Feels like peace

Friend are you content in Christ?

Being content in Jesus is a learned self sufficiency that brings us peace and confidence. It is the knowledge that we are adequate, we are enough, because we have Christ within us.

You know that thought just brought a smile to your face!

It is a blessing!!

We are good because Christ is in us!! We are good!! That is a joy that should shine fourth from us every single day!! It is proclaiming that Jesus is our everything! We will not worry because we know that He has got this. He has already prepared a way for us to walk through and prosper. Through any and every trial, He has been there before us and is there with us at that moment we need him most, ready to hold our hand.


That should bring our hearts comfort, courage and the contentment that we all seek! If we can be content in sickness, loss, pain, abandonment, meanness, abuse, and so many other difficult/heart wrenching situations then the people who live without Christ will want to know why and how. It is an open door to conversations. Peace of the believers soul shouts volumes to the tortured.

Praying you are abundantly blessed today my friend.


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