Rain and Morning Prayers with Unexpected Answers

Oh my goodness.

Let me start this with my husband is okay.

Last Friday was quite a day for our family. It was our own little miracle and God’s amazing grace.

The alarm went off at 3 am as usual. My husband got up and got into the shower. I on the other hand, rolled out of bed half asleep and found my way to the coffee maker. I slowly opened my eyes as the smell of perking arabica beans began to fill my nose.  Now my morning routine could begin.  Lunch made, boots polished and coffee poured for the two of us, I sat down and waited for my husband to come into the kitchen. I had this bad feeling in my heart though. It kept nagging at me. It was pouring outside. I love the rain but this time this was the cause of my I don’t want to say worry, so let’s go with concern. The more I listened to it the more “concerned” I became. I figured I was just not totally awake yet and that must be why I was not soothed by the rain. I continued with our routine, as my husband was leaving out the door I kissed him but this time I did not just say “have a good day” I went with ” Honey, don’t worry about getting there on time. It is better to get there all in one piece. We would miss you. Drive SLOW.” Now it is also in my daily tradition that I wait at the window as he leaves, wave till he is out of sight and pray for his safe travels before I go off to my prayer time. This time I still could not shake that feeling. It was so strong that I prayed right there just for him to be covered with Jesus. Then I waited.

At 4:30 am I got a call from my husband.

I answered with “What happened.”  He replied with “I am okay, but I was just in an accident on the freeway.”

Apparently, my husband was traveling in the middle lane and another motorist wanted to get around him. When he sped up to get the front spot he hydroplaned. My husband said he knew somehow just before that this was going to happen and started to apply the breaks. The other car crossed right in front of my husband, hit the median and bounced back right in front of my husband’s car. The driver of the skidding vehicle  knew he was going to be hit by our SUV…and he was. My husband, sweet soul, gets out of our car, on the freeway, in a downpour, to go out and check on the motorist.  DANGER!!!! Yet Jesus was there with him. He needed to make sure the man was alright. He had just been through so much and had to have been terrified admitting it or not. The driver was okay, though his car was smashed everywhere. Some how they both pulled their cars off to the side of the road and waited for the CHP to arrive and tow their vehicles.  The men talked calmly and the other man used my husband’s phone to call his wife to let her know he was okay.

Then my husband said he needed to call 911 again since no one was on the scene yet and he was worried about the driver who still had not gotten out of his car. We hung up and I fell to my knees, with my hands lifted high in praise.

“Thank you God for protecting my husband!”

I was so overcome with emotion.

So thankful that both men were protected that cold, rainy morning.

Thank you God for hearing my prayers.

A few hours later, my husband called from the tow truck letting me know where they were dropping it off so I could come and pick him up. I woke up my eldest girls so that they could listen for the youngest and entertain her until I got home. I got in our truck and prayed a prayer of thanks to God again for being with my husband at such an early hour on such a rainy day and protecting him. When I got to the spot my husband was waiting for me I got to see all the damage that had been done to our SUV….


Our bumper was tweaked.

Granted it was tweaked bad, very bad.  That was it.

The front had cracked but not in a demolished type of way, just annoying and bothersome in that it will need to be fixed.

Thank you Jesus!!

My husband had said that he could see through the other man’s car. He is not a man to exaggerate. So I believe that he could see through the other car…and this was the damage that our car had received??? Praise God!! Prayers answered!!

Again all praise to God!

Thank you!

It was quite an amazing day and we are still in awe.