Russian or Arabic

Okay, MJR has thrown me a curve ball for school this year.

I have everything for Spanish for him to continue… now he is considering Russian or Arabic to make his future Naval career more needed.

So the question is which one?


russian alphabet

or Arabic?

arabic alphabet


I have a friend that speaks fluent Russian (she is from Russia) and can help me out there. I don’t have weekly contact with anyone that I know for sure speaks Arabic.

The question is: which language will advance him more in the Navy?

Any suggestions would be appreciated friend!!


Have a blessed day friend!!



Back to School Again

We started school again.

My kids wanted a longer break like the public school kids, but I know how much harder it will be to jump back in to the routine if we wait much longer.

I did mix it up a little.

My son, I sent him emails for some of his assignments, like vocabulary, Life and the Bible, and writing.

It was different and I think he enjoyed the “high tech”-ness his mother attempted.

Here is what I sent for vocab this week:

Jan 6-10

1. somat, corp                    body
a. somoatology                    the study of the body
(somat= body + ology=study of)
b. corporal                          pertaining to the body
(corpor, bod + al, relating to)
c. corpse                            a dead body- especially that of a human being.
(corp, body)

2. derm(at)                           skin
a. pachyderm                        Any of several large, thick skinned mammal…elephant.
(pachy, thick + derm, skin)
b. hypodermic                        relating to parts under the skin
(hypo, under + derm, skin + ic, relating to)
c. dermatology                        study of the functions and diseases of the skin
(dermat, skin + ology, study of)

3. cephal(o), cap                    head, brain
a. encephalitis                        inflammation of the brain
(encephal, brain + itis, inflammation)
b. captain                               one who commands, leads or guides others
(Latin- caput– head)
c.decapitate                            to cut off the head
(de, remove + caput, head)

4. hem(o)(a)(at)                        blood
a. hemophilia                            a blood-coagulation disorder
(hemo, blood + phil, affinity for + ia, condition)
b. hematology                         study of the blood and its diseases
(hemat, blood + ology, study of)
c. hematoma                            a localized swelling filled with blood
(hemat, blood + oma, tumor)

Shorter than usual assignment, but I am trying to jump back in positively and not overwhelming.

Rebecca, I have her baking in the mornings.

009(photo by Belle)

She loves it!

That puts her in a good mood for the rest of the day too.

Bonus for me is that we can work on home economics, eat something delicious for lunch or dinner snack and we have a happy Rebecca for the whole day!!

A friend got her a new set of decorating tips for icing. She was trying all of them out. These were chocolate cherry cupcakes with almond icing. They were scrumptious!!

She also made us meringue cookies. They got gobbled up so fast I did not even get a picture!

Today she has bible study in the morning,  so no yummy munchies till later.

Belle loves art, music and horses.

So I have her starting a report on horses right now.

She has been writing her spelling in rainbow colors and painting her writing assignments.

We talked about New Year Resolutions and these are hers…remember she is 6…


These are what she wants/is going to learn in 2014:

baking (by herself)

how to train dogs (because Lola has listening issues)

how to read (she is actually reading but wants to read better)

write poetry (like songwriters)

I thought she picked pretty well :)

Here is a cute little crafty she created all on her own.

021Give you a hint what we might be doing tomorrow???

Smart Girl

Yesterday we all discussed what happened 12 years ago in America.

My oldest was 6 years old when the attack happened.

Now my youngest is 6.

I tried to explain the event to her in simple forms.

We remember those who needlessly perished in the events.

We honor the people who went above and beyond to save others  that day…

those that are still with us and those that were buried in the rubble doing courageous acts.

We pray for the families that lost loved ones.

We never forget.

At the end of the day she drew a picture to show her Daddy what she learned.


She went to church last night and prayed for the children left behind.

Children understand more than we give them credit for sometimes.


Welcome to 9th Grade!

Oh my goodness!

He is that old already.

Yes my son was at a “Welcome to 9th Grade” pool party.

We are so blessed to be part of a great Private Satellite Program for our homeschool experience.

Who says homeschool kids have no social life and we keep them in a box?

Look at all these beautiful children, I mean cool looking 9th graders.

026These are just the kids that could make the party too.

Look at the beautiful cake the leaving Seniors got for the kids.

There was food, volleyball and naturally the pool all just to welcome these 13 and 14 year olds into the new and scarey world of High School.

The old ASB president was so sweet making sure she spoke to each kid personally, asking if they had any worries or questions about High School. She was amazing!!

It was a great event, great kids, this is going to be a great 4 years!!

Service Project

So we have been fighting a nasty little bug here.

It starts as a sore throat the first day, a high fever the second and a lingering cough for who knows how long.

Lots of homemade soup going on over here!!

The other day though, we were not quite sure if everyone was going to be well for our service trip to the local retirement home.

The  girls had made all sorts of valentines and cookies to take and share with the residents.

They had practiced Shirley Temple songs to sing.

We had to be there!

Prayed for healing and praise God, we got to attend!!

I was a bit worried that when the girls sang they might start coughing again though.

So I packed us up in the truck with warm apple cider and had them sip it all the way there just to keep their throats supple.

Left with plenty of time to get there, when the rain started.

Then the hail.

