you are beautiful.

When do you feel truly beautiful? When you are wearing that new outfit you just got in the mail? Maybe as you are hitting that extra mile on your run or hike? Is it when you are worshiping the Lord with your hands held high and tears running down your face? Is it when you are alone? God sees you as beautiful in all of those special moments and more!!

God thinks you are amazing! He thinks you are precious! He thinks you are smart! He thinks you are worthy! He thinks you are priceless! He thinks the world of you!

He knows you are pure beauty just by you being exactly who He created you to be. He is The Creator. He has designed the most delicate snowflakes, the most fragrant roses, the greenest valleys with roaming wildflowers and the scent of honey. God knows beauty. He knows TRUE BEAUTY. God does not lie and He calls you beautiful.

He sees your scars and He heals them. He turns your brokenness into the greatest part of your beauty. In your humility He can see your strength. With your heart in His hand, given freely, He sees you with Him in eternity.

Do not ever let the enemy take that truth away from you.

For you are a daughter of THE ONE TRUE KING.

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