Just Had To Share

Have you ever had that day,  when you just KNOW the Lord is at work and you are blessed enough to be a part of it??


I am so having that day today!! It is amazing to see how great God is and how intricate yet wonderful His plans are.  Without giving too much information out, yesterday I was praying for a specific friendship. I did not know if this person was really busy or if they kind of were looking for a way to kindly avoid friendship with me. Which is fine. I just wanted to know if I should pursue this persons time. The Lord knows if this is a friendship for me and my family to advance on.

So today, as I am arriving at a planned event, I somehow had this person pull into the driveway of the parking lot, behind me and actually park next to me. Wow Lord!! Okay, lets do this! So I climb down from my van and this sister in Christ is there waiting for me asking if I would pray for her. She was having a bad day. She was a bit flustered and just under attack. I asked the Holy Spirit for guidance quietly in my mind. I spoke calming words to her. I dropped off my kids and then we dealt with her attack from the enemy. It was really easy for me, but I know this was a place she was not accustomed to and she just felt out of control.  God is so good though!! Here, this sister was at this place to do volunteer work, but she had some things that needed to be done ASAP. God placed another one of my friends, Dawn,  there randomly. Dawn had just served in the same capacity in the same place the day before and she just happened to be right there with nothing to do for a few hours. Asking for her assistance, she so kindly covered the volunteer position so that I could help my friend with her situation. Is that not cool?? I could just see God all over this attack from the enemy, with a positive solution. He had the solution planned so far in advance of the attack, I could see all the little pegs falling into place correcting the stressfulness as the attack was escalating for my sister in Christ. The enemy was getting shot down before it could even blow things apart. God is so good!!  The enemy did not win at all!!!


Positive results: My friend got her situation taken care of, so no stress for her. Dawn was not bored waiting for her kiddos for a few hours. Me, God showed me this is a sister in Christ that is important for me and my family. I got asked to pray for someone in need and that always makes my heart happy and I feel trusted.


I am so thankful that the Lord used me in this moment. I feel so blessed.

What Aimee Gave Me

When Mother’s Day came remember that Aimee had been bummed that the gift she had purchased for me online had not arrived yet? Then a few more days and it had not come.
Well, it came and I love it!!
My new Pioneer Woman cookbook!!
I just love Ree!!
She is fantastic!!
So this is a great gift for me!!
It got better when I opened the book.
Its signed!!!
Whooo hoooo!!!
Love this gift!!
I am so blessed by my children just being their Momma,
but some days it is so nice to be so appreciated with things
they KNOW are very me.
I am one super blessed woman.