On the Radio

Out here we listen to KSGN.

It’s a local radio station that plays kid friendly Christian music.

You can actually get them on the internet too.

A few of us got our kiddos together and planned a field trip to the radio station.

They were so nice there.

I mean really nice people there.

Here are the amazing group waiting patiently in their front waiting room.

They are all so cute!!

Here they are showing the kids how the mail room works.

Their media board.

It has grown so much even from when we were there!Checking out some of the gifts from musicians who have visited.

Our personal favorite, we took the girls to see her last year in concert.


Waiting to meet Bryan and Brandi.

They were taping while we were there.

They are so kind and real.

Brandi is  setting the kids up to say the pledge of allegiance “on air”.

They were all soooooooo nervous!

I have never heard the pledge so quick before!

Each kiddo got a chance to be right up at the microphone too!

Thanks Bryan, Brandi and everyone at KSGN for giving us such a wonderful day at your studio!

I know none of us will ever forget this day!!

Homeschool field trip

Oh yeah!

We had a field trip to the new ice cream shop!

It was really nice!

They showed us everything in the shop!

We saw how they make the ice cream and even got some of the secrets for certain flavors!!!

Samples were available and we all got a scoop at the end.

Thank you Handel’s Ice Cream for a fun day!

Now all the kiddos have to give me a report on what they learned.

Thinking about sending them along with thank you cards to the Handel’s Ice Cream Shop…hmmmm?