Husband Took Me Away

Glad you came back to visit me!!

I got the best surprise ever last week!!


borrego springs 8-23-14 012My husband took me on a surprise adventure to celebrate our anniversary.

Long drive to and through the desert.

Out the window, I saw what I thought had to be a mirage but it was real. The Salton Sea was right there!! Crazy!!

About an hour later we drove up in front of this

borrego springs 8-23-14 096A beautiful resort!

An oasis in the middle of a small little town,

randomly out in the middle of the desert.

borrego springs 8-23-14 042 borrego springs 8-23-14 045 borrego springs 8-23-14 046 borrego springs 8-23-14 049 borrego springs 8-23-14 050 borrego springs 8-23-14 069 borrego springs 8-23-14 070 borrego springs 8-23-14 015 borrego springs 8-23-14 027Why in the middle of the desert right?

My husband knows how much I love looking at the stars at night.

He knows I love to spend that time under the twinkling lights just getting closer to The Lord.

He was so sweet to plan something where we could go spend time together and enjoy the splendor of creation.


The best place to see stars is in the middle of nowhere.

That way there is no light from the city blocking out the light from above.

This place was perfect and apparently world famous for the amazing things you could see in the sky out there.


My pictures of the night sky were…pretty much just black.

So sad considering the sky was filled with glittering lights…and falling stars!!!

Tons of falling stars!!


The best part was the telescopes and the binoculars that brought out even more stars for my eyes to witness.


How could anyone ever deny that God created such beauty?

All you have to do is just sit there, in the dark, in the quiet and be.

Your heart just knows the truth.

The memories are inscribed on my heart forever!!


Okay but what did we do during the day?

This resort has the best staff ever!!

They were so attentive and pleasant to be around.

It is really relaxing!

It is retro and I loved it!!

Kids said it is “old but cool” style.

borrego springs 8-23-14 056 borrego springs 8-23-14 057 borrego springs 8-23-14 058 borrego springs 8-23-14 059 borrego springs 8-23-14 060 borrego springs 8-23-14 061Loved all the hiking around we did!

Loved the 26 pools they had there!!

Loved the shuffleboard, ping pong, bocce ball, huge chess game, the Karaoke by the pool and so much more!!

This place was awesome and kid and pet friendly!!

Also it was a great way to celebrate our anniversary!!

We are so going to save and go back!! I will serve rice and beans 4 times a week just to save enough to get back there with the family!


Have you ever been on a surprise vacation?

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

I have not been to very many places so I am curious if there is another hidden wonder that we should save to visit.


Have a blessed day everyone!!

Russian or Arabic

Okay, MJR has thrown me a curve ball for school this year.

I have everything for Spanish for him to continue… now he is considering Russian or Arabic to make his future Naval career more needed.

So the question is which one?


russian alphabet

or Arabic?

arabic alphabet


I have a friend that speaks fluent Russian (she is from Russia) and can help me out there. I don’t have weekly contact with anyone that I know for sure speaks Arabic.

The question is: which language will advance him more in the Navy?

Any suggestions would be appreciated friend!!


Have a blessed day friend!!



Start the School Year with a Field Trip!!

Have you ever had the chance to take a tour of a real Navy ship?

We did!

It was so impressive!!

It was Navy Days and we took advantage of all the Navy ships stationed in LA Harbor.

I know this picture is hard to see, but it was so beautiful to watch. Every Navy person, retired or active, stopped what they were doing to salute the flag as she was being raised. I admit it. I choked up. I loved seeing this elderly vet in front of me turn and raise his hand to honor our precious flag.

Aug 10, 2014 053 - Copy

As the sun broke through the clouds a little bit later I got a picture of the USS Iowa. She is quite a ship! We did not check her out though. That will have to be a field trip for a different day!

Aug 10, 2014 054 - Copy

Here was the tour we went on. The USS Anchorage.

She is HUGE!!!


Aug 10, 2014 055 - CopyHere are some of our moments when we were most impressed by the massiveness!

The view from the back.







Aug 10, 2014 068 - CopyHere is the view from the front looking down.

Aug 10, 2014 059 - CopyThen I turned around…impressive!

Aug 10, 2014 058 - CopyOk, so then we got to see a bit of the inside.

When/if Jr joins he will have a lovely sleeping area like this.

Aug 10, 2014 062 - CopyAug 10, 2014 061No room for an Xbox.

Hopefully he will never have to see this, the hospital area. They do have more room though…

Aug 10, 2014 065 - CopyJr and Dad both loved the weapons guys that were there.

Since you could check them out, they did!

Aug 10, 2014 077 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 078 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 079 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 072 - CopyI was impressed that Jr went ahead and talked with the guys on his own about what they do and how to get to that position. He is growing up!

