Taken to an Un Tea

Over the weekend I was so blessed to have been invited to an “un Tea” by one of my beautiful and wise friends :)


She blessed some of her “supercalifragilisticexpealidocious” friends with this Mary Poppins themed event!!


They even had “chalk” sidewalk art as we entered the banquet room!!


I tried to jump in, but since Mary Poppins was not with me, I did not have enough magic to enter.

Super cute art all the way from the walkway to the banquet hall though.

My friend was such a doll!! She did so much work to spoil her friends!!

She set such a lovely table!

005Each of us got a cute little box of seeds  to share with the birds (our kiddos) if we so desired when we got home.


We had a sweet breakfast of Crepes and Quiche.


We were serenaded by a precious couple who sang quietly in the background.

That was so relaxing.

Then Mary Poppins …

007introduced us to our inspiring speaker, who told us of her life and how she drifted from God and then came back so strong to Him!

013We were all greatly encouraged by her journey.

It was such a lovely time!!

I am so thankful for my beautiful, God loving friends!!