Did You Get Your Tickets?

I just got our “date night” tickets to see this movie.

It is only in theaters for one night.

It is about stuff that I have been teaching the kids about this year. The fact that our history lessons in public school, shoot for me when I was in private school as well, tend to forget how our country actually began. We tend to look at the pilgrims just as people in funny outfits that sailed the ocean blue in 1642. There is so much more to the story. There is so much more to the Revolutionary war. There is so much more to our founding fathers….so much history that we skim over but is vitally important to our nation. If we forget that God helped us to found this great nation we are bound to fail. So many things have been forgotten, misquoted, turned around and adjusted to fit with the noisy maladjusted who wanted to have a say…its terrible. We are learning history from old documents. The original documents. We even have a copy of the Declaration of Independence up in our house.

I know I have already heard, its just old information. Why am I wasting my time teaching the kids about old stuff when our country has changed so much?

Our country was based on certain principals that have been lost over time. I do not see them being lost for the better. Do you know that only one president has ever run this country without us being in debt? Do you know who he was? It was Andrew Jackson, our 7th president. Did you know he never even went to college? How much did you actually learn about the leaders of our country from the past? Did you even care back when you were in school?


You know why? We were not taught to be true Americans and to be so over the top proud of this amazing country we live in that was based on God. Treating each other as equals and doing what is right. If you really think about it, we were just given the basic facts and not all of them true. George Washington and the cherry tree is false but most Americans believe it to be fact. See???

I am glad Kirk Cameron made this movie. I hope it makes people think and get out there, get to the original documents, learn about our true past and use that information to help make this country even better for our kids! Maybe it will get people into politics and this next election will be about the facts not about who can twitter and facebook!!