Happy 239th Birthday America!!!

THIS INDEPENDENCE DAY – Have you ever considered what it meant for those 56 men – an eclectic group of ministers, businessmen, teachers, university professors, sailors, captains, farmers – to sign the Declaration of Independence? This was a contract that began with the reasons for the separation from Great Britain and closed in the final paragraph stating

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

These men took this pledge seriously and it cost them greatly. When Samuel Adams signed the Declaration, he said,

“We have this day restored the Sovereign to whom all men ought to be obedient. He reigns in heaven and from the rising to the setting of the sun, let His kingdom come.”




Our Church Loves America

phone3 281Our Pastor loves America!

We celebrate big!

I went to church really early before our America Celebration, while they were still setting up and staked out my spot!

phone3 283phone3 284  phone3 282Then I went home, did some chores, made dinner, served it, then took a ride down to church.

A few other people had gotten there by the time I got back.

So we kind of picnicked with them too.

Processed with RookieYeah.

Standing room only.

So glad I had my spot already because they were turning people away it was so crowded!!

Lucky me, my friend who just started attending our church was actually sitting right next to us!!


Worship began, which was incredible, and my littlest got her praise on!!

phone3 288Poor girl, this is all she could see too.

phone3 287Didn’t stop her from singing her heart out though!!

Aimee had fun running into a friend…

phone3 289…the fife and drum was not their favorite.

Look at Rebecca’s reaction to the fife.

phone3 290They just don’t really appreciate the old stuff yet.

That is okay.

Our Pastor started an amazing sermon that ended with fireworks!

(Last year our church accidentally caught the freeway on fire with the fireworks, so we were all surprised we were given a permit to try them again!!)

Here they are!!

phone3 301It was a great night!!

Loved all of it!!

We came home and put this on our chalk board.

phone3 305

 Have a blessed day friend!!

Flagship 2013

Michael got to spend a weekend at Camp Margarita in Camp Pendelton.

010We waited behind the barracks.

011Slowly the battalion emerged, one division at a time.

012Ahh, my son is approaching and looking sharp!

013These are just the parents on one side of the 2 sets of  bleachers!

014Almost ready to start.

Here comes the color guard.

015 016 017 018As we said the pledge of allegiance to the American Flag,

I got all choked up.

The honor I had, to see all these young men and women with such incredible respect for our country, just touches my heart.

Next presentation they had for us was the winners of the Drill Team competitions.

Here is Bryce Canyon.

They did Drill with rifles.

They were incredible.


Then awards and ribbons for all the divisions that won in their competitions.


we did not win any so I have no pictures of that part.

I do have pictures of the presentation of the battalion!!

024 025 026 029 028

As I am looking at these pictures I am realizing you can’t tell how many cadets are there.

542 cadets.

My pictures do not do the credit that  these kids deserve.

The gaps you see are in between, these are  the divisions that attended .

There really were a bunch of cadets.

031The battalion was finally dismissed.

They looked so tired.


Random pictures of the day…
147 122 156 148 110 138 141

This is my absolute favorite picture!!!

The boys met us back at their drill site looking exhausted.

302 303 304 305 306 307 308

Still a man of manners, shook his Lt’s hand before we left and thanked him for the opportunity to attend Flagship with his division.

309 310

My Seaman Apprentice.

We Decided


Our son is a Naval Sea Cadet!


Have no idea how I found this group.

Apparently they have been around since 1958!! There are over 22,000 in the Southern part of our state!!

It is just like NJROTC only not every day!!

You do the bookwork at home and practice as a group on weekends.

Best part for me is that the private school price is not attached to this group!!

EXACTLY THE SAME in all the other areas though!!


He will get just as much credit as the ROTC guys!! If he chooses to join the Navy at 18 then he will enter at a higher pay grade of E-3 and can be a Chief Petty Officer!! If he chooses the Marines he can be E-2 pay grade!!

So excited!!!

He is working his way to bootcamp this summer. He has to complete 15 assignments before  you can go and he is half way through 10 as of right now!!

He is also going to flag ship this summer!! That means competitions in knot tying, firefighting, line heaving, marksmanship, first aid, navigation, ect..

They work him hard and expect 110% effort in everything.


This is him when he comes home on Sundays now…


He really is my little MAN now!!