baby birds are everywhere

Baby birds just seem to be all over right now.

The kiddos found this little one after she slammed herself into our garage door.

We tried to help her survive but the little body was just to banged up.

She did not last the night.

We gave her a proper burial.

Then goodness look what landed in our front yard the next day!

So tiny….

She just sat there and let us take her picture while she caught her breath.

Then she caught the wind and floated…

…to the other side of the front yard!

She eventually flew away thank goodness.

Two baby bird deaths in a week would have been devastating to the kiddos.

What a beautiful gift from God!

We were blessed to see that even though some may die, there is still so much life all around us.

It was a good message that life goes on.

My good friend’s father passed on the next day.

He had been in so much pain that it was a blessing to see the suffering stop.

I think God sent those birds to help me explain to Belle what had happened to our friend’s father.

Why we would not be seeing him anymore and why people were so sad.

She is so sweet. She answers back “why should we be sad Momma? He is with Jesus. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Out of the mouth of babes….

Rest in peace Bill.

Love The Soldiers

Since this is Memorial Day weekend, I felt I should let you know what the kids and I are doing to remember our fallen heroes.

We are going shopping for the one’s that are still out there protecting America.

We have this great group at our church that collects stuff all year round to send to the soldiers to keep their spirits up.  Kind of a mini thank you from the people at home, other than family and friends of theirs.  I always make special bags up at Christmas with the kids. We try and put things in our gifts for them that are small but of value to them. I try to not be cheap (which is just plain hard for me to do even for our family) but I want to get them stuff that lasts and will do them good.  Then we make some cards of thanks, draw pictures and stuff just to let them know that we appreciate their sacrifice and we pray for them daily. I was talking to the lady that runs the program and she was saying that they do not have as many volunteers to help them bag gifts for the soldiers during the year, Christmas yes, the rest of the year no. I told her she would have my hands and the kids there helping her this month and we would try to make it a regular monthly visit. If the soldiers are out there every day for me, I can give up one afternoon a month.


That said, we will be out buying socks, chapstick, water flavor packets, travel deodorant, travel Tylenol, sunblock, wet naps, little toys for them to give to the kids they meet, and some kind of travel friendly snack. We will be making more letters of encouragement and thanks for all their efforts.


If you have any ideas of other things that might be good for us to shop for please let me know.

I want to send them things that will really be of value to them.


If you have a service person in your home, you are blessed.

If you know a service person, you are blessed.

Give them a hug from our family and our thanks for all they do.

God bless them all!!


And I’m proud to be an American,

where at least I know I’m free,

and I won’t forget the men who died,

who gave that right to me

and I’ll proudly stand next to him to defend her still today

, ‘cuz there ain’t no doubt I love this land,

God bless the USA.

-Lee Greenwood


Park Day

Took the kiddos to the park for a picnic lunch and hike today.

Spring and fall I love to do that because the weather is nice at that time.

The only worry is weather or not I have put my sunblock on or not! Hahaha!!!

Belle tried the climbing wall and loved it!!

The kids all love this turning thing.

I have no idea what it is or called but they love twisting on the silly thing.

Here is Becca having her turn!

Hey Belle!!

Michael the bird.

Hurry! Let’s go for our hike!!

Let’s start here.

Uh oh…rattlesnake skin…we better be careful.

Lead the way Brother.

What was that?

Photo op!

Okay..I realize I am not my daughter with her amazing photography skills.

It isn’t that bad of a shot though…

…is it?

She just seemed so pensive.

Looked like a character from the Mandie books she loves to read.

This is just so pretty here.

God’s beauty is everywhere.

So serene.

We love nature hikes.

Perfect place for us to study Genesis today.

finding my voice

My friend Sarah and I were talking the other day and she was telling me that she and her son were reading a book together that happened to be about a missionary who went out and spread the word of the Lord. She said that he then asked her “how come you never do that?” She said to me “you know, he is right. I don’t go out there and preach the word. I surround myself with others who are believers and we talk about God and his amazing blessings…but I don’t go out there and just ask others if they know Jesus.” She told me her son’s words convicted her to go out and do something about that.

How beautiful huh?

It was.  So now as our conversation progresses I admit that I am guilty of the same thing. I will talk to strangers I meet about God but only if they say that they are believers as well. I have not actively gone out and put myself in a place of discomfort to spread the word of my Lord. If you come to me and ask me because you are curious about God, I will find you verses to answer your questions. I love to do that! Going out and just preaching??? Oh dear. I have never done that. Yeah starting to feel really bad here. I mean I really love God. I mean I REALLY LOVE GOD and I have not openly stepped out of my comfort zone to go out and share my love for God with others who may have never heard of God. Then Sarah asked me why. I really did not know. I said that I know I am never sure of myself in those situations. I am a chicken and I just don’t want to offend anyone. I hate controversy and we are back to I am chicken.  Her next question was ” are you unsure of  your faith?” Ouch. No not really, just chicken. I hate the thought of others not liking me just because I love Jesus. I don’t want to be made fun of either. Pretty much I am a big chicken with issues. Then she reminded me “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:10 KJV

Wow that conversation really did a number on my heart. I went home talked to my husband and really thought about it. I even then talked to my Bible study leader for quite a while about my chicken-ness. Why is it that I can feel so passionately about something yet be too afraid to go out and share my feelings with others? I should clarify that, others that I don’t already know and who love me.  My leader was really good at leading me to this answer: the enemy is holding me back. He is using my fear, feeding it, to stop me from serving my Savior. As she was leading me to this, I could see how it has been like that for my whole life. Always scared that I needed to be exactly what was expected of me by people, be it good or bad. I have always not liked that about myself. I want to be strong and just stand on what I believe. I want to be like my friend Debbie that just bursts with love for Jesus! She loves to quote the Bible to anyone who will listen, and even if you won’t. I want to be that woman. I am going to be that woman.


I have a fear of speaking to others about controversial things. I am going to schedule a time to go to our local city college and pray with girls who might be considering abortion. I will do that for sure next week. EEEKKK!! The 3rd is the National Day of Prayer. I am going, as usual, but I am going to be on the outside to be sure others can see me there and try to lead the prayers for my group. Double EEEKKK!!! I am going to make a point of at least once a week (to start) to talk to one stranger about Jesus. Triple EEEKKK!!!!


This is so outside of my comfort zone. Jesus does not want me to be comfortable. He wants me to serve.

Here is a verse that a sweet woman named Wendy reminded me of not even knowing what I have been contemplating:

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18 KJV


Fear has torment. Fear is not of God. Perfect love is of God and that casts out fear.

How many times have I read this and not got it.

Maybe I was not ready to receive the wonder of the words.

Here is another that struck me this week:

1 Peter 3:14 But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. “Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened.”

Maybe others are frightened to hear the Word of the Lord?


I will not be frightened to share His Word.

I will go with God.

I can do this.

No, I will do this.

I have been convicted.


A Few Pictures…

It was hard to take pictures since we were helping this year,


here are some of the balloons that Aimee helped blow up in the morning.

Setting up the tents,

silent auction,

food stations,

first aid….

Here come the balloon decorations.

Bring on the registration!!

Some of the signs for the Walk.

The Walk begins…

It warms my heart to see so many people here supporting life.

The people who went by and honked in support were uplifting too!

We made over $18,000 with the fundraiser.

What a blessing!!

So many more babies can be saved!!

Our family goal for donations this year was $200.

Our final tally on the day was $300 and we have more $$ coming!!

Already have another $20 in our bottle!!

Praise God!!!