Father’s Day Foods

Oh my gosh.

I am so full.

We had so much food for Father’s Day.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and boy did we not only found the way but we paved it!!

My husband was spoiled by our kiddos.

He got to sleep in and was brought breakfast in bed by his littlest cutie.

030She was so proud of the breakfast she made!

Then I put a huge roast in the crockpot with potatoes and carrots before we left for church.

While we were there Belle made her Daddy a bbq rub.Father's Day Food 001Then when we got home we made Daddy chorizo and beans for more breakfast.

He loves chorizo!

Rebecca then gave him her awesome gift of homemade bbq sauce…

Father's Day Food 002…and some of mom’s famous (in house only) salsa.

Father's Day Food 003Isn’t that the cutest labels she put on there?

I will have to find out where she down loaded those from.

On the top of this one she modge podged some pretty paper to give it just that much more love.

She also pre packaged some in little tuppers for his lunch this week.

Such a sweet girl.

So, gave Daddy some chips to eat a bunch of his salsa.

Watched a movie with him and had some great Dad’s root beer Popsicles.

The roast is still in the crockpot making the house smell very homey.

Michael Jr really wanted to make Dad some of his favorite Daddy Dogs though.

So into the kitchen he went.

040This was monumental.

I had to get proof that HE DID THIS HIMSELF.

He made the whole dog meal for not only Dad, but for everyone.

Shocking for sure.

He hates the kitchen.

052He did good!

They all got gobbled up by surprised sisters and Dad before I could get a picture of them done!!

Rebecca made Cherry Bombs.

034I know.

I put weight on just looking at them.

I still ate two though.

They are maraschino cherries wrapped in a cake ball and dipped in chocolate.


Amazing treat.

They may not be pretty but they are delicious.

Belle served the pie she made her Daddy too.

050Did Daddy love that one too?

Lets see…..

Father's Day Food 004Oh my yes.

Oh we missed dinner time.

The roast is ready honey.


Your not hungry?


I wonder why?

Positive point…I do not have to make dinner tonight!

Hope you all had a blessed day that you shared with your Daddy too!!

Rebecca Had a Sleep-over

Rebecca had her oldest friend come over and spend the night the other night.

I love these two girls!!

They bring out the best in each other.

The best part is our families get along too.

This means that the girls don’t usually have time just the two of them though.

So this sleep-over that was just for the two of them was so wonderful.

We started it at a taco place, tasting tacos for Aimee’s graduation get-to-gather.

We are talking rice, beans, chips, chili and 2 kinds of tacos!!


Then I told they they each had $10 to spend at our local vintage store and to see what they could find.

I would be there to, but shopping with Belle.

We did our own $10 shopping!!

We were there almost 2 hours!!

These are some great shoppers!!

029The picture is orange, I know.

The camera was dying.

You can see that Rebecca got a purse that is practically brand new and a super cute beret!

040Its brown and super adorable on her!!

Belle got…

028…a skirt, a shirt and a new dress.

Then the camera died and I did not get the friend’s outfit.

I did get my little one to model her outfits later though!

034 039She loves her finds too!!

Then the girls made sleep shirts for themselves.

043 042 041 I love them!!

I should have had them make me one too!!

We brought in our favorite pizza.

037Grabbed some Snapple and movies to settle in for the evening.

038 035Those girls are so good they even went to sleep not overly late!

So when they got up I made them

044apple cinnamon pancakes.

I can’t wait for the girls to have another sleep-over!!