Morning Friend!

I have my cup of coffee in hand.

I know it has been a while and we have a bit to catch up on!


Good-Morning-Coffee-PinkToday is: Wednesday December 30…New year’s Adam is today.


Outside is: BRRRRRR!!! If you are a Southern California girl like me, waking up to 35 degrees as you open the door for your husband to head off to work and your house is 59….this is cold!!!


I can smell:My coffee and the cinnamon smell of Thieves in my diffuser.


In the oven for dinner: We are having what I call Country Bake. I chop up veggies (in big bite size cuts) like potato, zucchini, onion, carrot, bell pepper and yellow squash. I put them in a large Pyrex and drizzle them with olive oil. Then crush some garlic cloves, usually 3 because I like garlic, and sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika. Then I take my hands and just massage it all together. Cover the dish with foil and put it in the oven for an hour at 350. Your house smells delicious and dinner is too!! Best part about this recipe is that I can prep it early in the day and then cook it when I am ready. Kind of like a crock pot but it warms my house too!!


What I have been thinking about: Our world had this ridiculous fascination with youth. What happened to the beauty of growing older? My grandmother was beautiful. She had her hair done every week and did herself up for my grandfather every day. My great grandmother was beautiful. She was little and tough. She had lived through the depression and raised 5 children all by herself. My great aunt was beautiful. She was a single divorced mother before it was the norm. These women lived. They did not have facelifts and botox injections. They wore their wisdom. They were beautiful women with wrinkles and gray hair. When I think of a Titus woman, I never picture a woman of 20 or 30. I picture a woman of age. A woman who has lived and has insight into living a better life, either by learning from their mistakes or showing me how the right ones can be harder but the choice I need to make. God wants us to grow into Titus women, gray haired, wrinkled and wise.


The project I am working on: trying in the cold to restart some cuttings from a friend’s succulent plants. I would love to have more of them in my little yard…so far they are doing okay in the pots…but I do not have a green thumb. Let’s hope this is a project I will excel at.


Mood today: I am full of emotions. This past month has been a whirlwind of life changing moments. I have seen God perform a miracle. I have seen the enemy try and destroy it. I have seen a friend’s husband suddenly get his invitation to live with Jesus. I have seen this family take their sorrow to The Lord and praise Him for all the time they did have with this man and for not letting him die suffering. Through all their pain they praised The King continuously.  I have been blessed with a gift from a stranger that has touched my heart so deeply. I have no words for this gift. It was tremendous and I am unworthy. I was privileged to take gifts to a beautiful family who have a ministry for foster children. Little things that were needed to get a safe in between home for these little fosters babies were collected and I was so blessed to get to drop them off. Clothes, diapers, wipes, food, pacifiers, bottles, blankets and a whole tub of brand new shirts from TT& Twins were donated to make sure these little know how loved they are by people who do not even know them. So many more Spirit filled situations I have been blessed to see come to fruit. My cup is full. I am humbled by all the Lord has shown me and let me part of these last few weeks. It is more than I could ever have learned from books and more cherished a lesson than I can say.


What I am reading: God’s Pursuit of Man by A W Tozer.  It is awesome. It is asking if you are truly saved. Have you been conquered by God? Has the Holy Spirit filled you so completely that you are not yourself anymore? It is a small book but if you are reading to have it change you, it will take you a while to get all the way through it.  You can find it at my favorite book site Thriftbooks by clicking here.


School Stuff: Belle is memorizing her times tables right now. A friend showed us  some cute songs on YouTube that make it more fun.  Becca is way ahead in her algebra!! Michael…well he hates math but is persevering through. We are getting deep into our bible studies and focusing on reading and grammar. Nothing fun in Science or Languages right now…after the first I have a few fun ideas!!


Picture to share: My favorite mini in one of her TT&Twins vintage shirts!!phoneables 020

Just hanging out after MOPS with her momma looking cute!!

Love it!!

Have a blessed day my friends!!

Thankful Season

What are you thankful for?

I know a bunch of people really love to do the daily post on facebook, twitter, google+ and their blogs about the things they are thankful for.

