy you will find the rest of  your life and when they are gone from your home, if you raised them with love, they will bring you a blessing. That will be your reward. Your grandchildren. ”  I hugged her then.  I told her she was a wonderful Titus woman and thanked her for her wisdom. She started to cry again. She was just so precious.

I think we were the ones who were really blessed doing this project!

What amazing men and women we met!

I can’t wait to do this again!!