No More Picnik??

My daughter Aimee is a budding photographer.

God has blessed her with an amazing eye for seeing things that quite a few of us would miss, and the ability to catch it in a photograph. Since we homeschool she has had the chance to really expand on her talent.  She has actually started a small business for herself already and she is only 16! Yes I am that very proud mother.

The sad thing is, she really enjoys the editing of the pictures and her favorite site is Picnik. (We have Photoshop and a few others expensive programs that we have downloaded that she just does not find as enjoyable.) Picnik is closing in April.

Poor Aimee, this is her love. She has had the premium account there for quite a while and yes she will be reimbursed the money that we have put in for the year since they are closing. She has just been so depressed that she now has to spend so much time searching for a comparable site or program.  So she is putting her Valentine’s Day package in the scrap pile until she can figure out a new plan for her business.

I put one of her pictures from last year up here.

We were just out browsing an antique store and Aimee really liked this pair of boots for a shot.

(I should post some of the others she took as well. Really interesting.)

She just did a little tweaking with Picnik and voila! Pretty picture.

Everyone we know who is a photographer that uses Picnik is in the same photo boat. Everyone of them bummed. Maybe Google will bring it back even better?? I hope so. Until then I guess we are on the internet surf for some new editing software.

Praying we find a good one soon :)

She just started a new photo site if  you would like to see more of her pictures here: aimeebradleighphotography .