Good Morning Friend!

Today is: Tuesday April 24

Outside is: a bit overcast but has the potential to get warm later.

I can smell: garlic, onions and chicken…

In the oven for dinner: I have some chicken bone broth in the crock pot right now…It has been bubbling all night long! It smell so good!! So I will probably have some kind of chicken soup for dinner!!

Thinking about: Belle is in testing this week. That means my mind is in overdrive praying that she will test well this year. I know she has tons of knowledge in her cute little brain. Sadly, she tests just like her momma. Ask her a question and she will draw a blank every time its on a test. Now if you ask her during a conversation around the dinner table…she will have the answer plus a “PUNNY” comeback!!

Project I am working on: actually I just finished cleaning up some old pot stands that we acquired from some of our older neighbors. She had made them back in the day and then as she got older they got lost in her back garden. They were covered in cobwebs and rust but had tons of potential!! I sanded the rust off. Wiped off all the spiders and webs then my husband spray painted them for me. Oh my goodness are they not so uber cute now!! So retro!! Very late 60’s early 70’s looking and fabulous!! I will have to take a picture and show you!!

Mood today: very pensive. The bombing that happened in Sri Lanka the other day really bothered me. How people can be so evil, kill random strangers for what? I cannot fathom this demonic thinking. I feel such sorrow for the families who are without their loved ones today for no reason other than they went to work or church. It hurts my soul.

What I am reading: I am reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame with Belle right now. Really sad that it caught on fire as we are reading about it. I personally have been reading Hope in the Dark by Craig Groeschel. It is exactly what I needed to be reading. It is exactly what the title promises, hope in the dark. I will say more when I finish it, but so far I do really recommend it.

School Stuff: Lets see…We are learning about the Tang Dynasty right now. Actually all the dynasties are pretty interesting no matter how many times I study them with the kids. We have been adding the geography into our history and really trying to understand the topography of ancient Asia. I already mentioned the literature we are going through. Hunchback is not Belle’s favorite. She liked Jungle book so much more! We are also going through Beauty By The Book by Laurie Cole. It is her first “big girl” bible study and she is really doing well!! She is also taking an apologetics course that she is really excelling at!! Then we still cover all the basics like math, grammar and science. Rebecca is just trying to finish early! She is so ready to graduate!! Just 5 more weeks and she is done!! Oh mercy!! I will have graduated the oldest 3 and only have one left!! Kinda sad, but kinda excited to really focus just on Belle for her last 6 years of school :)

Picture to share: it should be of the plant pot stands I just redid but Blu looked so cute all cuddled up next to me, I am sharing a picture of him instead.

I love this cat

Have a blessed week my friend :)

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