Then the 5 car pile up on the freeway.


Then there was no parking.

We had to park and walk quite a distance, only to end up getting there late, but just late enough to have missed (like within 45 seconds missed) being placed on the stage and start singing. Yay! The girls did not have to sing loud. They just kind of hummed off to the side with the residents. It looked like it was planned so that the residents would feel comfortable to join in with the singing!! It was great!!

Then the girls put out the cookies they had made and walked around with the other AHG girls handing out the valentines to the sweet seniors who came to see them.

053 049 051 052

This was so special.

The seniors were so gracious and thankful for all the goodies and valentines all the girls had made.

There was one sweet lady that Belle and I spoke with, she had cried when she saw the card that Belle had made for her.

She told Belle she was just so happy that Belle had made that for her and that she was such a giving little soul.

She and I began talking and she was just so precious.

She told me all about her husband who had passed on to Jesus a few years ago, her children and her grandchildren. She lived such an amazing life! Her husband when they first got married had joined the Air Force and taught her right along with him how to navigate and how to do simple air craft electronics. She told me about him becoming a plumber and how he was such a good provider for her family. He kept her happy and she wanted to make sure my husband kept me happy too. She said “You know honey as tired as you get raising all your little ones, there is no greater joy you will find the rest of  your life and when they are gone from your home, if you raised them with love, they will bring you a blessing. That will be your reward. Your grandchildren. ”  I hugged her then.  I told her she was a wonderful Titus woman and thanked her for her wisdom. She started to cry again. She was just so precious.

I think we were the ones who were really blessed doing this project!

What amazing men and women we met!

I can’t wait to do this again!!

Give a kid a box

I get organic local fruits and veggies delivered.

They always come in a box on my doorstep.

It is my kiddos favorite toy!


This week what I thought was a box…


…was a rocket ship!!

011Complete with fire bursting from the rocket boosters!!

012Off to learn more about the planet Jupiter!!

3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

ZOOM! Becca sends her sliding down the hall!!


I love childhood imagination!!

Still Here :)

Life…gets away from me sometimes.

We have been so busy homeschooling and such this year that I have not had the time I have wanted to blog. We have been growing so much in our travels with the Lord too  that there has been much I wanted to share but have not felt that it was the right time or the freedom to post the changes we have been going through. Praise Jesus they have been wonderful though!!

I can say that our family is so much stronger and tighter as a unit then we have ever been!! So Yay!!

One great thing is that the kiddos have started what I call “Life Lessons”. These are not the typical homeschool life lessons. These are geared to the areas that my kids hearts are.  We are treating them as mini home-based “businesses”.


Becca enjoys jewelry making.


She started making jewelry and selling it at this little boutique in our area.

All the money she made she sent to a little girl named Daisy, who is dying of cancer.

She wanted Daisy to have money for herself at CHRISTmas to spend on gifts for her family.

She called her business Fabulous in Heart,

which is exactly what Becca is!!

Here is the little girls website who Becca sent her money to:

Daisy is not doing well by the way and your prayers for her would be greatly received.

The goal was not to make money for Becca. It was to bless someone else and if even no money was given, that awareness of someones plight would be out there for others to help out with if only in prayer.

Another thing that we have been working on is serving the Lord through sidewalk council.

We started going with some friends which made it easier.

My friend Rachele is the best at this!!

She is my inspiration.

(my pictures of us will not upload for some reason.)

We have welcomed babies into our friends hearts

and bid goodbye to other friends babies.

We reconnected with friends from the past

and hung out with the friends we have.

We went CHRISTmas caroling!!

We sent orphans gifts.

We made Operation Christmas Child boxes.

Belle and I joined MOPS. Aimee and Becca do service hours there.

My husband and I took Bible classes together.

Most important,

we have been together, growing in faith.


We are still here!

On the Radio

Out here we listen to KSGN.

It’s a local radio station that plays kid friendly Christian music.

You can actually get them on the internet too.

A few of us got our kiddos together and planned a field trip to the radio station.

They were so nice there.

I mean really nice people there.

Here are the amazing group waiting patiently in their front waiting room.

They are all so cute!!

Here they are showing the kids how the mail room works.

Their media board.

It has grown so much even from when we were there!Checking out some of the gifts from musicians who have visited.

Our personal favorite, we took the girls to see her last year in concert.


Waiting to meet Bryan and Brandi.

They were taping while we were there.

They are so kind and real.

Brandi is  setting the kids up to say the pledge of allegiance “on air”.

They were all soooooooo nervous!

I have never heard the pledge so quick before!

Each kiddo got a chance to be right up at the microphone too!

Thanks Bryan, Brandi and everyone at KSGN for giving us such a wonderful day at your studio!

I know none of us will ever forget this day!!

Homeschool field trip

Oh yeah!

We had a field trip to the new ice cream shop!

It was really nice!

They showed us everything in the shop!

We saw how they make the ice cream and even got some of the secrets for certain flavors!!!

Samples were available and we all got a scoop at the end.

Thank you Handel’s Ice Cream for a fun day!

Now all the kiddos have to give me a report on what they learned.

Thinking about sending them along with thank you cards to the Handel’s Ice Cream Shop…hmmmm?