Late Night Thoughts…

So it is waaaayyyyy to late to be up right now.

I have no clue why my brain will not shut off!!

I heard an amazing sermon that just keeps replaying parts of it in my head. It was from Matthew 14:25-36…when Jesus calmed the storm.

Here is the part that is keeping me up; remember how incredible it was that Jesus comes to His friends walking on the water, and Peter sees Him and yells out “command me to come to You.” So the Lord replied “come.” Peter threw his legs over the side of the boat, without one small doubt and began walking ON THE WATER to the Lord. It only lasted a little bit, but WOW!! That is how I want to be. Well, not the sinking in the sea part, but I want to see Jesus, listen for His call and then JUMP! No thoughts of worry or “what if” to fill my mind. I just want to be so focused on the fact that my Savior is right there in front of me and has a plan for me. Yes!! That is who I want to be.

I am truly in awe with Peter’s whole thought process that was centered on “You want me? You are going to help me do what the world calls impossible? Right on!! Let’s do this!!” At that moment, the enemy never even stood a chance. Peter knew Jesus. He knew as crazy as an idea might sound to his simple human ears, God was greater and WITH HIM ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Any whispers of negative were shielded by Peter’s intense FAITH AND TRUST in the Almighty.

Is it just me or does that blow your mind too? Peter, who was kinda a knucklehead, still had tremendous faith! Impenetrable focus on The One. So much so that he SIS what we all would consider impossible! Imagine what we all could do if we really did have that intensity in our faith and focus!!

Oh Christian, I pray we find this powerful faith within ourselves today and MAGNIFY it immensely all for the glory of God!!

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