My Challenge

I love my husband.

He is my blessing from God.

He is a gift that I can hardly believe is mine and is more, much more than I feel I deserve.

My husband is a good, patient and loving man.

He is so much more than I deserve.

God is so good.

Since I am so blessed, I am going to challenge myself this year.

The Lord knows that I think Valentine’s Day is ridiculous.

That being said, my handsome man kinda gets jipped on February 14th.

I am going to remedy that this year!!

Here is my challenge:

I am going to give my husband 14 days of crazy over the top amounts of  little silly love notes, cards with things that I love about him written inside, pictures (maybe hand drawn) of things I want for us to get to do together, that kind of thing and then end the whole chi-bang with dinner out! We will be with friends, see a comedy show and have a wonderful dinner.

That being said, I have a few ideas of things I will be doing.

I will be posting them also to keep me honest and focused.

So…what do you think?

I think every good husband deserves this.

Not because it is Valentines Day am I doing this. It just happens to be February tomorrow and this has been on my mind to do this for him for a while. Why not serve my husband a little extra for a few weeks?  He is worth every little extra thing I can do for him.

Do the challenge with me!!

You know you want to!!

Honor someone, your husband, your sister, your Aunt, your best friend! Just put your mind to it and flood them with joy that they give to you every day!!

You don’t have to post like I am.

Just do it!

We have till tomorrow to come  up with our first great idea….

This is going to be


Prayer Request

I received this “news flash ” from Open Doors yesterday. PLEASE pray for this brother over the next few days. His life is in danger. Pray he stays strong in his faith no matter what happens. Thank you!


Arabian Peninsula: Christian Faces Threatening Situation

Over a year ago Abbudin* had a dream in which Jesus appeared to him and promised; “come to me and I will give you rest.” With this promise in mind, the young man, who is in his twenties, started searching, communicated with Christians and gave his life to the Lord. He obtained a Bible and grew in his faith. When his Bible was found one day, several of his family members attacked him.

Abbudin’s father is an influential man in his society. When he found out about his son’s new-found faith, he forced him at gunpoint to say the shahada, the Islamic creed, so he would become a Muslim again.

For months Abuddin was controlled by his family, but slowly he gained some freedom. The believer felt terrible about having denied Jesus and his faith in Him. In contact with a Christian, Abbudin told him that his intention is to never deny his faith for a second time, not even at gunpoint.

Recently, when his family found out that he had not truly denied Jesus, but secretly still believed in Him, the family clamped down on his freedom again. Earlier this month the situation turned grim for Abbudin. Friends and family have sent him emails with videos of beheadings and other cruelties. Open Doors received these videos as well, but they are simply too horrible to share. The family recently expressed determination to “solve” this matter of shame for the family.

Will you please pray for Abbudin over the next few days?

Pray for wisdom for Abbudin and for protection for his life.
Pray that the Holy Spirit will give him courage and the right words when he is asked about his faith in Jesus.
Please pray for those Christians who are (were) in touch with him. Pray that contact will still be possible and that the Lord grants wisdom in what else can be done for him.

Open Doors cannot be specific about his country, but combined under the “Arabian Peninsula” are the countries of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

*Abbudin is not his real name

John MacArthur Quote

cant have my children(found on pintrest)

“Kids need to learn that the root issue is their sin, AND THEY NEED TO BE TAUGHT THE REMEDY FOR THEIR SIN. Chastisement is not for the benefit of frustrated parents (but)… for the benefit of the child… they need to understand that the real problem is their sin- sin that offends God.” ~ John MacArthur

Moment to be Remembered

When President Ronald Reagan was sworn into office on January 20, 1981 he used his mother’s bible. The bible was opened, on purpose to this verse on purpose.

2 Chronicles 7:14

King James Version (KJV)

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

He was a great president.


What is for dinner this week

Quick look at our week’s menu coming up:

022I did not list the breakfast choices because we are just having smoothies or cereal this week.

