Love when they think

“YOU are just trying to ruin Halloween for us aren’t you?”

That was what my son thought.

Not really though. It was just a simple lesson for the kiddoodlers.

I wanted to have them think.

What do we actually celebrate on October 31st?

I pulled up some pictures on the internet for a quick slide show with my mini-speech.

It all started as Samhain. A pagan holiday

photo credit: Lightgrid

Many wiccans believed that this was a great time to do magic with the spirits.

Then Pope Gregory the first tried to get rid of Samhain in 601 AD by telling his missionaries to change whatever the pagans worshiped. If they worshiped a tree, then consecrate the tree in Christ and allow its continued worship.

Now remember this is a mini lesson, so I am just giving tid bit information.

In Mexico and people from that area, celebrate the Day of the Dead.

File:Day of the dead at mexican cemetery 3.jpg

Thank you Wikimedia for this picture.

It is pretty much about celebrating those who have passed on. The adults are celebrated on one day and the children on another.  This celebration dates from pre-Columbian times. It is believed by many that this is the time when those who have passed away are allowed to return to earth to visit with their families and friends.

Creepy much?

Then there is Reformation Day that the Protestants celebrate.

Personally I think this is way better than celebrating Columbus day but that is another subject.

This holiday is based on Martin Luther or Ulrich Zwingli ,  these men and their fellow reformers made a huge and lasting impact on the way that evangelical Christians understand and approach Scripture. Remember Martin Luther hammering his 95 theses to the door of All Saint’s Church October 31, 1517. He is the guy who said that all of us have the right to study and read the Bible. He then translated the Bible out of latin into the language of the people, so that others could read the word of the Lord for themselves.

Okay, I admit, this holiday I kind of like.

Then I showed pictures to the kiddos of how halloween was in the 1970’s.

Remember picking these up at Sears, Fedco, Montgomery Wards or Zodys ?

They were not that expensive but it was a time to pretend to be someone you might want to be someday.

Frankenstein 1970  - 585

As I was looking at the pictures and the movies of the times and how they have changed with the kids, I really was not seeing anything that  was positive.

I remember having fun dressing up and getting candy from neighbors in my little plastic pumpkin head.

It was still actually pretty tame then when I pulled up today’s costumes…

640 × 360 –

Yes you can still find costumes that are not Miley, but there are more of them out there than the sweet ones. That is so sad to me. What is wrong with innocence?

Then seeing how the prices of the costumes has changed I just about flipped. The prices are ridiculous!

This is not just a time of dress up and fun like it is portrayed to us. The US spends more than $7 billion annual on Halloween and costumes are less than 1/3rd of that! Is that not insane??

So now I asked the kids what they thought we should do about Halloween.

Is it a happy and fun holiday??

Is it scarey?

Is it evil?

Is it needed?

Would it be better to just go out and buy 3 big bags of candy that we really don’t need and just eat it ourselves?


I read a good point over at Walking in High Cotton, about the children that come to the door now.

She says that she has seen (and I have too):

So what do my kids think?

After they all had to do their own research and write a paper, well Belle just had to tell us her thoughts.

I love what they came up with!!

This is all their own ideas.


 We should have our own Harvest party.

We are going to have a Harvest Hunt in the backyard. We will “harvest” all the candy from the backyard.

Ice cream sunday’s for dinner and cookie decorating contest!!

I will have to post pictures after our celebration!!

Truth and my Teen

I had another woman’s meeting group that really was inspiring.

I really love my meetings!

They fill me with the Holy Spirit! Just being around my sisters in Christ uplifting each other and praying for each other…it is beyond words what it can do for your heart. If you have never been, and you are a woman, I would strongly encourage you to join one. If you are a man, I can only assume that brothers in Christ do the same for each other and you should get involved with them as well.

Anyway, this meeting was very heart-felt. I know I was meant to be there. We had a lesson on the five most important truths to teach your teens. The points were wonderful and I will sum them up for you because they were great.

1) To suffer well– let them know that life is rough but GOD is Good!

2) Work unto the Lord– “work” is a calling not a job. The word vocation is based in latin meaning, calling from God. All work is sacred and only you can do the work that God has planned for  you to do. So work only to impress God, not man.

3) Manage your life wisely– God will hold you accountable  to the use of your talent. God has an investment in you and expects a return.

4) Make wise choices– make “holy” choices. Holy means special not everyday or mundane. Gods goal is to make you holy.

5) Live grace filled lives– Grace is the greatest gift we received on the cross. Grace is unconditional. Grace produces the fruit of the Spirit. Grace produces gratitude toward God. By grace you were saved through faith and it is free to us, but so costly to God.

**Life Message**

You were created to receive grace and to then give it away.

Isn’t that a great reminder? It was for me. Some days the teen tries so hard to be “cool” and I try so hard to protect him from being “cool” because I do not want him hurt. I need to let go. Let him fall. He will be the husband of my future daughter in law, the father of some of my grandchildren, the leader of his household, the provider of not only monetary things but the spiritual in his home. He must be strong in his faith and his choices. He can’t learn this if I make all his choices for him. He needs to know that if he does blow it, his dad and I will be here for him. He needs to know how to repent for what transpired. He then needs to know in his heart, that he has God’s grace. His  sin is not a forever failure.

