Thank You so much Heavenly Father for our incredible Pastors.  What a wonderful calling they have, to shepherd Your sheep.

Lord God, they are so busy tending their flocks we pray they will not loose their focus during all this insanity that is surrounding everyone in the world right now.  Please may they find a way to give priority to their study time of The Word.  May their words be anointed, Christ centered, Christ exulting and bold proclamations of Your truth!  We pray spiritual protection over them and their families.  Lord cover them with the armor of God at all times.  May they be protected from the enemy’s strategic attacks that are often bent on oppression, depression, burn out, lusts and opposition.  Keep their integrity high so as to help them resist their temptations.  May their lives be a reflection that glorifies You.  Keeping their eyes on You, serving You with a single heart, not caught up with the worlds desires.

May they still remember to take time to have fun!! Spend quality time with their wives, play with their children or maybe grandchildren, and find times of solitude to refresh their souls.  May they have healthy lives that bring them and their families joy, true joy.  May that joy spill over into their ministries! Joy in their relationships! Joy in their studies! Joy in the Holy Spirit! Joy in You Lord God!! Abundantly bless our amazing Godly Pastors please Lord.  May they finish better than they started.

In Your glorious name we pray,


man wearing black crew neck shirt reading book

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Pexels.com

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