I scored a HUGE roast for $14!!

I am going to use it for sandwiches in lunches and the meat for the taco dinner too.

I might even use it in the burritos.

Love when I find a great deal on meat!!

Then using the deal for multiple meals really makes me ecstatic!

The beans that I am making for the burritos I will be using again on the side for the tacos the next night.

So taco night is going to be sooooo easy!! Leftovers!!

The soup I am making this week, I am using the bone broth I have in the freezer as the base. Another easy meal!!

Poetry lessons, Sea Cadets, Italian…normal school day here!

I have been teaching poetry to Belle.

She actually really likes it.

Here is a fill in the blank poem I found online that she did.

014Two of the last lines are:

I dream my kids will have a husky.

I hope I can see 1D (One Direction).

She enjoyed this poem and wants to do more!!

Love when the kids are excited about school!!

I also changed her language/phonics curriculum this semester. We now have the BJU Press.

BJU press phonicsShe loves it!!!

Yay!! I actually have doubled up her assignments in here because she is enjoying it so much!!

My son does not enjoy his vocabulary though.

Here is what he got this week.

Vocab Jan 13-17

Cardi(o)                                Heart                            Greek
cardiac                                (cardi, Heart + ac, pertaining to)
pertaining to the heart
pericardial                            (peri, around + cardi, heart + al, related to)
situated around the heart
cardiologist                           (cardi, heart + ology, study of + ist, one who)
one who studies the heart and its functions

arthr(o)                                  Joint                             Greek
arthritis                                   (arthr, joint + itis, inflammation of)
Inflammation of the joints
arthropod                                (arthro, joint + pod, foot)
creature with a jointed appendage
arthralgia                                 (arthr, joint + alg, pain + ia, condition)
Pain in a joint
odont(o), dent(o)                    tooth, teeth                    Greek
orthodontics                           (ortho, straight + dont, teeth + ic, practice)
the dental specialty of correcting the teeth
denture                                   (dent, teeth + ure, function)
a partial of complete set of artificial teeth
dentist                                     (dent, teeth + ist, one who does)
one who works on teeth

He is sure this means he is getting braces!

Ha ha ha!!

He also spent time at an airshow in our area as a guard. The Sea Cadets were asked to be there as guards and Michael Jr loved it. I think he enjoys the fact that he has a uniform on that people actually respect. He, with his really deep voice, will tell them “hey! You are not allowed over there.” Most of the time the people apologize and leave. He had a few that wanted to pretend they did not hear him, kind of waved him off and continued to the forbidden areas. Again his deep voice “Excuse me sir, I said, you are not allowed over there. Please remove yourself, immediately!” Then they would see the uniform and his firmness and leave. The would throw back some unsavory comments under their breath, but they would leave. Here is what I think he really enjoyed about it. These guys (that were not listening at first) were older than him, slightly intoxicated and they had a good 40 lbs on him too. My son had no weapon to insure that they were going to cooperate, just his authoritative voice, in a naval uniform.

Is that testosterone in the air?

Ha ha ha!

I think the  Naval recruit office may be seeing us in there sooner rather than later.

Rebecca is learning about the ocean.

She does not really care though because she does not like the sea.

She will get her feet wet, even up to her waist, but has no love of the water.


She loves looking at it though.

I keep trying to tell her that this stuff is exciting to learn about!! The jellyfish she did her report on are so amazing!! The seahorses she is looking at now are so small and intricate in beauty.

Nope. Did not get her excited at all.

The tsunami stuff we covered…not impressed, just made her more scared of the water.

Great job mom.

I will find something in this ocean study that has to get her intrigued!!!

We still need to do our Tsunami experiment. Maybe that will get her interested?

The thing that she is really loving right now is reading her own books and listening to music.


She is so thirteen.

Well I will keep taking her to the library then! Reading is a wonderful habit to have. Just wish she loved reading her history as much as she does her chapter books.

We are reading Inkheart and she kind of likes it.