When he was a toddler, I helped him learn how to walk. I had to let him fall (safely) so that he could learn how to get back up again and continue walking. He did great!!

When he was a young boy, we helped him learn how to ride a bike. We eventually let go of the seat and let him ride alone. Yes he fell. Boy was he mad! He still could ride by himself, not that he wanted to so much after a really good spill, but he can ride himself.

Now as a young man, the tumbles he has in front of him are much bigger and more painful. It will be hard to let him fall. I have to remember to that as much as I love my son and as much as I want to protect him, God loves him so incredibly much more! He wants my son safe. There is no better protector!!  Even when I cannot be there at the tumble, God will be there. Then my husband and I will be available to reenforce Gods truths to him. We will be there to help him get back on track and advise him to be making wise choices not to go down that bumpy road again! Help guide his thoughts back to God’s grace and living the holy life he was created for. Then we will have to let go again and see what happens.

The best part of our teaching that day was that our son that week had been on a path where on the left was a tumble and the right was sturdy ground. My husband and I stepped back from the situation and allowed our son to make his first “grown-up” decision alone. This was so hard to do without me just jumping in and telling him what to do!! Could he not see all the bad that would come from making this decision incorrectly?? Ugh!! Yet he was told to pray. He had one week to make his decision, right or wrong this would be his choice. He did pray. He wanted God to actually speak to him like from a burning bush or something. Have Him actually say “DO THIS” and then do it…who does not want that?? Since my son is Michael and not Moses, he had to pray harder and listen more intently. That is hard work.

The day of our teaching was the day my son had to give us his answer.

I was so happy to hear in the class that we may have actually parented right all on our own!! Ha ha ha!!

The teen made the best choice possible. Most importantly, he made the WISE choice all on his own. His first “manly” decision.

We let go of his hands and he did not fall this time.

The first of many steps, choices, sure footings and falls I am sure.

We will just continue to teach our son to call out to Him before or if need be after choices are to be made.

Proverbs.9.10Proverbs 9:10

Picture found at The Raven.

The Question I Received…

I am in this amazing women’s group at my church. We are all a bunch of different aged mommas and grandmas who are trying to be wonderful Titus 2:3-5 women.

“3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;

4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed”

Titus 2 : 3-5


I really have come to value the time that get to spend with these women.

I have learned a lot and have found some wonderful godly sisters here.

We start with fellowship, a group lesson then meet in smaller groups of 10 with one lead “Bloomed” mom ( a momma with grand blessings) to discuss what we have learned as a group on a more intimate and personal level.  Lastly we pray for each other and take one sister’s prayer home to pray for all week. It is a lot like bible study but with no homework and we are learning to leave a legacy with our families as better wives and mothers.

It is really special.

Anyway, we started a new semester the other day and received new small groups.

At our “get to know each other better” time, our leader had a bag filled with random questions.

We were to each pull one out and answer the question in turn.

I pulled out this question:

What was the most special random act of kindness you have ever received?

I answered honestly.

When I was about 8 years old, I got a hand written letter from an anonymous person. It was filled with so much love for me. Someone wrote how special I was to them. They could see God’s light shining within me. I was so loving and wonderful. People noticed that I was a special child of God. They knew I was going to do many wonderful things in my life and they could not wait to watch me do them.

Then I teared up and could not finish.

This person who wrote this to me I have never figured out who it was. It was handwriting I did not know. I have treasured this letter in my heart for 34 years. I was in such a bad place right then. My parents had divorced (and at that time I was one of the first kids of divorce), my dad did not come around (that is another heartbreak for another time), my mother had nothing nice to say to me (again more dark drama for another day), it was just a sad place to be me. I did not share that with people. How embarrassing. How do you share with people at 8 that you are unwanted and know it? So you smile and just go on.

Yes, my grandparents were amazingly wonderful and loved me. They were who I lived for. They are the ones who made me feel loved, wanted, needed and special no matter what I did. They gave me hope. They were the approval I would seek and who I would model myself after, They were my rock, but I did not live with them. I lived in a sad place with unhappy people with unhappy words waiting to create more unhappy for me every day.

Then I got that letter.

Someone…someone else out there saw something good in me.

Someone saw what my grandparents saw.

I was a good person.

I was of value.

I was loved.

I was worthy.

I was needed.

I would be something wonderful.


Thank you Jesus for that person.

That letter got me through many nights of Satan telling me to end it all, I was worthless, no one would care.

Because someone would care.

The person who wrote that letter.


Words are powerful.


I was so convicted with this memory. I am going to do the same thing that this person did for me.

I am going to send letters to my friends children randomly as they grow up. I am going to tell them how incredible they are and that I love them. I am going to send it and tell no one what I have done. Hopefully it will bless that child at some point and time like mine did, probably not as profoundly as it did me, but even a small amount of remembering how precious they truly are to others who are not family, can be so needed as children grow.


How would you have answered the question that I received?

You do not have to share it with me. Just in your own heart, have you ever been deeply touched by another’s actions?


May your day be blessed friend.