Bind my wandering heart to Thee

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God makes me wait often, and I hate waiting.

Its never fun. While I am anticipating God moving, I know in my impatient heart, that a blessing is on the way…but it usually comes in a combination I don’t expect. God always has a purpose in bringing me to a place to suffer a great trial. His plan is never to separate me from His love for me. I see and care about only the instantaneous. I forget that God ALWAYS has a bigger and better picture in mind for me. I swear I really wonder sometimes why I have such heartbreaking trials, or why I have multiple challenging testings at the same time!! I will NEVER DOUBT God’s loving care for me. He will walk with me, His beloved daughter, through these trials for a greater glory…for His Glory.

God wants for me to learn to endure this burdensome trial and to fully trust in Him, so deeply, so that I can fulfill His purpose for me.


Rebecca is joy.

Lord Jesus,

I want every day to ignite and awaken a deeper passion for You in my heart. I want to serve You with gladness and come into Your holy presence singing with my hands held high and my heart wide open!! I want to deliberately fill up my soul with Your truths and stand secure in Your love. I know I am blessed and lavishly loved by my King.

I love You so incredibly much Jesus and I am so thankful for Your incredible sacrifice just to keep me by Your side. I know I do not deserve Your love or attention in any way, shape or form. I fall at Your beautiful feet daily with tears of gratitude at the mercy and grace You have shown me.

Thank You Jesus.


He Rules and Reigns

Bible time with Blu

God amazes me.

I need to only look around myself to honestly see just how incredible God is. When I take a moment to think about Him in heaven, it reminds me that He rules, reigns and is in total control of everything, I have no reason to stress, no reason to worry. I can let all my anxiety for life go. He has all the power that i need to make it through the tough trials He has for me to walk through,. I find this is why when I get up in the morning, my first priority is to get in the right mindset for the day. I focus on who God is. His mercy, goodness, greatness, glory and ask Him to help me seek Him in all that I accomplish during the day. Its not about what I do its completely and only about who God is.

From My Reading List

Add this to your reading list!!

Okay, so I truly enjoy having time to read. Coffee and a book, all snuggled up in a warm cozy blanket is such a time of refueling for me. Something about a REAL BOOK at that. Not one that I read on my phone, iPad or Kindle. Nope. Give me a real paper book with a cover that I can hold, mark up, have on my night stand and see on my over filled, busting at the seams bookcase.

So for me, I got this book because, well first of all I thought the cover was cool. Yes that is not a good reason to read anything. It did get me to pick it up though. I also have read other books by this author and found them to be good reads. So knowing that I would be having some time approaching that I could easily fill with reading…it was an easy sell. It ended up being a really good decision in the long run.

I Declare War by Levi Lusko, Oh how I loved this book!! It left me feeling convicted and challenged to take my walk with God up to the next level. Levi is honest and compassionate as he challenged me to combat my negative thoughts. He reminds me that God is my only hope and that I have to seek and rely on God even in the midst of my anxieties, fears, angers or suffering.

This isn’t what I would call a self help type of book, but one that will allow you to see ways of growing closer to God. If that is what you are looking for to read in your moments of quiet, then I absolutely recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

If you have read it, what did you think about it? Did it challenge you too? I am curious what brought you to this book? Was it the author, the book cover, maybe the title intrigued you? Also what book did you pick up next?

Get Quiet


I encourage you all to spend some time today in The Word of God. Open your Bibles and let The Lord speak to you.  Take even just a few quiet moments alone with Him in prayer.  Let Him pour into you His goodness and wisdom.  Wait upon The Lord to see how He can use you today, tomorrow, next week… He is always speaking to us.  Can you hear Him? Are you listening? He wants to be a part of our lives EVERY SINGLE DAY, not just on Sunday mornings!

He sets up ways for us to serve Him.  We need to make sure that we are opening our minds to hearing what He is telling us.

Turn off your electrical devices.

You are not too busy for God.  I mean it! He is literally the air you breathe and the meaning of life.  So put them down. You can do it. Give Him your time. No phones. No televisions. No iPads or other distractions to interrupt your conversation with God.

Just quiet reflection and an open heart for The Eternal Father to spend time filling your soul.  You will be so glad you did.  It is life changing.

God is so GOOD!!


Our God is so GOOD!!!

He is faithful and fabulous!!

I have been so blessed to see Him perform miracles in lives of everyday people!! I have seen Him answer prayers in ways that are above and beyond what has been prayed for!! He is mighty and Miraculous! He is in control of ALL THINGS!! He can take the bad and the ugly and turn them around for good!! Doesn’t that just make your soul fill with joy?  I get such a security in knowing my God cares about me so much that He is constantly behind the scenes working for my good and His Glory!! He has promised heaven to those who accept Christ as their Savior. There will be an incredibly lavish feast waiting for us to share at God’s table!!

I am so excited!!!

God always keeps His promises!! Whoo hoo!! I love You so much God!!!


Lord , help me not to be alone in my efforts to share the joy of Your powerful love and to serve You.  May I consistently SHINE BRIGHT as an example of how amazing You truly are.  May I share Your Word with those who need You in their lives in such a way that their souls know The Truth!! Most of all,  may I never forget that this is Your work, which You have graciously chosen to share with me, Your humble servant.  All glory and praise to You. Amen.

I want the faith of a farmer


The day you plant the seed is not the day you harvest the fruits…patience,,,Lord may I have the faithfulness of the farmer who knows greatness comes through lingering in cultivation the soil with good solid nutrients and slowly but deeply watering the seed.  Firm healthy roots take time.  The fruits of waiting patiently for God’s perfect time to harvest are always incredibly more wonderful than can ever be anticipated.

Good things come to those who wait.


CULTIVATE your inner beauty.

God loves us so much. he wants us to pay close attention to cultivating our inner spiritual beauty, because inner beauty has eternal value in His Glorious Kingdom.

“Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in. The holy women of old were beautiful before God that way, and were good…” 1 Peter 4-5a

I miss writing

My heart has missed blogging.

I had been doing the whole Instagram posting thing instead. I know, people don’t seem to have time, or want,  to just sit down and actually read something with more than 10 lines in it. I realize this is a generation of instant gratification. I have seen it in my kids even. The ability to actually just sit and wait or grab a book and savor the beautiful string of words that fill your mind with emotions…I want to show my children that this is important. The quiet times. The non rushed times. The moments when you don’t try to cram 600 things into a few moments. Instead I want them to know how to prioritize the important things and people in their lives. The rest can wait.

I know this is short…kind of Instagram length.

It is a start.

Its a new page.

I can feel my heart already getting excited to start this up again.

I am going to go put on a pot of good coffee and start jotting down notes for my next entry. This is going to be so good for my soul.


coffee be light

See you soon my friend. I have missed you!