Also we got Italian lessons for in the truck now too. It is the cutest thing!

We got this at Barnes and Noble.

italian learnThis she loves!

It is filled with songs to help remember the words and phrases.

The only thing is that some of the words have different definitions than the program we have here at home.

I know that is true in most languages, different definitions for different regions. Just harder to teach and test for some of it.

Hey it makes her happy and Belle is picking up on some of the Italian already too.
Bonus for me!!

Gotta get back to teaching the little munchkins!!

Have a blessed day friend!


Being Served

So sweet!

My daughter’s friend Ashley and her mother were so thoughtful last night.

Ashley knew that Aimee was under the weather. She and her momma popped over with this amazing pot of soup for her (and us!).

012Oh my goodness!!

The smell was just divine!!

They were so precious. They came in and served us soup.

What amazing servants of God!!

Look at this delicious bowl of soup!!

020It was spinach potato soup.

They had made tortilla strips for the top.

Oh my taste buds are still happy from my steaming bowl of lovingly made broth!

They stayed for a while and we had some wonderful conversation too.

I have always been the one who shares the soup.

Being on the receiving end this time, and for my daughter to be the true recipient, was even more special.

The Bible says, in Ephesians 2:10 b. ” God has created us for a life of good deeds, which he has already prepared for us to do” Then in Ephesians 6:7 it says ” Whenever you serve others in any way, you are actually serving God “

I know Aimee and I both felt such joy through their kindness.

Amazing how one pot of soup can share so much more than soup.

018Lord my heart is so full today!!

Joy, love and happiness warms my soul.

Thank You for friends who care.

Thank You for moments that allow me to see Your greatness!

Thank You for allowing me to be there as my daughter got to experience a moment of true friendship.

You are so good Lord!

That was such a precious gift!

Thank You!!

It is so wonderful to serve, and be served by others!!

work boots

I am sure I have mentioned before, that I get up every morning and make my husband coffee, his lunch and such.

Have I ever mentioned that I clean and oil his work boots as well?

Well, I do.

I have done that for all the years of our marriage.

He comes home with the dust and grime of the day he had all over his boots.

014Him being in construction, that dust can some days be thick.

I know that I could just grab a damp rag, dust them off really quick and he would be thankful for that.

He truly would.

Instead, I get out the mink oil and after dusting his boots, rub the oil into the boot.

016I know the  benefits for the boot of me doing this,

but I know my husband takes pride in his appearance and softer, clean(er) work boots make him happy.

So I serve him, by gently treating his boots in the mornings to a buff and shine.


Yes they still look like work boots.

There is only so much you can do to make them look good.

Here is what you can’t see though,

how much love I send him every day I do this.

My husband knows that this is not my passion, to polish his work boots. Especially when I know that they are going to come back all beat up and dust covered again in 10-12 hours. He knows I do this because I love him. He is important to me.   The oils that I rub into the leather, help the boots become softer and more pliable the more I do this to them. This small task then makes his footwear more comfortable every day he wears them, working so hard for me and the kids.  The oils will help keep the filth and dust from sticking to his boots. They will be resisted for the most part. His boots will still have the grime of the day, but will fall off much easier once he is home.

So after my husband is mostly ready for work,

the coffee is prepared and waiting for us at the table,

his boots are polished and waiting to start his day.

We start our Bible readings, sipping coffee together, I can feel the oil residue still on my fingers.

Then as he prepares to leave I pray, that he be covered by the Lord, just like his boots with the oil.

May all the filth and evil of the day that surrounds my husband, not stick and be resisted.

So that before he returns to our home it can fall off

and be left out in the world where it belongs.

May he be so covered with the Word of God, that even in the harsh temperaments of those that surround him while he is away, that his heart will continue to soften even more in the ways of the Lord. May he shine for you God!


I know that it is not much, but I do it with my heart.

I rub the oil  into my hands just a little bit more.

Time to start my day.