Love This Small Business!!

I am doing a shameless plug for my friend’s business/ministry :)

Her company is TT&TWINS.

They make Jesus shirts!!

Here is one that I have for Belle.

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Isn’t that so cute??

Love did make her!!

Here is another shot of her:

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I just so love these shirts!!

Okay so here is TT& Twins March Special.

Love it!!


“HE. HAS. RISEN!!!!! 

AH! I am so very very excited to share our latest raglan and March’s Shirt of the Month. Just in time for Easter!! 

Spread the word!! Shout it from the mountain tops. Shout it from brightly colored raglan tee’s – 


Just as He said. 



Available Sunday, March 1st. “

Aren’t those the cutest shirts to end up in resurrection baskets?

You should be able to click anywhere on the print above and get to her shop, but if not here it is:

This is a great Christian small business that I support.

It is run by a wonderful Christian wife/mother/friend who had an idea, trusted in the Lord, and has taken off on an amazing adventure!! I hope you love this company as much as I do!!

Have a blessed day my friends!!


Give a kid a box

I get organic local fruits and veggies delivered.

They always come in a box on my doorstep.

It is my kiddos favorite toy!


This week what I thought was a box…


…was a rocket ship!!

011Complete with fire bursting from the rocket boosters!!

012Off to learn more about the planet Jupiter!!

3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

ZOOM! Becca sends her sliding down the hall!!


I love childhood imagination!!