They let the boys check out their rides too.

Aug 10, 2014 071 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 075 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 074 - CopyHere are a few more random shots from our day.

Aug 10, 2014 076 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 080 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 081 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 082 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 083 - CopyAug 10, 2014 084 - Copy Aug 10, 2014 085This was a great tour and day.

I don’t think we will ever forget this experience!

Here are a few more pictures of the USS Anchorage.

Aug 10, 2014 086 Aug 10, 2014 091Thank you to all the soldiers past and present for your service to this country.

Our family appreciates you and all your sacrifices you make  to keep us free.

May your lives be blessed!


Thank you for sharing our little adventure with us!

Have a blessed day my friend!

The Most Incredible Artist Ever

Aug 4, 2014 068Is this not so amazingly beautiful?

I look outside and see such an incredible work my Creator has created!

How can people look at this and not believe in God?

Who else could have made such ever changing beauty?

It is perfect.


Isaiah 33:17

Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar.


A little out of context, but still my heart still sees the King of all kings artistic works in this sky.

He is the first and most perfect artist.

His works are continuously magnificent!

When we try to capture His creative  essence in our own paintings, photography, writings and such, we seem to only get a glimmer of a moment of His phenomenal talent, if we are lucky.

His beauty is all around.

phone photos again 145In a moment He can change one alluring view of the heavens into another glorious image.

Our God is amazing.

He is the foundation of art.

He is the ultimate creator of all.


Such a stunning morning!

Thank you Lord for this moment you shared with me.

It was priceless to my heart, my soul and my prayers.


May the Lord bless you all today!

Boy Fun

We have to have some fun for the boy before school is back in session.

We started with an indoor warehouse that does air softing.

He took a friend and they played for hours!!

Then we took him the other day to his FAVORITE  air soft field!!

Look at him, walking around all cool. He knows this is where he belongs.

Aug 4, 2014 095The weather was behaving too.

There were supposed to be thundershowers with lightning.

Never happened, thank goodness!

Here he is loading up his gun and getting ready for the next round.

Aug 4, 2014 096All these boys are just like him.

They talk the same, walk the same, comment the same, everything!!

Except for…Aug 4, 2014 099…that one boy who has to stand out!


Dude, the camo is not working.

You are a big pink target instead of blending in!!

Here are the rest of the boys all getting instructions and separating into teams.

Aug 4, 2014 098Then off they go!

Love this playing field!!

Aug 4, 2014 097I remember playing with even finger guns just running around the babysitter’s backyard shooting at each other.

We would yell, “I shot you!! You are dead!!”

Then your friend either died a dramatic fake death or yelled back at you that “No,” they were not dead!! You are a terrible shot and missed them by a mile!!

Nope, now it is more intense!!

Looks so fun!!

Aug 4, 2014 101Tactical training at work.

He played hard and loved every minute of it!!

Think we will take him one more time before we really hit the books!!

Maybe 2 more times :)

Have a blessed day friend!!

Fun Weekend!!

It was a birthday party!!


Belle’s good friend Bella had her birthday party and we all were invited!!

It was so cute!!!

Look at the water slide!! It was CRAZY!!

Aug 4, 2014 019 Aug 4, 2014 020Fun, right?

Bella’s momma is just like me, invite the closest friends but not to many, so the kiddos can play a ton!!

The girls had so much fun!!

Aug 4, 2014 008Then they colored their own Bible Bags!!

Belle was so proud!!

Aug 4, 2014 006They had a cotton candy machine there too!!

Rebecca got to learn how to make it!!

Aug 4, 2014 010

She is a professional now :)

Aug 4, 2014 009Now the kids want me to buy a machine for the house.

Cavity central, I think not!

We did celebrate with a beautiful cake and delicious ice cream though!

Aug 4, 2014 012Happy birthday Bella!


Aug 4, 2014 018Then the older girls took advantage of the hammock in the backyard breeze.

Aug 4, 2014 022Just chit chatting and bonding.

Such a perfect sister moment I caught.

You know Belle had to try it to!

Move over everyone!!

Just Belle on the hammock!!

Aug 4, 2014 027Cutie!

Then presents were opened, that was fun!

Bella got ladder balls.

We had never played that and neither had some of the other kiddos so….

Aug 4, 2014 028The dads all sat together and assembled the set so we could all learn!!

Aug 4, 2014 030I don’t know who liked it more,

the dads

or the boys!

Great outdoor game though! Think I might need to go pick some up!

It was such a great afternoon spent with some truly wonderful friends!!!

Can’t wait to do it again!!

We love you Bella!!

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