Hey, I am that girl!!

you know it!

Day 11:

I am thankful for my time alone with God in the mornings.

It refreshes me and starts my day off on the right foot.

Thank you God for our precious time together!


Then I feel bad on weekends or busy days when I missed posting.

So my next post is more like this:

Days 8,9&10

Becca spring 2008 001Thankful that this little cutie is in my life to keep me smiling!!

She is so precious and has the most giving heart.

This weekend she made cookies and dinner for our neighbor who is doing poorly health wise and her husband so he would not have to cook just for himself. This girl is a blessing from God, not just to me, but to everyone who has the pleasure of meeting her. She is a great inspiration to her big sister and a great role model for her little sister. This girl is going to be a fabulous wife and mother one day!!

What a lucky mommy I am!!


I love these posts, I just always feel I am not posting what I may want to really post because of confidentiality in some situations…sometimes for the giver…sometimes for the receiver…sometimes because the actions mean more when they are done anonymously.

This year I decided to try something new.

Hey we changed October traditions, why not November too?

So here is what I am trying.

Instead of posting to the world what I am thankful for,

I am writing to my family.

131Every day they get a new reason why I am thankful for them.

127Each kiddo (and Dad) has their own reason.

Each one is unique for each past day and what that person did.

Like Rebecca taught Belle how to braid hair the other day.

How cool is that??

So I wrote it down and left it on the sideboard for her to see.

Then when they have read them I am putting them in a “blessing box”.

130On thanks giving we can go over them or maybe I will just save them till next year and see how our blessings have changed.

I think I will even start putting a special blessing from me to each of them randomly out there through out the month.

I think this will be a special family tradition.

I am excited to see how this plays out!

Do you have any special family traditions that have meant much to your heart?

I just love things like that!!

I would love to hear them!!

I want to start new more meaningful and personal type traditions with my family, that they can in turn use with theirs as they begin to have their own.

A family legacy…worth more than gold.

132Have a blessed day friend!

Graduation weekend :)

My eldest had her graduation party this weekend.

It turned out pretty good.

 Here is how we set up all our decorations…

Belle made  the birdhouse. Aimee loves the babys breath (keeps to the theme too), and the candies in the dishes I made for $2  remember??

Graduation Party 106 

The gate all pained with the 2013 banner Becca made.

I have 20 peach roses, the vintage punchbowl and glasses, old fashion pink and white striped straws…

There is a beautiful cross down on the bottom of the gate, that one goes on my cross wall after all this :)

Graduation Party 108 

Here are the little flags Becca and I made.004 007Then we set up the tables.

Graduation Party 131After our taco man came, we set up the rest of the food.

Graduation Party 1273 kinds of cookies, nachos, a veggie plate…

Graduation Party 128…fresh fruit, salad…

Graduation Party 089 Graduation Party 093 Graduation Party 095…and tons of cupcakes!!

I made the cupcakes and Becca decorated them.

She did an INCREDIBLE job in my opinion!!

My niece is a professional cake decorator and she was impressed too :)

We made chocolate cupcakes with raspberry icing, spice cupcakes with vanilla icing and gluten free vanilla cupcakes with strawberry icing.

We had family and  friend family show up and shower Aimee with love and blessings.

Graduation Party 147 Graduation Party 156 Graduation Party 163 Graduation Party 168 Graduation Party 179 Graduation Party 209 Graduation Party 213Then Aimee got a blessing from Daddy in front of everyone.

It made her cry happy tears, so I did not post those pictures.

It was a beautiful blessing though.

Then we toasted her future with Martinelli’s before all her cousins and her besties covered her in silly string!!

No picture of that either. Tears, puffy eyes and covered in silly string, Aimee would be mortified!

She received many wonderful gifts that night.

She was even surprised by her favorite uncle and aunt driving 12 hours to be there!!

What a gift!!

050They drove back home the next day because they both had to be at work on Monday.

That is love :)

So my girl is all graduated.


I am comforted though knowing that the Lord has amazing plans for this girl.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

IMG_7953CBlessings to your future my daughter.

I love you.