Harvest 2013

This year rocked!!

It was Belle’s first Harvest.

She was a little nervous and waiting in the hot sun was not her idea of a good time.

first Harvest Concert!! 006

Thank goodness Air1 had some fun stuff for her to do while we waited.

Look at the cool “tatoo’s” we got while we waited.

first Harvest Concert!! 003first Harvest Concert!! 004Then they finally let us in and Belle was getting excited!!

first Harvest Concert!! 013We got to see Colton Dixon…

first Harvest Concert!! 022first Harvest Concert!! 023He was great!!!

It was so cool that he had his sister come up and sing with him on his last song too.

He is awesome!!

Then it was time for the reason we brought Belle…

her favorite singer…

Toby Mac!!!

first Harvest Concert!! 027She is so cute she was praising while he sang!!

first Harvest Concert!! 026Love it!!

28,ooo people were there with us!!

first Harvest Concert!! 0182,697 made the decision to either rededicate themselves to the Lord that night or become Christian!!

What an amazing thing to share with your children!!

It was so special.

At the end of that weekend

105,000 people attended the event


9,638 people made the decision to follow the Lord.

Praise God!!

Been on Vacation!!! Part 3

Belle is so brave!!

Utah vacation 2013 202 Utah vacation 2013 205Yikes!!

That is high up there!!

Little girl did 12 flips in a row!!

That was the record for the day too!!

Not all our days were sunny.

There were thunder and rain storms too.

Utah vacation 2013 213The rain would bring us in for a bit.

We would just relax for a while.

Utah vacation 2013 223Then maybe take a hike.

There is not one bad spot to hike out there.

Look at some of these places we saw.

Utah vacation 2013 158Utah vacation 2013 168Utah vacation 2013 160Utah vacation 2013 171Utah vacation 2013 167Then, here is first for me, we took the bus back to the resort!

Relax for a bit then lets grab some snow cones kiddos!!

Utah vacation 2013 211One day we started with an amazing breakfast.

Utah vacation 2013 179 Utah vacation 2013 189 Utah vacation 2013 191I know lemonade for breakfast…

it was vacation okay, ha ha ha!!

Now we had energy to

go for more hikes.

Utah vacation 2013 249 Utah vacation 2013 264 Utah vacation 2013 240 Utah vacation 2013 244 Utah vacation 2013 252 Utah vacation 2013 254 Utah vacation 2013 256 Utah vacation 2013 260 Utah vacation 2013 261Utah vacation 2013 234 Utah vacation 2013 235 Utah vacation 2013 236 Utah vacation 2013 237 Utah vacation 2013 246What an incredible trip we had.

I will definitely remember this forever!

Our trip home was filled with crazy weather.

We had major dust storms, huge rain, lightening storms, high wind, drastic temperature changes…very strange weather for our journey.

It was great though to see all that God has in so many different states of our blessed country.

We made it back in time to hit the Harvest Crusades too!!

Awesome adventure!!

Loved it all!!!!

Been on Vacation!!! Part 2

Park City here we come!!

I swear all of Utah is under construction.

This is what the 15 freeway looks like.

Utah vacation 2013 043Then there was more construction.

Utah vacation 2013 046Just tons of construction on the roads.

Great for our economy that is for sure.

Keep those construction workers employed!!

There were tons of beautiful things to see away from the 15. The land there is spectacular.

Utah vacation 2013 049 Utah vacation 2013 085 Utah vacation 2013 074 Utah vacation 2013 064God is all over this country.

Just beautiful.

So we pulled up to the place we were to stay for our adventure.

Utah vacation 2013 105Oh my!!

So lovely!!

Here is the view from our room.

Utah vacation 2013 091Utah vacation 2013 090Sweet!!

There are fire pits down there where my hubby and I had coffee in the mornings too.

We had bbq’s to the right that we used for dinner one of the evenings we were there also.

Here is the area near the kids entertainment, movie theater, gym and pool tables.

Utah vacation 2013 097Michael Jr was in a Call of Duty competition and won first place!!

Becca made some amazing hair bows.

Belle loved the pools and spas.

Aimee and I loved Main Street.

Utah vacation 2013 120Utah vacation 2013 121 Utah vacation 2013 126 Utah vacation 2013 144 Utah vacation 2013 127Utah vacation 2013 124 Utah vacation 2013 154Nice huh?

So while the boys were zip lining down the mountain (way to scarey for us girls)

Belle did the trampoline.

Utah vacation 2013 196She waited patiently for her turn….

I will post her pictures tomorrow.

Been on Vacation!!! Part 1

We have been gone for a bit…just if you were wondering what had become of me.

We took the kiddos out on a vacation!!

That is not something we do very often either.

So we got in as much as we could in a short period of time.

Here was our first stop…bathroom break…place to stretch our legs.

Utah vacation 2013 008Not my favorite spot to stop, but it was convenient.

The next stop was really HOT and I mean temperature wise!!

Yes, that is the Hoover Dam!!

Utah vacation 2013 012We took the main tour there and saw the inside of the dam.

It was interesting but I think we liked the views from the outside the best.

 I looked all over for the spot from the movie Fool’s Rush In, where Isa throws a coin over the dam and makes a wish.

It was a line in the middle of the road in the movie.

Not there in real life.

Here is what they have.

Utah vacation 2013 016

This is it.

Oh well, I took a picture of one kiddo in Nevada and one in Arizona anyway.

Utah vacation 2013 015Then I was melting in the heat.

This could be why…

Utah vacation 2013 018Why did we leave California while the weather was in the 80’s?

Wow, that is some heat!!

The heat tuckered all of us so we headed off to our next stop,

St. George, Utah.

Utah vacation 2013 035St. George is beautiful but it is hot too!!

The people there are so gracious.

They are kind and pleasant. I see why people want to live there.

Even the Taco Bell we went to was nice!

Our hotel was Clarion Suites and I recommend them to everyone!!

Clean rooms, nice pool area,  service is spectacular…

The breakfast they serve is over the top!!

Really nice place to stay for a few days…

then off to Park City!

Happy Birthday my Love!!

Love my husbandPoem credit to

Facebook site

I love my husband

Happy birthday to the greatest man I know!!

I love you!!Aimie and MichaelLove you more today than I did yesterday!!

You are an amazing blessing to me!!

Happy Anniversary too my love!!

wedding day17 years went so quickly!!

May God continue to bless our marriage and may we serve Him to the fullest!!

I love you Michael,

oodles, tons and bunches forever and always!!!

Belle is Learning to Cook

Here is the recipe Belle just learned in her new cooking class.


She used:

pasta sauce (home made!!)

English muffins

Meat (optional)


grated cheese.

First, she split the English muffins and covered them with pasta sauce.

035Then she put grated cheese and meat ( if you want it) on top.


So our family is finicky.

Some of us don’t like meat, some don’t like pasta sauce… so we made extra work for the little chef.


She did not seem to mind though.

039So then she had me put them in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes,



Mini Pizza!!

I totally remember making these back in the early 80’s.

Oh and remember making this on french bread?

Love that my little one is learning this skill from someone other than me.

I am having all sorts of flashbacks in cooking!!

So proud that Belle loves this class and is loving coming home and trying out the recipes on us!!

Way to go little one!!