Today is a precious gift.

Thank You Father God for the opportunity to share our joy for Jesus with others by inviting them to Easter service watch parties.  We pray that we will become aware of who we need to invite and the courage to follow through with the invitation.  Lord may those we ask feel compelled to accept our request and actually listen to the words spoken during the upcoming Easter celebrations. May they see the church as a place of welcoming to them, a place they would like to become a place familiar.  May the sermons preached touch souls in a way that it could only be the power of the Holy Spirit touching them.  May it bring them one step closer to accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.  May they understand more deeply than ever before that Jesus came and took on all the pain and punishment we deserve for the sins we committed.  He was broken, beaten, whipped and humiliated before being viciously nailed to a cross because He has such incredibly huge love for us.  He  became the ultimate sacrifice dying for our transgressions.  Only to conquer death and come walk among the people three days later!! Miraculous!! Incredible!! Wonderful Lord, we thank You for such a priceless gift!!  Please give us the courage to invite our unsaved friend, family member or neighbor to be changed forever!!

In Your Holy name we humbly pray,




Fresh Life, Hope City, Life Church, Transformation Church, Elevation Church, Calvary Chapel Mountain View, and The Brooklyn Tabernacle are some of my favorites.

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